Lead Us not into Temptation

Overcoming Satan with one Verse

God’s message to protect his Children from trials and temptations

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I remember this day very well because something supernatural happened to me. I had just started opening my Holy Bible to find where to read. Suddenly, my heart caught an invisible fire. It was as if the room temperature had suddenly been increased. Had the house caught fire? No, there was no visible smoke or fire in the room.

I realised that this was the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. The presence of God was so strong in that room. Ever since I received Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I had never sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit as I did at that moment. Supernaturaly, I was led to open seven scriptures starting with Luke 22 verse 31 and 32. These scriptures followed in a logical and coherent order that must have been assorted only by the divine intelligence of the Holy Spirit. These seven scriptures are indicated with a sign of three stars * * * in this book. The Holy Spirit interpreted these scriptures to me into the message contained in this booklet. Soon after, the voice spoke to me saying: “Arise, go and proclaim this message to all nations.”

God bless you as you read this message.

Brother M. Makko


All scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version, Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by pernmission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

About this message

This message was inspired by the Holy Spirit who is the author of all the truth and the guardian of every word that God speaks.

Strengthening Of Souls in All Nations

The aim of this ministry is to see that all Christians walk victorious lives with Jesus Christ. No person, after accepting Jesus Christ, should ever backslide.


Loving Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. As I read this message, I pray that you fill me with the Holy Spirit to enable me have a deep understanding of this vision. Cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ and help me to live a holy life. I pray in the Name you have put above All Names: that of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Chapter One

Confusing Words

As Jesus was sitting with the disciples on the last supper, he spoke these words * * *

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you Simon that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers” Luke 22:31, 32.

Jesus was revealing to Simon that in the spirit realm, he had seen Satan asking God for permission to severely tempt the disciples.

The following questions come to ones mind:

1. Can Satan talk to God? Was not Satan chased out of Gods glory and presence? Isn’t God’s presence too powerful for Satan?

2. If Satan can talk to God, what does he tell Him? There must be a very strong
reason why Satan talks to God.

3. How can Satan, that fallen angel, ask for a child of God? Are we not very
precious in the eyes of God?

4. Can God allow Satan to sift (tempt) us?

Chapter Two

The Revelation of the truth to all nations

This revelation is given to God’s children to show them the truth concerning Satan’s methods of keeping Christians under the bondage of temptations and sin.

Can Satan talk to God?

The answer to this question is YES!

The first evidence is within Luke 22 verses 31 and 32. Jesus himself tells us that he SAW SATAN ASKING GOD FOR PERMISSION TO SIFT THE DISCIPLES.

The second proof comes from the book of Job. If you open Job chapter I verse 6, you will find that Satan went into the very presence of God * * *

“One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan CAME WITH THEM”

If you still have any doubts, read the book of Job chapter 2 verse 1: * * *

“On another day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them to PRESENT HIMSELF BEFORE HIM.”

In both chapter one and two of the book of Job we find Satan talking to God. God was conversing with Satan! Why have we always overlooked this truth in the Bible? What disturbed me even more was God’s reaction to Satan’s presentation. He did not rebuke him or chase him out of his presence. God allowed Satan to talk to Him!

If Satan talks to God, what does he tell Him?

Have you ever asked yourself what the name Satan means? The New International Version of the Bible tells us that the name Satan means AN ACCUSER (find definition in Job 1:6 at the bottom of NIV Bible).


If you read Job chapter I verses 9 and 10, you will find that Satan had gone into God’s presence to accuse Job before God. Listen to what Satan told God: * * *

“Does Job fear you (God) for nothing? Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land.”

You may think that this is not accusation. The Holy Spirit is emphasizing that this is a real accusation from Satan. Another way of putting this charge is:

“Job does not love you from the bottom of his heart. He fears and loves you because of the riches and protection you have given him”

My brother and sister, Satan up to now continues to accuse Christians before God. He does this day and night. He roams through the earth and goes to and fro, as mentioned in Job 1:7, hawking accusations against God’s children.

We find more proof on this in the book of Revelation chapter 12 verse 10: * * *

“Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

“Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ, FOR THE ACCUSER OF OUR BROTHERS WHO ACCUSES THEM BEFORE GOD DAY AND NIGHT has been hurled down”

This is a very important scripture which Christians in all nations have to take very seriously. Remember that, here Jesus Christ was revealing to his servant John things yet to happen in future.


Satan will never fail to find accusations against you. The main accusation Satan makes before God against us is that we, who have accepted salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ, do not love God from the bottom of our hearts. That we only love Him because of what we want from Him or because of what He has done for us. Satan’s accusations are not always false especially for Christians who are not firm in their relationship with God. That is why it is very important that he who has an ear understands what this message means.

