My Visitations – Part 3 – Jesus Appeared in Life Changing Dream

I thank God for the first visitation of seeing Jesus face to face. When God invades your world with power all of a sudden like He did with me that evening, you realize how little control you have over your life and how small you are compared to God. You are pinned to the wall and you literally can’t move or take your eyes of Him, yet you feel in perfect peace and perfectly at home with Him.

The one sentence Jesus said to me while piercing me with those fiery flame like eyes – “I see you when you do the wrong thing and I also see you when you are going through a hard time” – has been like an anchor for the rest of my life, etched into my soul. How much I held on for dear life to that sentence when I went through hell more than once later on in life! Life altering, yet the visitation ended very quickly. You can read it in detail here.

My second encounter with God was a series of two events where God filled and illuminated my living room with His glory cloud in the middle of the night. I understood then what Jesus meant when He told Saul that he can’t kick against the pricks. I was like a robot manipulated by an unseen force – God’s Spirit – that woke me up wide awake, let me see this incredible sight of the glory cloud, allowed me to check it that it is for real by studying the room and then put me back to sleep and did that twice. I often asked God to show me His glory like a fanatic for two months prior to these two events but I had no idea how it will manifest. I was really touched that God took notice of my intense desire and honored it with this visitation, yet it came and went in just a few minutes. You can read it in detail here.

The third encounter, on the other hand, was long, multi-faceted and life changing in a number of ways. It undone me by giving me a really deep personal revelation of who He is, who I am and how He wants me to think and live. It was a much deeper revelation than anything I have experienced before. This is the revelation I will describe below.





In my experience, yes. When I think about the backdrop of all of these three visitations, they have all happened after a time of intense, wholehearted, desperate seeking of God, when nothing else mattered more to me than to experience Him.

In each situation, it was a time when no other life priority or heart focus even came close. It was not a time of ‘I want God AND I want this or that”, it was a time of “I want God, period”. The magnifying glass was on wanting God, to the exclusion of any other desire existent on my focus radar.

It was not that I had nothing else to do but to seek God. In the first two visitations, I was busy pastoring and I was newly married. In the third visitation, I was far busier than I wanted to be: I was managing life on my own while Michael was away in India for two straight months while running a real estate business,  looking after a primary school child and a toddler, managing six tenants in my private real estate investments, helping a widow and a missionary who just returned from the field, writing Christian articles and counselling people.


It is not the amount of time that you have for God that matters, it’s the amount of heart for God that you have and how you apply that heart for God to your everyday life – that is the key.


I am not saying I was better than anyone else. I just received a gift of hunger for God, which I then fueled through diligent seeking of God and diligent focus. In fact, before my third visitation, I did not feel very spiritual compared to other times in my life and I begged God to increase my hunger for Him because I was worried about my lukewarm state. Once you receive that hunger, then you are responsible to steward it. You do that by setting your heart on God with renewed commitment and setting your focus towards seeking Him, abiding in Him and fueling that hunger even more by feeding your spirit with the Word of God. 

While I am sure there is a sovereign factor to every visitation, I disagree that it has nothing to do with your actions. Not that any of us can earn such an experience, but the level of diligent seeking of God and the level of sincere, desperate desire for God has something to do with how much of God you experience. Through it all, He tried to teach me that if you intentionally seek to get hungry and desperate enough for God, you will experience things you would not otherwise.

It is not just my experience that panned out this way. I know of a great man of God in India who was considered the equivalent of the apostle Paul for India – pastor D G S Dhinakaran. While working as a bank manager and leading a family, his hunger for God led him to get up every morning at 4 am to pray, pray at each lunch break and pray again after dinner in the late hours of the evening.

And He prayed for one thing only: Jesus, I want to see You. He prayed this one intensely every day – morning, lunch and dinner for seven years! He did not give up because it did not happen soon. One day before the seven years were up, he began really desperate for the encounter He desired to the point that He asked God to take him from this life, as he felt he could not bear without seeing Him any longer. I don’t know anything more powerful than desperate hunger to move God to action.

