Medical Doctors Speak

Dr. Mario Balestrieri, M.B.B.S.

Not only have I witnessed the healing power of God time after time, but the reality of the miraculous has now nestled into my consciousness and rocked my former preconceived clinical opinions.

Probability and chance lost their power of deception when the seventh cancer sufferer crossed my path and was declared totally fit.

I now believe in a God who cares for our total welfare and is willing to move on our behalf.

Dr. Mario Balestrieri, M.B.B.S.

20 Alton Terrace,
The Gap

Brisbane, Australia

Hear what this medical doctor had to say – his summary and opinion:

If after having applied all known medical and paramedical techniques to deteriorating and terminal conditions, and conditions continue in their downhill slide, then any small improvement must be considered remarkable and total improvement miraculous.

It was not until I had personally witnessed the healing power of God in the name of Jesus Christ, that my former preconceived clinical opinions were rocked.

“Chance” was ruled out after I had seen sufferers of cancers, depression, fears and other disorders healed. I now believe we serve a God who cares for our total welfare, and he will move on our behalf if we trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ his Son.

Dr. Richard S. Williams M.B.,B.S.

Leprosy is caused by an organism akin to that of tuberculosis and particularly attacks the nerves in the skin. This causes loss of function of particular nerves, resulting in a loss of sensation in the skin. The anaesthetised skin loses its vitality being insensitive to pain and is not protected if burnt or injured and generally becomes ulcerated and infected leading to loss of the fingers.

I was able to examine many lepers before and after prayer for healing and in every case noted that hands or fingers which were previously insensitive to touch, received an immediate return of sensation after prayer.

What particularly interested me, was seeing a leper who had been prayed for the previous year, still had sensation in his hands and feet and normal skin with no more sores or ulcers – his healing had remained. The return of sensation was greeted with smiles of pleasure on the lepers’ faces.

Although modern medicine, with the use of drugs can stop the progress of leprosy and by means of operations, pioneered by missionary doctors, can restore function to damaged hands and limbs, it is not able to cause return of nerve function like this. The instant return of sensation in my opinion was a miracle.

Dr. Richard S. Williams, M.B.B.S

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Dr. Colin H. Walker

After attending a seminar on divine healing, I began to apply the primciples of praying for the sick myself, and can now confirm they work.

One of the most notable was a little girl who was suffering from deafness from birth. Normal medical treatment could not help her. After praying she was set free.

Dr. Colin H. Walker

T.D., M.B., B.S.

Cairns, Queensland

Read some case histories from the doctors files below:

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