Accusations from People

Did you know that in our daily life people are always looking for accusations against God’s servants? The Pharisees were always looking for accusations against Jesus. They prayed that he landed in a mistake. They waited for him to heal on a Sabbath. They accused him of eating with sinners. They wanted his remarks about paying taxes. They prepared accusations in case he was to condemn the woman caught committing adultery. And so on.

Beloved, Satan is always looking for accusations against you to be taken into God’s presence.

But was not Satan chased out of heaven?

Yes, Satan and his army of rebellious angels were cast out of heaven. Satan is using these fallen angels as demons here on earth. His aim is to see that NO HUMAN BEING EVER GOES TO HEAVEN.

But there is one truth all Christians have to know. Satan has access to God’s presence because time for his total destruction has not yet come. Time is coming when Satan will be totally denied approach to God’s presence. This was revealed to the apostle John in Revelation 12:10:

“…For the accuser of our brothers who accuses them before God day and night has been hurled down.”

Another truth all Christians have to know is that NO ONE, GOOD OR BAD, HOLY OR EVIL, CAN HIDE AWAY FROM GOD. That is why all those who refuse to repent and accept Christ will find visual and audio records of every detail of their evil acts here on earth being kept by God in heaven. These films will be displayed before the multitudes on the day of judgement. When we repent and accept to be washed by Jesus’ blood, every sin is forgiven and erased from God’s records. In the same way, God sees every act of Satan and he hears every word he speaks! Hear what God says: (Jer. 23: 23-24)


Why does God tolerate Satan like that?

Our God is a God of plans. Everything that happened in the past, what is happening now, and all that will occur in future is according to God’s plan. Did you know that God knew you and had plans for you before you were created in your mother’s womb? Read Jeremiah 1:5:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”

In case you still have doubts read Psalm 139:15, 16:

“When I was woven together in the depths of the earth your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”

Do you know why Jesus was telling us not to worry? It is because God has good plans for us. Jesus keeps on reading our files in heaven, therefore he knows the good things our Father has prepared for us. He knows that even birds are well catered for (Mat. 6:26). You only need to obey God to fit into his plan.

In the same way, God has plans for Satan. To know this plan open the book of Revelation 20 verse 10:

“And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of burning sulphur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night FOREVER AND EVER”

Our Father is not in hurry to do things. He is a God of time, with each event having its own appointed time. If God was in a hurry to do things then he would have already sent Jesus back on earth to take us out of this wicked world.

God, in His great mercy, gave enough time to Satan repent. But Satan, in his stubbornness and stiff, rebellious heart, refused to repent. So, judgement has been made by God.

God’s power is above every other power in the heavens and on earth. By just mentioning four words, light was created. He mightily rescued the children of Israel from Egypt, with great signs and wonders. He has killed thousands of enemies of Israel. Therefore, there is no way Satan can be difficult to God.

One then asks himself why God tolerates the Devil.


God may let Satan tempt Christians. Then Satan will prove for himself that we sincerely love the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with all our hearts!

When Satan is given permission to tempt you, God is not looking for your defeat or failure. God is looking at you to see if you would glorify His name or that of Satan. ALL THIS DEPENDS ON YOU BECAUSE GOD HAS GIVEN YOU THE POWER TO DO SO.

When Satan succeeds in tempting you, he rejoices over God. He tells God how right he was with his accusations against you. But if you succeed to overcome temptations, glory goes to God. Satan’s accusations are proved wrong. Look at the book of Job chapter 42 verse 10 and see what a person who overcomes temptation receives:

“… the Lord made Job prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had before”

Dear my brother and sister in Christ, you have to know that God may give Satan permission to tempt you. God wants you to prove to the Devil that you are on Gods side. That you belong to Jesus Christ who purchased you with his precious blood. The moment you overcome temptations, something will happen in the supernatural:

– God’s name will be glorified.

– God will laugh at Satan.

– God will be pleased with you.

– Jesus Christ will be filled with joy as he intercedes for you.

– Blessings will come your way.

– God will send angels to protect you.

– The latter part of your life will be more blessed.

Let all Christians know that when temptations come to them, it is our loving Father who has let it be. Satan may not tempt a child of God without permission from God. Know that the moment you accepted Christ, Satan started accusing you before God. Even at this moment, he is pleading that he sifts you like wheat.

There are no limitations to what God does. When God allows Satan to tempt us, he does not want us to be defeated or discouraged. HE WANTS US TO RELY ON HIM FOR POWER, STRENGTH, WISDOM AND GUIDANCE instead of trusting in human abilities.