The next evening, Jesus appeared in his living room and spoke to him face to face for three hours. What impacted me the most was the content of the conversation. Jesus began by saying: I came because You asked for Me so much. On such and such a day, you were in such and such a place, at this hour, and you asked for this. And on such and such a day, you were in such and such a place, at this time, and you asked for this. And He spent a long time of this visitation listing all the locations, times and the content of this pastor’s prayers.

Jesus takes note of our prayers with intricate detail, even when we don’t feel particularly spiritual or when nothign much seems to be happening. And He is moved by desperate hunger and persistence. He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Our problem is we never know when enough seeking is enough, therefore we give up when it seems to us that we did enough seeking and we feel as if we are ignored by God. When it is enough for God to move it’s really up to God to decide. We need to seek until something happens, and then seek some more until more happens.





I had this amazing visitation from God in August 2012. Michael asked me in June if it would be ok with me that he goes to India for two months straight. There hasn’t been much happening for him for a while and I sensed he needed to go away badly and experience a new adventure, take some risks and have a change of environment.

The circumstances I have found myself in at that time were not easy for me. Michael leaving for such a long period of time meant a lot was going to fall on my shoulders. We owned a real estate business at the time which I would need to manage, had a share house and another investment property to manage, Christina was at the demanding 18 months old age and Lisa was only 6 at the time.

I counted the cost, swallowed hard, and since I sensed Michael really needed this, I agreed to make the sacrifice. As Michael left, I took this change as a chance to a new beginning for me as well. A new re-commitment of my all to God, a fresh start in my walk with God. A verse in the Bible really stood out to me:

I will behave wisely in a perfect way. Oh, when will You come to me?


I knew that if I was to really live the above verse, I needed God and I also needed more of me to come to the party. I was a bit discouraged with where I was in my relationship with God. I knew much better on fire days in my heart and now I felt stuck in a lukewarm state that I could not shake. I knew it would take God to break this state. The only way I knew how to overcome this condition was to ask God to increase my hunger for Him so I can regain my first love again. I knew that with persistence, this prayer always brings tangible changes to the condition of my heart.

I started to pray as often as I remembered throughout the days that followed that God would increase my hunger.

I also knew that it is not enough to ask God to work in me, I needed to make steps to draw near to God myself. God makes it very clear in the Scriptures:


God is happy to change the climate of your heart, as long as you set your heart to want that change and you show it by making an effort to draw near to God.

I made a decision to set one hour apart to be with God first thing in the morning, regardless of how busy I was. I wanted to put God first and give Him the first fruits of my day as a way of honoring Him. And for the rest of the day, I decided I will try to keep in connection with God by constant communication, even if just shooting up small prayers in between tasks, just to keep my mind set on God and to abide in Him. 

I thus made a quality choice to make space in my life for God so He had room to move in me. I chose to position myself for a breakthrough and a fresh revelation of God.

I also decided that I will live my day to day life only for the eyes of the Father, to please Him, even when no one sees me. I decided that I will live to please Him in the way I loved and cared for my children, in the way I ran my businesses and in the way I loved and ministered to others. It was my attempt to walk before God with a perfect heart and I knew I will never rise to it if I did not spend that hour with God every morning and focus on Him throughout the day.

Even more importantly, I chose to focus my heart on wanting to live to make His heart glad. The satisfaction of doing this and touching God’s heart with my love for Him was more than enough motivation.

Lisa, my older daughter, missed her dad a lot, so I had to give her more focused attention. As soon as Michael left, the business boomed, clients just came out of nowhere. It started to take a big chunk of my day. What I thought it would be a one hour a day job started to take 5-8 hours a day. Thankfully, the property management was running smoothly, not demanding much of my time.

I felt I was doing well over all with God’s help, except that my house needed attention badly and I felt guilty over it, day in and day out. I also felt guilty that Christina was not getting as much of my attention as I thought she should receive. On top of this, I was writing Christian articles, counselling a few people and helping a widow and a newly returned missionary with practical things,

In the middle of all of this, I felt my hunger for God increasing, just as I was praying. As the hunger increased, I talked to Him more and more during the day. In fact, I found myself looking forward to small little five minute breaks during the day when I had a chance to sneak in a little more talk with God. I began looking eagerly to find more time to be with Him.

