Ps Randy Tan talks about His Call into the Ministry

In 1995, the call of God came to my life. “Start preaching and rely fully on the Holy Spirit.” I was puzzled, this was not the ambition in my life. Then the confirmation came. During my sleep, I would dream that I was preaching on the pulpit in different locations to different groups of people. And at least once a week, the Holy Spirit in the form of electric current would hit my body in the middle of the night.

The call was confirmed but where to start and what to do?

First Steps – God Confirms

In early 1996, I sold my business so that I could start my ministry. Then out of the blue, a pastor from a local church invited me to join his mission team to Fiji. I accepted without hesitation. Then another invitation while I was in Fiji. The team did not have enough preachers. Could I preach in three different locations in Fiji? “What would the crowd size be like,” I asked. I was told the church congregation ranged from 200 to 400 people. Imagine when the first night came, the church rented a stadium for me to preach and already the crowd was over 5,000 people. My knees began to shake. I thought I was dreaming and suddenly I had no confidence in the well prepared text that I had to preach. But the minute I stood on the pulpit, I felt the ministering anointing hit my body for the first time and suddenly I was preaching another message. “The Holy Spirit is running the meeting and I must rely fully on Him,” I told myself. When I said the mass healing prayer, there were many movements from the people in front. Some of them began to throw out like they were possessed. Some began to show that they were healed. When I made the salvation call, hundreds came forward.

It took me quite sometime to get over what I experienced in Fiji. I came back and read the four gospels and the book of Acts with a new pair of spiritual eyes. I began to trust God 100 percent. Someone told me to register my ministry for legal reasons. I asked the Lord and the Holy Spirit gave me Acts Mission. When it was approved, I thanked God for giving me this ministry and then I told Him that every organization has a bank account but I had none. No one knew my needs and no one knew that I had registered Acts Mission. The next day, one sister called me up and said that she was impressed by the Holy Spirit to send a cheque to me. Then a brother called me up and said that the Lord had told him to buy me dinner. During dinner, he said that the Holy Spirit told him to give me $500. When the cheque from the sister arrived, the amount was also $500. I was a bit puzzled about the amount until I went the bank to open an account. They told me that I needed to have $1000 in order to open a current account!

A pastor from Vijayawada, India visited me one day. He told me that the Lord had directed him to me and asked whether I could do a three-day crusade in his city. He told me that he had already got a permit to run a crusade as it took three months to get such a permit. I agreed and told him that I would visit him three weeks before the crusade and select and pay for the venue to have a crusade. Vijayawada has no airport and the only way is by rail or road from Madras, which is 120 miles away. I decided to rent a car from Madras and the torturous journey took over 12 hours because the road had been hit by a cyclone. On my arrival in Vijayawada, the venue which I wanted was fully booked. I told the pastor that I would pray and select the venue the next day. That night the Holy Spirit did not let me sleep. He told me not to hold the crusade in Vijayawada but in Madras. I thought I was tired and imagining things as I did not know anyone in Madras, let alone holding a crusade there. For two hours before midnight, I was wrestling with the Holy Spirit as what He told me was an impossible task. I still could not get to sleep at midnight as the pull of the Spirit was very strong. Then I said, “Lord, if you want me to go to Madras to have the crusade, make sure the driver is awake and he is willing to drive back now!” And God made sure the driver was awake and willing to drive back to Madras. I prayed all the way on that 12 hours journey. Looking at the yellow pages, I managed to come into contact with the biggest church there. And it was through them that I made contact with the pastor from a very small church in northern Madras. This pastor was on a 40-day prayers and fasting and that day was his last day. He was crying to God for a crusade in his town because his town people were worshipping all kinds of demonic gods. He even applied a permit in advance not knowing who the speaker was and was asking God to send a speaker to his crusade. When he met me, he cried and I also cried. Out of over 1 billion people in India, God put that just one person in my life to have a crusade. During the crusade, over 6,000 people came on the first night and the third night, close to 10,000 people came to hear the Word of God. Hundreds were healed and a few thousands came forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

As an unknown speaker with no publicity materials like books, leaflets, brochures, etc my ministry is totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. My only communication is letters and e-mails like this one. Yet God has sent me to nine different countries – Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Some of the supernatural visitations of God in my ministry are:

In Kobe, Japan five people saw Jesus in an open vision at the same time walking across the stage. 
In Bangkok, a wave of anointing hit the congregation, starting from the front row    and moved quickly to the back. Many were thrown off their chairs in the back row. 

In Johore Bahru, Malaysia the supernatural anointing hit the whole congregation at the close of a meeting. Some were thrown off their chairs and flung 5 to 6 feet away. 

In Singapore, the cloud of glory came and filled the whole hall where we were worshipping. 

In Madras, my room-mate saw a bright bullet light coming out of my mouth twice while I was sleeping. 

In Osaka, Japan the conservative Japanese ladies began to laugh and dance in the Spirit, which is out of the Japanese culture.

In Madras, India suddenly over 200 children began to speak and sing in other tongues although the message that I was preaching was aimed at the adults. 

In Sydney, the technician forgot to put a battery in the cordless microphone I was using. Yet the microphone worked for over 3 hours when I was preaching until someone took over the microphone and it could not work. Trying to replace the battery inside, it was then that we discovered that there was no battery inside. 

Many saw open visions of angels in meetings in Singapore and Indonesia. 

In Surabaya, Indonesia some were so drunk in the Spirit that they had to be carried home. 

Physical and inner healings take place, some through word of knowledge. 

God’s move is sovereign and it is up to Him to perform miracles, signs and wonders in His time. We cannot demand when and where He should move. As God has spoken to my heart to send this e-mail to you, it will be up to the Holy Spirit to speak to you whether I can be of service to your ministry.

Pastor Randy Tan, Acts Mission

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