No need to steal from your family to give to God

I read an interesting chapter in David Ravenhill’s book “Surviving the Anointing” which my wife picked up at a Christian bookstore recently. In his chapter on “Family” Ravenhill points out that God is not interested in taking stolen things for his service.

Jesus was upset with the Pharisees who taught that they didn’t have to take care of their parents if they said that whatever they would have given to them was “Corban” or devoted to God.

In the same way, we have to make sure that our families our loved and cared for as we go into all the world and preach the gospel.

What God wants us to give to our families in time or care He doesn’t require to be given up for His service in some other way.

That doesn’t mean we HAVE to do as many do, spending vast amounts of money on our children’s education, private tuitions, sports activities etc, in such a way that we have no time or resources left for ministering to others.

But it does mean, as men, that we should model God’s fatherly care and concern to our families and do what it takes to help meet their emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs under God.

There is a balance here, it is in truly being led by the Spirit, and may God help us all to be truly led in this way.

I have to thank God for my beautiful little family and by God’s grace I will care for them as God would want me to. It still leaves plenty of room for serving others, and bringing the gospel to the world. But if I set an example of self-indulgence and pleasure seeking to them, there won’t be enough left over to fulfil the plan of God. By the grace of God, my family and I will all serve the Lord.

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