After about two weeks of this intense seeking at every spare minute, I felt so hungry that I did not know what to do with myself, I felt like I would explode with hunger on the inside, it was overwhelming. This is when I started to ask with utmost desire:

“God, I don’t want even the nights to be wasted without meeting with You. Please interact with me and manifest Yourself to me even while I sleep, through dreams and visions.”

It was my way of letting of the steam of that intense hunger that I was feeling.

Around two weeks past and one night Jesus visited me in a very powerful dream. I have had many dreams from God in the past and I realize that there is a difference between having a dream from God about something and being visited by God in a dream. A visitation is something much more REAL than a dream, you wake up and you felt you fully lived every second of that experience, with heightened and acute awareness of every feeling you felt and everything you experienced, seen and heard in that dream. And it stays fully alive in you with full memory of every emotion and detail of the dream.

In the dream, Jesus appeared on the deck of my Springwood house (where I was staying at the time). To my surprise, He was very relaxed, in a good mood and enjoying the company of another man who was really enjoying having a chat with Jesus. I was watching them from the other side of the deck. 

What was shocking to me was the subject of the conversation: they were talking about football! If you are now just as shocked as I was then, I understand, but please read on because Jesus was making a point to me.

I always had this idea in my head that Jesus was preoccupied with life and death matters like winning souls, based on the revelations I previously had about His heart for the lost. I knew He cared about our every need, but I never pictured Him talking about a hobby with someone. In fact, at that time I thought having a hobby was a waste of precious time that would much better be used for God’s Kingdom work.

I almost got offended at this scene developing before my eyes and I felt really confused at why would Jesus waste His time talking with this man about football! Yet Jesus seemed to be very happy going along with this discussion and enjoying the man’s company. 

It was clear from what I was seeing that this man was fully enjoying his sport experiences and he really enjoyed sharing them with Jesus. Jesus even had his arm around this man’s shoulders and there were like mates. Jesus was really enjoying listening and interacting with this man, He was enjoying the company of this man.

Since I was in a very busy time of my life with many heavy responsibilities, this almost outraged me. They looked so carefree and were in such a jovial mood and I was concerned with much more SERIOUS stuff.

As outraged as I was, I somehow started to desire having the same kind of carefree way of relating to God. I remembered that I used to be this way more at the beginning of my walk with God, while pastoring in Romania, but over the years the trials of life got to me and I lost that lightness of spirit. I started to desire intensely to have it back.

I started to wonder if Jesus would come and speak with me the same way as He spoke with that man, or will He ignore me? My desire grew more and more, longing for Him to come to me and interact with me.

Then I saw Jesus stretch one of His hands towards me. He moved towards me, the man disappeared and He came face to face with me at just one step distance. He smiled with the most beautiful, charming, pure, peaceful and attractive smile I have ever seen, from ear to ear. It was a joyful smile but it was filled with delight for seeing me and deep love. I was besides myself that He wanted to speak with me.

Lesson learned from this part of the dream:

I had a difficult childhood and the message life gave me as I grew up was that life is a SERIOUS business. When life is difficult and you have to survive losing your mum at eight years old to cancer, moving house and school, adapting to a step mother, moving house again, living with an alcoholic father, dealing with your parent’s divorce and the ensuing poverty, life seems heavy. When it gets followed by a few other relationship break ups, and losing your father at nineteen and all your grandparents before you are 25 years of age, there does not seem to be much place for fun and lightness of spirit. Adding to this the feeling of seriousness and urgency of reaching the lost that I experienced as God shared His heart for the lost with me, I was a ticking bomb ready to explode in time.

Jesus knew where I came from and He knew I felt a bit burdened when I received the dream, due to my many responsibilities that I did not yet learn to roll the cares of to God. He was trying to teach me to make space for fun and try to not take life so seriously, or it could affect my health. My health was already affected in the past by this “TOO serious” life perspective.

