Led To Prevent Suicide

Oct 20 1996

I was driving home from work when I noticed this young man dressed in
black, on a bridge sitting on top of the fence which served as a barrior
to keep people  from falling off the edge.  I asked the Lord
if this was a problem and if I should stop. I felt as though I should keep
going, so I did. But when I got to the end of the bridge I  felt an
urgency to stop so I pulled over in a motel parking lot at the end of the

I started walking down the sidewalk on the bridge asking the Lord what
this was all about. I knew the Lord wanted me down there but I did not
know why. I figure the young man was either contemplating suicide or he
was just messing around. By the time I reached him he was now standing
there looking out through the fence.

I walked up to him and put my hand on his back and said your going to
think this is strange but the Lord told me to come down here. With that
he started to tell me he couldnt take it any more, that he was mixed up
in drugs, didnt have a job or a place to live.We only got a couple minutes
into this when a police car pulled up at the end of the bridge which was
about a half block away. The young man started to walk fast in the opposite
direction down the sidewalk. I followed behind him. Within a matter of
seconds another police car pulled right next to him with a screeching halt.
The young man went for the fence. He made it as far as getting one foot
to the top of the fence, just a push off away to his likely death when
I leaped at him, wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him down.

The police took hold of him, and one of the police officers looked at
me and said thank you for being there. I told the police officer not to
thank me but to thank the Lord because he had me come down there. He looked
at me like  he thought he might have a wacko on his hands. The other
two officers were busy handcuffing the young man ( proceedure I suppose
) when I walked over and asked if I could pray for him. They just looked
at me and didnt say anything. So I just put my hand on his back and started
to pray anyways. Now I had three officers that weren’t quite sure what
to do. They struggled between  continuing to cuff the young man or
to bow there heads. They elected to just kind of stand there and stare
at me while I was praying.

If there ever was a humorous moment in this whole thing that was it.
I cried the rest of the way home thanking God for

his mercy and his love for the young man. The story dosn’t end there.
When I got to work on Monday it turned out a couple people from work had
seen me on the bridge. They wanted to know what happened. I used it as
an opportunity to lift up the Lord. Well, they started talking to other
people in the company about it  when they found out another women
in the company had made the phone call to the police! She didnt feel comfortable
with the way he was sitting on the bridge so she called the police to be
safe. She had no idea till that day that I  went down there. She said
that she went to a pay phone to call 911

and the phone suddenly went dead. It took her another 3 or 4 minutes
to get to another phone. I suddenly realized just how much God had his
hand in this.

The reason God did not have me stop on the bridge is because the young
man would have preceived this as a threat just like when the police pulled
up and he might have panicked and jjumped. Instead I came along as a non
threatening pedestrian. I only got to spend a couple minutes with the young
man before the police came but I wouldnt have even been on the bridge if
the phone would not have went dead. It is Gods desire that not one should
perish. I dont know if they will put this on the internet or not but if
they do I just know that there will be somebody reading this that will
be struggling and feeling like God just dosn’t care. God wants you to know
that he does care.

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