This documentary begins by showing how geological formations in recent times were known to be caused in a short time – for example due to volcanoes.

It goes on to talk about how the assumption that the way we see things operating now cannot be assumed to be the way that they were always operating. Yes, sudden changes like a global flood account for what we see far better than alternative models which demand “millions of years”.

It also makes an important statement about the plausibility of a GLOBAL, rather than a local flood. The present mountains, like the Himalayan range, would have been formed around the time of the flood. They are much higher NOW than they would have been at the time of the flood. The hypothesis is that there was tremendous volcanic activity going on towards the end of that time which moved the plates a lot and caused present day mountains and oceans to form.

I believe this video makes an important contribution towards the Creationist case for history vs the conventional naturalistic explanations which work to undermine faith in the Christian Scriptures.