I needed balance between taking life seriously and enjoying  some lighthearted fun. I was way off in the danger zone of no fun. I also needed to learn to cast my burdens unto Him and not view life like a heavy sack full of stones.

On the other hand. I still believe that excessive use of time on a hobby is a sin. Jesus said He died so we no longer live for ourselves, but for Him who died for us. We are no longer our own, we were bought with a price. Therefore, our time belongs to God and we will give account to Him for how we spent it one day. Living for pleasure won’t go down too well with God on that day.




Some people have asked me how did Jesus look? I will try to explain at the best of my ability, but I am sure I won’t do justice. The outward appearance was beautiful. He did not appear to me radiating rays of light or any other grandiose glories visible to the eye. And that is because He came to me as the Son of Man. He looked just like any other man in appearance. He looked clean, neat, dressed orderly and was wearing a long white robe. I did not see His feet. His hair in this visitation was light brown and falling in nice orderly waves down his shoulders. The length of the hair was just past His shoulders. He was quite muscular. He had clear blue eyes. And He had great abiding peace and the most amazing smile. He was very unassuming.

I tried to find an image on the internet that was a good imitation of what I saw. The image at the top of this article is the closest I have found, though it does not fully express how He looked to me.

His hands stood out to me. His hands were big and muscular and the palms of His hands looked like well worn through hard work. The skin was hardened and had lines on it clearly there as a result of really hard work. He even had some left over soil on His hand, which spoke to my heart that He is a God who is down to earth, willing to get down in the ditch with anyone and work hard at anything, not afraid to dirty Himself to be with anyone. The image depicted the hands of a diligent hard working farmer.

His beauty came not so much from His outward looks, but rather from the incredible person He is inside. That was the revelation that severely undone me. I thought I knew the God of love quite well, because I had plenty of experiences where I have encountered Him as a God of love in a personal way. I kind of felt I had an unusual knowledge of that because of the things He got me to experience and did for me throughout my life. Yet this visitation made me feel like my past experiences and revelations were but a drop in a bucket compared to what I encountered of Him in this dream.




As He came near me, He stretched Him hand towards me as if to say: Yes, I do want to talk with you just like I spoke with that man about football.

He smiled with a smile from ear to ear that I have never experienced before in my life. The smile was speaking of deep peace, deep joy, deep delight in me and deep love for me. It was as if He was wearing who He was inside and how He felt towards me all together in that smile. I just could not help but smile back with the same big ear to ear smile.

From time to time, I catch myself wearing the same smile I copied from His face in that visitation, it’s like it got ingrained in me and it comes out from time to time, especially if I have been in a meeting where the heavy glory of God was present. I have seen the same smile from time to time on other people’s faces as well, of those who walk close with God. It is a very attractive, contagious smile. He carried Himself with the humility of someone who is not interested to draw attention to Himself, but whose focus was on others.

The nearer He came to me, the more revelation seemed to pour in my spirit about who He was. I began to praise Him with a loud voice and as the revelations grew so did my intensity of praise till I felt I was completely taken over by the revelations. Praisebegan pouring out of me continuously with an enormous level of excitement. I was besides myself, in ecstasy, totally lost in this feeling of extreme enthusiasm and praise to the point of losing self consciousness. It was extremely exhilarating and it felt like I could not bear anymore revelation. If I was to get more revelation and I would explode!

I was suddenly awoken from this ecstatic state by Jesus’s words spoken very humbly:

Thank you, but I am here for you.

The way He carried Himself and the way He behaved towards me when He said those words was oozing with gentleness, great care and humility.

After being in such ecstatic state of praise where it seemed like nothing else mattered in life except who He is, to have the tables turn and the attention reversed unto you, it is an utter shock to the system. I was totally taken back and in shock. I was thinking: What do you mean, You are here for me when it is all about You?! 

