Jesus Saves From Black Magic Through Compassion

      The common knowledge that "Jesus saves" is widespread in western european countries like the U.S. and U.K.. Black magic on the other hand is commonly accepted and experienced in countries like Pakistan, India, and Africa. In contrast, when black magic is addressed in Judeo-Christian countries, it is written off as a mental disorder and is usually rejected. And the idea that Jesus saves is dismissed in those countries where it is most needed. The reality that Jesus saves needs to be infused within these communities where black magic is a reality and the westernized countries need to understand that black magic does exist so that people can obtain healing. The spreading of these truths need to be done with love.

     One major hindrance to address is that when evil is affecting someone and especially through black magic, that evil will make every effort to prevent that soul from getting the help they need. A person who is able to declare "Jesus saves" is hardly in a position to actually need Jesus to save them. It has already been done. It is the people that need to experience the reality that Jesus saves is who need Him most. 

     Slamming the "Jesus saves" reality into someone who does not know Jesus with an attitude of intolerance, condemnation, or superiority will do nothing to convince someone that Jesus is the "right" way. On the contrary, it will only push them away. And if someone is a victim of black magic, occult problems, or demon possession, then you can be sure this attitude will result in nothing but driving that person far, far away from Jesus, Chrsitianity, and any Christian person. Yet, this seems to be the unconscious stragey of most Christians.

      The reality is that Jesus saves, but Satan seduces. He seduces people in every possible fashion. Deception is his modus operandi. Anyone who has evil problems like black magic and demonic possession has already been deceived somehow by Satan, even if they are a Christain. They are living in an illusion but not merely a non-reality. A reality that is nothing less than a living nightmare. They are strongly within Satan's grip. And Satan will do everything he can to maintain that hold on someone. And the best and most powerful way for him to do so is to continue driving that person to seek out illusionary mechanisms of help which often include more psychics, spiritualists, and magicians. 

     How can a Chrsitain, no matter if they are a pastor or not, possibly intervene and convince someone that Jesus saves? I believe the answer is to try to relate to that person from a religious background in which they will understand. This is best done through the development of compassion and acceptance.

     This is a concept that seems to be lacking in most evangelical missions and within the Christian consciousness. Compassion and acceptance are qualities that God expresses to us when Jesus saves us. However, these qualities are not instinctive in humans, at least in these modern times. The average human being is full of selfishness and has the "me-first" mentality. Rather than approach a non-Christian with vanity, it is more effective to express the reality that Jesus saves through compassion and acceptance for their circumstances and relate to them in a way they can understand.

     When a non-Christian sees a follower of Jesus behaving in a manner that rejects people on the basis of their religious beliefs and past actions, how does that persuade them to want to follow Jesus? All it does is make the entire Christian religion seem judgemental and separatist. Who wants to be a follower of such a religion? This approach to convince that Jesus saves is not only ineffective, it is acutally a direct disobedience of Jesus's instruction.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13:34, 35)

     This however, is not how most Christians approach others in trying to teach that Jesus saves. This type of self-importance and lack of humility is seen in judgements between Christians as well. Compassion and acceptance are attributes that must be developed. They are qualities that people should pray for daily.

     Compassion and acceptance are what allows us to truly relate to another human being, and it is often the deciding factor of whether or not Jesus saves someone. When you have compassion and acceptance then you are able to truly love another. It is this godly quality that non-Christians will identify and find admirable enough to want to obtain for themselves through Jesus. The approach that Christians make to others is vitally important to who Jesus saves.

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