Chapter Three

No mercy, even for Jesus

The moment Jesus was baptized, and God said: you are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased” (Luke 3:22), Satan and all demons started trembling. Both darkness and evil began to shiver. The King of Kings had come and God said that he was very pleased with him. Satan never slept as he looked for ways of failing Jesus. He launched a campaign of false accusations against Christ. Some of these accusations were:

* “That so called son of yours will misuse your name and the authority you have given him”

– “He will be taken up by the pleasures and treasures of the world”

– “He will put you to test”

God carefully listened to these accusations and He gave Satan permission to find for himself where Jesus belongs. GOD GAVE SATAN PERMISSION TO TEMPT JESUS!

I was perplexed by the fact that it was the Spirit of God (God himself) who took Jesus to Satan! Read Matthew 4 verse 1: * * *

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil”

This was one of the scriptures the Holy Spirit emphasized in this vision.

I could not believe this! Beloved this is the truth God wants us to know. God himself can hand you over to the devil to tempt you. Then Satan will put you into a situation of temptation. God relies on you to prove to the devil that his accusations are wrong. Satan has to know that you are living to please God. Your role is very important my brother and sister. You have to choose whether glory goes to God or to Satan.

Satan used all his available techniques to tempt Jesus. But Jesus was firm. He wanted to please his Father in heaven. In the end Satan lost and he was filled with great shame. He ran away from Jesus and left him alone. Jesus was filled with more powers and glory from the heavens.

Today there are many accusations Satan is putting forward to God against Christians. As a result he has secured permission from God to tempt them using sexual sins, hatred, anger, unforgiveness, stealing, jealousy, etc. Whenever a Christian gives in to temptations, he is giving glory to Satan.

A Sister falls

Recently I was told of this sister in Christ who had progressed so much in business. She had started from humble beginnings and the Lord prospered her abundantly. This gave her more love and trust in Christ. She never left her Bible wherever she went. One evening, after an unusually very busy day, she collected all the money from the day’s sales and got a car back home. It was a lot of money because she had almost sold everything in stock. On her way back home, robbers struck and took her bag of money. The only thing they threw at her was her Bible. This sister was so shocked and she went into tears. She looked at the Bible and saw that it was useless in her life. She was so angry that God had let such a thing happen in her life. I was told that she took hold of the Bible and took it to her church. She left Christ that day.

Beloved in Christ, we need to have fixed faith in God. I am talking of that faith which is not shaken by negative circumstances. Faith that will stand temptations and trials.

Dear reader, I want you to see what was happening in the spiritual realm as this sister fell. She fell because of temptations by Satan. This temptation was authorized by God. Satan went to God and started accusing this sister:

“You say she loves you and that you are pleased with her? Is it not because of that money you have given her? Take the money away from her and see if she will still love you.”

Satan was given that permission and he succeeded with his temptation. He showed God that this woman was on his (Satan’s) side.

God has no way of proving to Satan that you and I love Him from the bottom of our hearts. God has trust in us therefore He tells the devil to go and prove for himself that we are true friends of God.

When I related this to our daily life, I thought that it makes sense. Suppose a husband is so faithful to his wife. Then another woman comes and starts making accusations against this man. That she saw him with another woman. What would his wife do? If I was a wife in that situation, I would not defend my husband a lot. I would just tell the accuser that “I have all my trust in my husband. Go and do whatever you can do to prove what I say”. Now it would be up to the husband to see whether glory goes to his wife or to the accuser.

This is where our strength lies. The moment we overcome temptations, God’s name is glorified and we receive that supernatural power and blessing of the Holy Spirit. Our minds and bodies are weak but God is telling us:

“I have put my word in your mouth” Jer. 1:9

A brother in tears

There is this brother who had reached the level of being the president of his nation. I have never heard of any person who had a yearning heart for God like this man. Every time he spoke you could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit on his life. God had blessed him with almost everything he needed in his life. Then one day he came crying with tears flowing down his cheeks. Why? In the most unfortunate circumstances during the time when the nation of Israel was in crisis, King David found himself sleeping with another mans wife! Satan suceeded with his accusations and he created the most favourable and conducive atmosphere for David to sin. David found himself so much attracted to Mrs. Uriah. He forgot Satans strategies so he became a victim of sin. From then onwards his life was never the same. Read all this from 2 Samuel 11:1-27.