But the way He gently approached me and humbly said “Thank you” with grabbing my hands with both His hands while concentrating His whole attention on me said it all. Though He is the center of the universe, His humility and love is concerned about us, we are the center of His focus and the object of His love.

I felt like I suddenly melted from the previous ecstasy I felt and totally taken by who He was.

He gently led me with His hands to the side as if He wanted to have a private word with me and the way He moved me and gestured with His hands was as if He was handling a very prized possession, super careful to not break it or affected in any way.

He was the supreme gentleman, and I knew I have never felt treated so special in my life and I will never be as I felt than. Somehow the way He treated me, it made me deep down understand my value to Him and it created a sense of dignity in my spirit that I still carry with me inside me all the time.

It caused a great sense of peace, contentment and rest inside my spirit, where I feel perfectly contented with who I am and I fully accept myself. It does not mean I don’t want to improve or I feel I have arrived, but at whatever level I am, I feel content with myself and rested in the knowledge that I am loved, I have great value and I am prized beyond words by Him, no matter what people do to me.

This sense within my spirit has carried me through some pretty painful situations later on in life, though at times I let the circumstances speak louder to me than my inner sense and fell from living in that revelation. Yet, it generally stays with me till this day. It has even changed the way I walk and conduct myself and improved even more the way I show value and respect to people.

He spoke to me and said:

“I am pleased with who you are and I am happy with what you do”

This statement again took me by surprise. I argued with it in my heart. No, it can’t be possible that He is pleased with me. Can’t He see the mess in my house at this time? Can’t He see that I did not give enough time to Christina? Can’t He see all the areas I still felt I did not measure up in?

I realized later as I meditated on this that God has a different scale than we do for measuring how well we do – it is not performance, it is the state of the heart. My heart was fully willing to do everything right and be right in my attitudes. Whether I fully achieved what I thought I needed to be or not was not as important to God as what I set my heart towards, what I was aiming at in my heart and how committed I was towards going there. He also valued how my heart was towards Him and others.

This one revelation set me free from guilt and condemnation and the tendency towards perfectionism. I no longer felt I needed to have everything under control all the time. I could feel at peace even when things were incomplete. If I could not achieve everything on my to do list, I did not beat myself over it or feel discouraged, rather just shrug my shoulders and be thankful for what I did achieve and move the rest to another day.

I adopted the ‘shrug the shoulders’ attitude to things that were beyond my control or that I failed to accomplish in a particular day and chose to celebrate the good things I did accomplish with His strength. I learned to have a more flexible outlook towards life, which greatly increased my peace and sense of contentment. I accepted myself more no matter where I was at, as long as I knew my heart was in the right place and set sincerely towards God and fulfilling His will.

More and more I understood that it is not about achieving much for God but rather achieve all that fits under obedience to God’s particular will for my life. It is all about love towards God and obedience towards His will for your life. No need to compare my life to someone else’s.

Imagine comparing the life of one person with 5 talents given by God to the life of another with just one talent. The person with one talent would feel like a failure. I learnt not to compare myself with anyone, but rather compare how much God put in me and how much of that I am using, and only apply that to His specific will for my life. I no longer wanted to do much for Him, but rather I wanted to do the works He prepared for me to walk in every day, be it a lot of works or just a few, big works or small. It only mattered that I achieved the will of God, not some great ministry dream. There is a great difference there.

Of course, God wants us to bear much fruit, but the fruit could take various forms, not just productivity in ministry, it can be shown through love towards a sick person and in many other humble forms as well as large acts. And there are seasons when there is great harvest and other seasons where there is not much outward fruit but there is much inward fruit developing. At times you spend time with lots of people, other times you help just one person. You are not less fruitful if you are fulfilling the works God prepared for you for that day before you were born.

I have learned now to pray every day for God to reveal what those works are and to not miss them. And I have learned to restrict myself and be content with those works and give myself proper time for rest, relaxation, fun, family time and have a more balanced life that is content with doing no more and no less than the will of God. It is quite a restful and freeing feeling, a great relief really to not feel pressured to perform to be like other Christians you admire or like the ideal version of yourself you have created in your imagination.




