I was in church expecting something big to happen because i had been praying for such an experience for a long time. Just for something to let me know that he’s there, you know?
While i was in the car with my mom i said to her “Mami papi was suppose to send for me this year…” As the silence in the car began i grew sad. I shook it off though and went into church. That night was a prayer and worship service. As i went to the front to be prayed for the pastor layed hands on me and said “Gods love is greater than a fathers love, is greater than a man love.” Keep in mind that my whole life i was always empty and always thought a man could fill that emptiness inside me. I was always looking in the wrong places. I remained pure though i never went to that extreme of losing my innocence but i was never satisfied. As the pastor said that, he stopped and I could tell he was recieveing something from the Lord. He said ” The Lord is telling you tonight to remain pure for him and live for him, righteous for him.” This is something ive been struggling with because im a growing teen and ive been asking God to help me with this battle . The pastors continues and says “He says to not let anyone tell you that you are unwanted. He sees your inside and your out.” The night before this i felt unwanted by my family..He continues “He’s saying hes coming after you because you are his princess and he’s coming after you with a pretty white dress. He is just asking you to open up to him and give him everything”
This night is the night I truely fell in love with Jesus. The night that i stopped feeling so empty inside. The night that i realized that he does love me so much and i dont need any man because im am in love with him, my provider, my savior, my father, my everything. Ive never been so happy. It was amazing to hear him tell ME , a sinner, that i was HIS princess and he wants me and is chasing me, with a pretty white dress for me <3 All glory goes to him. He is truely amazing and real. He healed me from every heart break and hurt. He healed me from my past and gave me a new heart.