Salvation Testimonies from North America

Salvation testimonies abound in the United States, and we would like to hear yours! Here is the page showing more USA testimonies. Some of our older ones are listed below.

A Musician Gets a Miracle – Caspar McCloud tells how he came to the Lord while successful in his music career – and how the Lord did a miracle of healing for him later on – where he came close to death.

Set Free from Evil – After some horrible experiences with demonic spirits, and coming out of a lot of personal pain, this lady found out how merciful God is, and how to be born again.

William Kent’s miraculous healingWilliam Kent, a wheelchair sport world-record holder, was was a paraplegic and blind in one eye. He also had other serious conditions due to his accident. After he turned back to the Lord – God healed him in a revival meeting! Includes the contact details of his doctor who confirms this.

From Hell to the Glory of GodRev. Timothy LaFond shares how as an unbeliever he was electrocuted at work and went to a literal hell. After crying out to God he came back to life, and after some time got saved. He is now a preacher carrying a mighty anointing from God.

A Man Sent from God – Ceci was living with a murderer and rapist, but the Lord brought her out. An amazing story.

Rescued from the Kingdom of Hell – Isaac tells his story of an unhappy childhoold, escape in alcohol, drugs and pornography, quest for power in Satanism leading to almost total destruction of his life. Read how he came to Jesus Christ and got set free.

Interrupted by the Voice of God – Joshua Woodcook shares how God spoke to him, the signs from God and how Jesus came into his life in power.

Truly Becoming a Christian – Jason Gray shares how he became a Christian as a result of God revealing Himself to him and intervening in his exams.

The Power of God’s Love – Dorrie Pontarelli tells of her experience with a hurtful family situation, of coming to know God and getting free from the power that came into her through wicca and drug abuse.

Rocky Chambers – A young man finds that success and self-indulgence does not bring happiness. He starts looking and one day is dramatically converted through a powerful revelation of God’s love.

A Preacher’s Wife Gets Saved – Tanya shares how she pretended to be a Christian – even getting a preacher to marry her, but only later truly repented and got truly saved. Its better not to play the hyprocrite!

Jesus heals the scars – Another young lady shares how she learned to trust Jesus personally for healing from sexual abuse and how knowing Jesus made a difference for her.

Single mother finds God – Heather tells how she was feeling down with life and the wonderful way she met the Lord Jesus and was baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Shelia Hersey – shares how the Lord intervened in her life of sorrow, rejection and addiction and gave her a new life, a loving husband, healing from the effects of drug addiction and other diseases, and a purpose for living in blessing others with God’s love.

Testimony of Deliverance from Demons – Brandi shares in detail what it was like before during and after her deliverance from many evil spirits.

Overcoming through the Trials of Injustice – Keith Longtin was locked up for months, accused of murdering his wife. Read how his faith in God triumphed and his eventual release.

Giving up Hypnotherapy to Serve God – Sherrie Marshall from Canada shares how she obeyed the Lord to give up the opportunity to practice hypnotherapy in order to devote herself fully to minister divine healing for God.

Delivered from Homosexuality – a young lady shares about her deliverance from a lifestyle of homosexuality and drugs.

Protected by God during an Assault – A young lady shares how the Lord protected her while she and a friend were being assulted in Chicago.

Testimony of Holy Spirit Baptism – Mike says he was rather skeptical concerning things of faith, but his experience with the Holy Spirit one night changed his life!

Saved at the Brink of Suicide – a young lady shares how the Lord touched her and saved her when she was about to commit suicide because of depression and misery.

Trusting God for a Mate – Duane Heath shares how his engagement break-up led him to come to and seek God, and how the Lord a few months later provided for him a new fiancee who is all he asked for.

Tom Packard – Tom shares about his salvation experience, his call to preach the gospel and some of the miracles of provision and divine healing in his life and ministry.

The Voice of God – Mike Ramirez shares how he and his atheist wife came to Christ through an encounter with the voice of God.

David Smith – shares how the Lord saved him from death while in a coma, and some things of what he saw and experienced during that time.

Unwanted – Bunnie Klassen shares how she was drawn to Christ after a very traumatic childhood.

When I Needed Jesus – Trudy Veerman describes how the healing of her mentally ill sister was a key factor in her coming to Christ.

Overcoming life’s Battles – Eve related her story of how she met God and how God helped her in difficult times.

You can’t run – Gloria shares how God got a hold of her and her husband after experiencing a family tragedy, and the miracle that followed in their lives.

Saved out of Religious Pride – Brent thought the main thing was to know more Scripture, but God began to deal with his heart.



Other Stories

Attempted SuicideKim Avery shares how she almost committed suicide, and how through a near fatal car crash she reconsidered!

Shannon – shares how after severely backsliding and living dangerously God gave her a new start.

Reproductive System healed – a lady shares how the Lord healed her of problems with menstruation and made her a mother!

Son Healed of Cysts – Kim shares how her son was healed of cysts on the brain, verified by the medical profession.

Healed of Depression – Tracy shares how the reading the Bible helped her to overcome depression.

Healed as a Baby – Allen Watts shares how he was healed (of a hole in the heart) as a baby in a local church through the laying on of hands.

Jesus Payed – a mother shares the mysterious events regarding the payment of a medical bill for her son.

From Hollywood Actor to Preacher: – This actor sought to be a star and now found the Creator of the Stars! He is now pastoring and travelling as a revivalist/evangelist.

A New Body – Toby’s struggle to find a new body

Before a thing springs forth – Ron Mitchell shares about a revelation God gave him that came to pass and something from the heart of God.

Turn Around – Jesus loves you – Ron shares a couple of examples about obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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