Another sister falls

This is another true story. There was this couple who loved God so much. Every now and then the man would ask his wife that they pray and repent lest they have sinned against God. They were always making sacrifices and repenting on behalf of the sins committed by their children. The man could never allow evil to come to his house. This couple’s fear of God was known to great distances. This was Job and his wife as recorded in the holy Bible. One day, after Satan’s accusations, God gave permission to Satan to go and tempt them (see Job 1:12). God told Satan:

“Very well, then everything he has is in your hands . . .”

Now Satan had the authority and what followed was this:

-Satan killed all Job’s oxen.

-He killed all the donkeys.

-Satan sent fire, which burnt all the sheep.

-All servants died.

-Job’s sons and daughters were killed.

-Satan afflicted Job with very painful sores.

This was too much for Mrs. Job. She lost all her trust in God and saw no use in continuing to trust in a God who could not help in such circumstances. She told her husband:

“You are still faithfull as ever, aren’t you? Why don’t you curse God and die?” Job 2:9

If Mrs. Job had known that God was watching to see what she does, probably she would have been resistant to Satan’s temptations and trials. Glory would have gone to God.

Chapter Four

You can be protected from Satan’s accusations

Beloved, we are living in the end times. God wants every child of His to make it to heaven. Do not miss that beautiful house God has prepared for you. In the final part of this vision, God is showing you how you can be protected from temptations and trials.

Jesus knows everything happening in heaven. He saw Satan pleading that he gets permission from God to severely tempt the disciples. The moment Jesus saw that Satan had been granted that permission he did one thing of great importance. He said:

“BUT I HAVE PRAYED …” Luke 22:32

Jesus pleaded to God in intercessory prayer that Simon is not severely tempted. Prayer changed the fate of Peter and all the disciples. If Jesus had not prayed, these saints may have lost all their faith through Satan’s trials and temptations. But because of prayer, they were strengthened and were able to overcome sin. They continued doing God’s work.

All this implies that there is GREAT POWER in prayer. There is so much power that sometimes God may change decisions he has already made in heaven.

One of the problems Satan has brought into the church today is that he has hindered prayer. Satan is always in trouble whenever Christians pray, so he has sent his demons among Christians to prevent prayer. Many Christians do not know that there is a battle going on in the spiritual realm. The battle against prayer. Satan may use his evil influence to distract you from prayer. He can cause you to feel tired. Or to oversleep. He did this to the disciples while Jesus himself was in prayer. You may get the energy to get on your knees but the moment you do this: Satan may bombard your mind with very negative ideas. He may remind you of your enemies so as to create bitterness and unforgiveness on your heart. He may cause you to think that God is not hearing your prayers, etc. The moment you detect these evil thoughts, rebuke Satan. Tell him that your mind belongs to Christ. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Satan hates being reminded anything having to do with the cross, so he will flee.

The forgotten request

Many Christians pray but they do not know how to pray. The disciples faced the same problem. They realised that their prayers were not as effective as that of Jesus. So they asked him to teach them how to pray (Luke 11 : 1). Jesus taught them a prayer that seems simple yet it is a very powerful weapon against Satan’s accusations. Jesus directed the disciples always to plead to God: Luke 11:4 * * *


Jesus was giving us the greatest weapon against Satan’s accusations. By asking God not to lead you into temptation you are saying:

1. My father, do not listen to Satan’s accusations against me.

2. Do not give him permission to tempt me.

God is so merciful. He will listen to you. Satan will be denied permission to tempt you. Even if he comes, you will easily overcome his traps. This is the key to avoiding temptations my brother and sister. Many Christians have forgotten the Lord’s prayer not knowing that it is the foundation for all other prayers. There is great power in the Lords’ prayer. The power which protects you from temptations and trials.

You may have your own arguments against Jesus’ instructions to us regarding prayer. If you feel you cannot ask God not to lead you into temptation, then be prepared to face all kinds of temptations. And when they come to you know that you will face them with your own abilities because you would have denied God’s help.

Jesus had told the disciples:

“Pray that you will not fall into temptation” Luke 22.40

They overlooked Jesus command and they went sleeping. Because Satan was against God’s will for the Son of God to redeem this world by his blood, he made Peter and others continue enjoying their sleep. In a matter of hours Peter was tempted to cut off the ear of one of those who had come to arrest Jesus. This was a real temptation. It was against God’s will. That is why Jesus rebuked Peter (see John 18:11).

Do you know that Satan may succeed in securing permission to tempt you in your relationships, with money, with your job, in your health, etc.?

Many Christians are struggling with sin in their lives not knowing that there is a way of preventing it, well before it takes place. Pray to God daily that you are not led into temptation. It will be very easy for you to detect the traps Satan has laid for you. You will escape them and glory will go to God.

May the Lord Bless you.

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