The way Jesus moved about me and held my hands and moved me around, the way He looked at me, the way He spoke, the thing He emanated, all gave the same message:





I was filled with this great sense that this is who He is and I can be totally secure and settled in this knowledge that He will never ever harm me or do anything, in any way, by any means that will cause me harm, hurt or that is not good for me. Not that He will not allow me to suffer for His Name’s sake and that of the Gospel’s, not that I won’t suffer trials and persecution or hurt from people, but that anything He allows me to go through is never with any intention to hurt or harm me. He seemed to carry Himself in such a way around me that He seemed to be extremely careful to not hurt my feelings or do anything that would even slightly cause me any sort of damage. I understood purity of heart at a whole new level through this.




All of a sudden I looked over the deck and I saw two angelic beings walking through the air towards us. They did not have wings, but they walked through the air. The thing that drew my attention was their clothing. They wore a kind of clothing that was like a white flame of fire. They had long white robes but the material in the robe was alive, it was like living fire, like liquid white fire, that’s the only way I can describe it. They were both male and they were bringing something in their hand.

Once they came nearer I realized they were carrying a crown in their hand. I remember the crown very well – it was a golden crown with the typical raised upwards pointing arrows, like the crown of a king and under each elevated area there was a massive bright coloured gem with different bold primary colours. The front of the crown was very different though. On top of the front area of the crown there was another level of covering which was made from this living, constantly moving kind of thick liquid gold. It appeared alive and moving across the whole front of the crown constantly.

I immediately assumed a kneeling position, thinking the crown was brought for Jesus. Instead, Jesus placed it on my head to my utter disbelief. I woke up startled.




Some people might think that I must have felt amazing when Jesus said all these nice words to me that He was pleased with me and put a crown on my head, but that was not the main thing that undone me, though I appreciate it.

I felt totally undone, not by what Jesus said, but by who He was and how He behaved towards me. The over all feeling was that He was far more loving, far more peaceful, far more gentle, humble, kind and caring than I thought I knew Him. What I felt I knew of Him even by deep experience before – which I thought was a lot, – it seemed so much less than I have just experienced.

I got up from the dream and just started to quietly cry. I was just in awe and in shock at what just happened. Lisa, who usually does not wake up easily in the morning, just woke up as well, which was strange. I told her what just happened and she was also in just shock and awe. She just stayed next to me as I cried and tried to verbalize bits and pieces of the dream, though I was still trying to make full sense of everything and I did not feel like talking much as I was overcome by deep heart melting kind of emotions.

I managed to get Lisa ready for school and put her on the school bus and came back home and just plunged myself in an armchair in the living room. There was something continuing in my heart that I did not fully understand. It was as if those revelations from the dream were getting downloaded into my emotions and my heart was melting from their effect. I felt my heart getting softer and softer, one degree after the other. It was getting softer by the revelation that He was much more loving than I thought and much more gentle and kind than I thought, much more humble than I thought, much more caring, much more gentleman like, much more protecting and much more pure and innocent than I previously knew at the heart level.

My heart was just downloading all these revelations via my soul from my spirit and my spirit and my heart were getting softened and tenderized by them. I just set there and cried and kept on saying: ‘I thought I knew You well, but I didn’t really know You. You are far more and far deeper than I thought.” It’s not that I did not really know God better, but the new revelation made anything I knew in the past seemed so little and so superficial, even though it was not.

I was able to stop crying only after two hours and move on with my day, but in my heart I did not move on from that visitation. Even now, the visitation is real and alive and as if it just happened. Even as I am writing now, I feel that sense of awe and complete wonder.

Straight after this visitation I had a severe attack from the devil and I kept holding unto the Jesus I have just discovered in more fullness as if it was a lifeline.

The revelations in this visitation have changed me in how I view myself, how I carry myself, how content and restful I feel in myself, how I recover when others mistreat me. I started to add more fun in my life, feel far less driven or guilty than I was and my heart feels more tender and more in love with Jesus than before.

