Message I wrote to a God hater: @Jordan. Yes, there was a time when God told the Israelites to kill the Canaanites. He didn’t generally command them to kill all non-believers. You might be confusing Christianity with Islam, which certainly instructs people to kill all infidels unless they submit, pay the tax or whatever. Christianity is a safe target for God haters in this present age, but the New Testament message DOES include a message of judgment for those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2 Thess. 1:8,9.

You have to remember that you owe your existence to God. You are going to give an account to your Creator. He does not have to give an account to YOU. God commanded that these people who were worshiping demons and killing their own babies as sacrifices and all the rest should be put to death. If you don’t like God’s rules, go make your own Universe. Good luck with that.

The Bible never says that women are animals. In fact no book has done more to raise the status of women than the Bible. Just look in places where the Bible is not respected. The Jewish Talmud might teach that evil idea but that book has its demonic elements. The Jews were not faithful to God and liked to make up their own religion, which you can find in the Talmud. Neither does the Bible teach that women are sex slaves. In the brutal past where men got slaughtered in war, it was permitted under certain conditions to take a wife from the enemy. But this was not God’s original or highest plan for women, but the consequences of the brutal reality of being in a sin filled world. Better if women are cared for than left to die or live as prostitutes in a cruel world without Centrelink and Washing Machines.

The Old Testament does not endorse evil. But before you talk about evil, let me ask you – HOW DO YOU DECIDE IF SOMETHING IS EVIL OR NOT? What is your reference point? Is evil just something YOU personally find distasteful? Is good and evil just a matter of YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE? What if someone else has different personal preferences? What gives you the right to say that their opinions don’t count?

If you want to BLASPHEME or call the Creator evil, just consider that if He really wanted to destroy you He could have done so by now VERY EASILY. The truth is that God loves people enough to give them TIME to make their own choices, time to also make the choice freely to LOVE HIM AND WHAT IS RIGHT – or to reject Him and be rejected eternally.

That time will run out soon enough for us all.

You need to know that God’s love was demonstrated by sending His own Son to DIE IN YOUR PLACE to take your sin and curse. Accept this gift and live. Reject it and perish. There were enough eyewitnesses of the resurrection to make this something to be taken extremely seriously by anyone who has regard for their own soul.