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Prayer – is communication with God. The key to prayer is hearing God and also being heard by God. God won’t listen if we are not sincere. We need to believe that he rewards those who seek Him. And we need to give ourselves fully to Him if we want to be sure of getting answers.

Fasting – fasting means going without food for a period of time. Fasting requires effort and discipline, but is greatly worth it. It multiplies the power of your prayer and puts you in a position where the old natural mind of unbelief doesn’t dominate you. I encourage those who need a breakthrough from God to fast and pray. The more of us that do this, the more powerful our victories will be. They will also be obtained far more quickly than otherwise. Fasting works by humbling the flesh and the independently-minded soul of man. The Bible reveals that God is moved by fasting, if done with a right heart attitude. Even wicked king Ahab in the Old Testament moved God one time when he fasted.

I urge you to read this urgent call to fasting and prayer. It could change your life.

Prayer really works. God is pleased when we invest time in prayer, drawing near to Him in humility and believing that something will happen because we pray. Prayer is vital for our spiritual lives. The Holy Spirit can help you to pray. If you are not sure how to pray you can learn how on this site. There’s enough information here, for those who want to apply it, to develop a powerful and intimate relationship with Almighty God. We should pray for each other, the Bible says.

Praying the Word – I’ve taken time to compile many prayers and declarations of faith based on the Holy Scriptures – the inspired Word of God.  When you pray the Word of God, you pray the will of God. And if we ask anything according to God’s will (both in what we ask and the way we ask), we should believe that God has given it to us, even before we see the answer come into manifestation. God has promised to give it to us. Only let’s talk, think and act like we believe it.

Prayer – Intimacy with God -Part of my teaching on this vital subject. Looks at what prayer is, different kinds of prayer, exhortations to prayer, and many other issues. In allowing trials, God wants us to see that we need Him. We need Him even more than we need someone to pray for us. Feed your spirit on things that tend to produce faith and trust in God. Refuse to meditate on life’s negatives – that won’t get you over. Instead, meditate on God’s Word – speaking it, praying it and learning it. It applies to your situation! Learning more about prayer will help to position you to receive God’s best.

Powerful Prayers – for salvation, healing, deliverance, fullness of the Spirit. Some readers of this site are not sure of their relationship with God. If you are not sure, this link contain a prayer to God with some very powerful thoughts. If you pray this prayer with understanding and faith, God will move in your life. We were made for God and by God. We weren’t made to live independently of God. There are more such prayers here

Some people are born again, but need to be empowered by the Spirit. There are prayers in the link above to help you receive that blessing also. Other Christians are oppressed because of deception or unresolved issues. There is a prayer for deliverance here that can help you.



For Strategic Intercession

Spiritual History of Sydney, Australia

Spiritual History of Sydney, Australia – originally produced as part of a research project for Intecessors for Australia several years ago. This material analyses many of the early and significant spiritual trends from the beginning of European settlement in Australia.

Prayer and Fasting project for Revival in Romania – This calendar was distributed to at least 19000 Christians, mostly pastors, around Romania. Its possible that our previous national effort of prayer and fasting in 1996 resulted in the change of Presidents. Constantinescu has been a good president, quite sympathetic to Christians. He has a difficult task. This new calendar can be used by anyone wanting to pray in unity with other believers for revival in Romania. UPDATE: More than one denomination has embraced this project, plus another 20000 copies have been distributed around the country. THIS PRAYER CALENDAR COULD BE ADAPTED FOR USE IN ANY COUNTRY AS THE SPIRIT OF GOD LEADS.

For Those Needing Prayer

…and those willing to Pray for the Needs of Others

Prayer Requests
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