Prayer pastoring is a proven effective
way of praying for others. It transforms and blesses lives. It opens
doors for others that they may not have been able to open for
themselves. It protects people from the trouble they face on a daily
basis. It reaches out and touches the person who may otherwise be
left in their pain.


Prayer pastoring is effective because
it deals with issues between God and people. Our sin forces God to
make judgements against us. While these judgements to many people
first appear irrelevant to daily life, they are in fact at the very
core of your relationship with God.


The Bible says that whatever a man sows
that will he also reap. Sin does not bless us. It works against us in
life. It’s easy to attribute these judgements to the devil but they
are of our own making. Unless a person regularly comes to God and ask
for His mercy, he will fail to access His blessing. Your
righteousness will never be enough to enable you to approach a Holy
God. You need His mercy.


When you understand these principles
you will value prayer pastoring, develop a relationship with God and
know how to pray for others. Prayer pastoring activates Gods mercy
and His mercy overcomes the judgements that are against us. Below is
a summary of the key steps of prayer pastoring.


Steps to Prayer Pastoring


  • Pray for Mercy.

Everyone does
wrong, whether it be intentional or unintentional. These create
judgments against people. Mercy overcomes judgement and releases God
to work on your behalf.


  • Pray for Grace

People have
weaknesses that cannot be easily overcome. God’s grace enables you
to be successful.


  • Pray for Righteousness

Jesus Christ
imparts righteousness so you can approach Him.


  • Pray for the Spirit of Truth

If you do the same
thing over and over, you get the same result. People tend to be
creatures of habit, and naturally do not embrace new things easily.
Also it is not always easy to perceive how to do it. You must step
out and do something different to get new results


  • Pray the Blood of Protection and

You can only
approach God through the blood of Jesus. The blood also protects and
shields you from the work of the devil.



One Last Key Thought

Prayer pastoring is activated through
faith. There is always an inherent danger in anything becoming
routine and thereby losing its effectiveness. Since it is most
effective as a daily exercise it tends to gravitate towards the
mundane. There is a challenge to keep faith alive when something is
practiced daily. Faith is the key to activating Gods truth.


Faith believes with the heart not
just the head


Romans 10:10

For with the heart
one believes unto ………..


Heart belief is not mere mental
agreement. It is much more! It is praying with feeling. It is about
emotionally connecting with the steps of prayer and not just mentally
connecting. The heart is activated by asking the question, “How
will I feel when this prayer is answered?” “Will I be very
excited, happy?” Then I must connect to this emotion now! Faith is
a spiritual quality that lives out the future TODAY, in our emotions.
You feel it now!



Faith sees the future, today!


Romans 4:17

God, who gives life to the dead
and calls those things which do not exist as though they did


Only when you see the end result will
your action and emotions agree. Seeing the end result keeps your heat
in line with your daily activity of prayer pastoring. When you
believe you have your prayer answered then you will talk, feel and
act differently.


Faith expects


Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of
things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen


Greek word for “substance” is hupostasis which literally means
support. F
aith supports, or under girds,
our hope or expectations. If we have faith we expect the answer to
our prayers. When you pray and believe it keeps up your hope. It
supports hope. You have a positive expectation of a successful
outcome to your prayer. No wonder we can feel positive emotions when
we pray. Praying in faith does not become mundane.