Humanism and the Homosexual Agenda

If you are sympathetic to the homosexual or "gay" agenda, you are probably happy with the way things have been going over the the last few years.The US Government, and other governments also, are progressively legislating in favor of redefining the meaning of the word "family" and giving all kinds of legal recognition and protection to homosexual "partnerships". The shock waves through the legal system will no doubt continue to unfold in ways we have not thought of yet.


Not only are governments increasingly pro-gay in their policies, but now, all kinds of religious organisations, from Orthodox Judaism to Lutherans have come out in favor of homosexuality to varying degrees.


The basic argument as I see it for giving the same recognition to homosexual relationships as to heterosexual ones, and indeed for everything in the gay rights agenda, comes down to something like this:

1. What people do with their bodies is no one else's business. So homosexuals should be free to follow their sexual orientation as their hearts desire.

2. What homosexuals do with each other does not hurt anybody, so they should be left in peace to do it.

3. Practicing sexuality in whatever way you please is a basic human right, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

4. Homosexuals are born that way. Its not a choice, its genetic. So its very unhealthy to try to push them into something that for them would be "unnatural", like a heterosexual relationship or even a life of sexual abstinence.

5. All this being the case, homosexuals should be able to promote their way of life as a normal alternative even to young children. The education system should therefore incorporate materials to indoctrinate young children to be tolerant and accepting of homosexual lifestyles and alternative family units because to fail to do so might leave them open to the dangers of "homophobia".


I'd like to say that these arguments make a lot of sense if you accept the basic premise of HUMANISM which is at the root of so much thinking today in the Western World.

According to humanistic thought, "man is the measure of all things". What pleases people is therefore the highest good for society. If man's reason says it is O.K, then it is O.K. There is actually no real GOD who speaks and has the right to tell any of us what to do. We can tolerate the idea of a GOD as long as it is understood in the public sphere that such a GOD doesn't really exist – except in the minds of the religious adherents who have come to believe in such things.

Humanists can tolerate religious believers as long as the religious ones recognise that they cannot impose anything of their own religious convictions on anything touching the "public sphere" of life, unless humanists happen to believe in those values also. In other words, you can believe in your stupid fairy tales in the privacy of your own home, but they should never impact any public policy.


Many humanists believe of course that science and in particular the theory of Darwinian evolution has kind of disproved God, so modern man no longer should believe any of that rubbish about God and so on. Such ideas in the mind of a humanist are relics of an ignorant age. Secular humanists for whatever reason deny the real existence of God and as a consequence, have only their own convictions and the opinion of the masses as their moral reference point. And since the public, informed by the guardians of our soul, the mainstream media, has learned to accept and even celebrate homosexual behavior, there can therefore be nothing wrong with it.


I am not going to try to argue against the homosexual agenda from the worldview of a humanist. Instead I am simply going to say this.


Before you dismiss the idea of a Living God who made this Universe and interacts with it as just so much ignorant nonsense, you had better check out the facts thoroughly. Our God has not left Himself without witness. However, the visible church has often failed to witness effectively to the reality of God, and this is the reason for the change in opinions in western society.


Before you assume science has disproved God, you had better check out the facts. Remember that scientists are humans too, and human beings are generally LIARS. People suppress truth they don't want to believe in, and scientists taken as a class of people are no different. It is outside the scope of this article to deal with the issue fully – I urge you to check out other pages on this site when you can, but just bear in mind for now that the issue may not be as settled as you imagine in your heart.


In the mind of Bible believing Christians, humanity is not a law unto itself. There is a God to whom we must all give account – on HIS terms, not our own. You can say that you hate this God, and want nothing to do with Him, but it will not stop Him executing judgment upon you on the Final Day. We are His creatures. He is not our creature (of imagination).


First determine in your own mind if there is solid evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. If there isn't, just forgot about Christianity. It cannot be true. But if there is, then consider this: the Jesus Christ who rose from the dead is no ordinary man. He might just be who He said He was – the Son of God. And if that is the case, you better be sure that you stand on the right side of the issue with HIM. Jesus upheld the sanctity of the Old Testament Scriptures which condemn homosexual practice. These Scriptures reveal God's attitude to the practice. On the positive side, the Scriptures reveal God's endorsement of the traditional family – that is to say, a father, a mother, and children.


Jesus has not told His disciples to change the world through legislating against sin at the government level. But any society that departs from the norms of God and starts conforming to the culture of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah runs the risk of provoking severe national judgements. We see how the USA is currently going down the drain. This trend will no doubt continue as antichrist sentiment continues to rise in that once great nation. The nation of America can expect more divine judgements for all kinds of reasons, not least the heinous practice of murdering unborn babies by the millions. Even if every God hater on youtube rises up in condemnation of our God, it won't stop the nation from going down the drain. Rebel against our God and you only hurt yourself. Its interesting to note how nations like China which have the fastest growing population of born again Christians are now in the ascendancy, while the West, which has rejected its Christian heritage, is in serious decline.


So, when Christians oppose the gay agenda in whatever country it may be, we are doing so for a number of reasons, but chiefly, to stop the curse from coming on our nation. Sin of any kind will lead to problems. Especially sin which God calls an ABOMINATION.


If the laws change and men now say you can have a homosexual marriage, all I can say is, "You may have man's endorsement". But remember that the living God you probably don't believe in is one day going to judge you for everything you do. You can hate our God, you can persecute us, you can try to sue us or whatever, but ultimately it is OUR GOD you will have to deal with. He has told US never to take revenge, but He has said, "Vengeance is mine. I will repay". Even if you DO believe in God, the question is: "Which God do you believe in?" Is it the one mentioned in the Bible, or is it one that really left no reliable communication to mankind to let us know what He really is all about? Is the real true and living God, the Creator, one and the same as "what you or I might wish to believe about God"?


So there you have it. The case for homosexuality rests pretty much with the thesis of humanism. But if humanism is a lie – and eternity will reveal it to be such, then those philosophies and practices which it endorses in opposition to the Word of the Living God will surely bring about an eternal destruction on their practitioners that will never be reversed once this life is over.


Would it be "loving" of me to deny this, to say it isn't so? I don't think so. If someone is sleeping in a burning house, it is loving to take the risk to try to wake them up and get them out – even if some personal danger is involved!  Indifference is not love.


As I grew up, I found that some of the things I liked to do were not pleasing to God. My natural programming, like everyone else's, has a bent towards lawlessness. Like everyone else, I have to deny my own preferences at times in order to please God. Like everyone else, I need the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to be what I am meant to be in life. Like everyone else, I need the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus and the forgiveness of God from time to time, because I do not always conform to God's standard of divine love. It is not for me to redefine the standard though.


I choose the path of simple trust in God's word. Everything He says in His Word, especially in the New Testament, to me is right. That is the plumbline. May God save all my readers and may God have mercy on us all. He is well able to do it, if we fall at His feet and surrender our lives to Him.









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