I also feel more humbled by the knowledge of His incredible, pure, harmless humble love. And the more I think about how He is, the more I feel hungry for more of Him, new, fresh and deeper revelations.

That is the reason I value prayer, not so much for the prayer results, but for the revelations of His person that come from interaction with Him. Prayer results are great and very needed, but knowing Him is the greatest mystery human beings have been called to unfold, it is the greatest adventure in the universe and the most valuable and life transforming pursuit that there is. Because, as He said:

“As we all, with open face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord,

WE WILL BE TRANSFORMED from glory to glory INTO THE SAME IMAGE” (2 Corinthians 3:18)

Knowing Him well is vastly important in the last days. The Bible says that:

“The people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits” Daniel 11:32

You don’t seek Him in order to do great exploits, you seek God for the joy of discovering Him and as a fruit of that pursuit will spill in doing great exploits.

I now have two main goals in life:

  1. To reflect Him well
  2. To ravish His heart with my love for Him by living in His will

My encouragement to you is to seek God as if there is no limit to the revelations that can unfold. He said:

“Ask of Me, and I will show you great and mighty things you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3)

When all is said and done, you will never regret giving time to this pursuit. There are many time wasters in life, but this one is not. If you manage to behold God even dimly as in a mirror you WILL be transformed into the same image. The mirrors talked in 2 Corinthians were bronze mirrors which gave a very poor hazy unclear image when you gazed into them. What God is saying here is that even if you get a small glimpse, may it not be amazing and super clear, you still have God’s promises that you will be transformed into His image as a result. Your prayer life does not have to be amazing, only whole hearted and sincere. Even the dry times with God when nothing much seems to be happening still produce the fruit of transforming you, as long as you seek to know Jesus.




My question is: What are you taking with you out of this article? And how can you apply it to your own life in a way that it will bear fruit. We are encouraged to be doers of the word and not hearers only. How do you plan to DO this word? I say plan because unless you plan changes that end up scheduled in your diary, not much will change. The jewish understanding of ‘knowing’ something is when you practice it in such a way that it is a habit in your life. We don’t know until we have establish a habit that proves it.

It is great to hear and be in wonder of how wonderful Jesus is and then go away and not let it affect your life in a lasting way. We hear so many sermons and testimonies in church, yet we tend to change very slowly – this is because we don’t hold ourselves accountable for what we hear. Jesus said:

Take heed HOW YOU HEAR, For whoever has, to him more will be given;

and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.”

Many apply the second part of this Scripture to finances, but it is not about money, it is about what you do with what you hear, when you hear the Word preached or taught. The more you use, the more will be given to you. There is also a warning that if you don’t use it, even what you seem to have will be taken from you. Observe it says seem to have, because you don’t have it truly unless it has become a regular part of your life, a habit.

Habits require persistence to establish, but God is willing to help those who are willing to put in the effort to seek God and keep doing it. It is hard to start, but as someone said:

“The price of disobedience is much greater than the price of obedience.”

There is a price to pay either way, which would you rather pay? What you don’t know can hurt you, especially when it applies to not knowing God. In eternity, you will never regret giving time to know God. And what you do today truly affects eternity – for yourself and for others. So don’t plan to start tomorrow, start today and also plan for tomorrow to continue it.




If this article has inspired a desire to know God personally  in an intimate relationship with Him rather than just know about God, please go here to understand more what it means to be in a right relationship with God and use the prayer from this link of giving your life to God to begin your relationship with God if you desire to surrender your life to Him..

As with any relationship, the relationship needs to continue if it is to stay alive, and it must continue in a healthy way. The prayer is just the beginning of the relationship. It is important to continue to pray to God, read the Bible and find a group or a church of Bible believing Christians in your local area to regularly attend in order to learn and grow in your relationship with God.

If you have prayed the prayer to commit your life to God, I would love to hear from you and guide you in your first steps towards a deeper relationship with Him. Just stop me an email at [email protected] .

I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

My Telegram has a ministry channel. On Tiktok I have many videos and new ones regularly.

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