How to Heal the Sick in the Name of Jesus

The testimonial evidence is super abundant today confirming that God does indeed heal the sick today through the name of Jesus.

When we examine the stories, we find that these healings take place in many ways.

Some are instantaneous and miraculous, such as the healing of blind eyes – you can see examples on youtube for example in the video below.


Lady Healed of Blindness

The majority of healings are not as dramatic as the one above. They may take place over a period of seconds, minutes, hours, days or longer.

There is also no doubt that sometimes people are NOT healed when people have prayed or ministered. Why is this? I don't think anyone has all the answers here. God is Sovereign, and He can and does heal at times when conditions and faith are not perfect. At other times, Heaven seems silent.

The question arises: is there a "recipe" for ministering healing?

My answer is: "yes" and "no".

I say "no" because there is no way in which we can MAKE God manifest anything according to our desires. If we approach God as a "genie in a bottle" – a "force" that can be "used" to "get what we want", because "we have done the needful" – we are going to be disappointed most times.

It will help us a lot if we consider God as a loving Father – generous, kind and merciful. This Father does lots of kind things for His children and even His enemies – but on HIS OWN TERMS, when HE wants to, and NOT BECAUSE HE HAS TO.

We need to realize that while God is kind and merciful, He doesn't owe us any favors. But the good news is that He LOVES us, and He has already done a tremendous amount to make possible all sorts of good things in our lives.

On the other hand, concerning the idea of a recipe, I say "Yes!" – God HAS given us a recipe for healing. Many people have tried to get the result without following the "recipe" in the Bible, and its one reason why they have been disappointed overall. I'm not saying that what follows is the ONLY way God heals, but it is one of the BEST ways to see good results because it is actually the way that GOD told us to do things. And God honors his own Word. 

With recipes, it is  important to include all the ingredients mentioned and follow all the instructions. If you try to bake a cake, but use the wrong kind of flour so there is no agent to cause the cake to rise, you will have a "flop". A lot of people have "flopped" when trying to minister divine healing because they consistently leave out one or two ingredients. And these ingredients are basic.

The Bible says in Mark 16:15-18

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. He who believes and is baptized shall be saved; he who believes not shall be condemned. And these signs will follow those believing these things: In My Name they will drive out demons, they will speak with new tongues … they will lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover".

Here is the recipe:

1. Go into all the world.

This means: in what you are about to do – don't just go to your family or close friends. People who only care about healing for their family and close friends hardly EVER see major miracles. God wants us to get out of our narrow sphere of personal and family interest and start to get involved with Him on a global scale. To see God's miracles, think and act globally. There is no excuse not to do this today.

Pastors who have no vision outside their local church generally will see almost no genuine healing miracles. There will be exceptions, but lets shoot for the target, which is to do God's will.

2. Preach the gospel (good news) to all creation [meaning all people].

Its possible if you are really really supercharged with the power of God to heal the sick through the anointing without a corresponding commitment to preach the gospel to people, but such cases are rare. Once we draw back from our commitment to preach the gospel, the power for healing generally shuts down after a short time.

And what is the gospel?

The gospel is that through the sacrificial death of the God-Man Jesus Christ, and His resurrection, all the problems of mankind have been legally defeated. All those who BELIEVE this good news will benefit. All the sins of the world have been paid for. All the consequences of sin – condemnation, sickness and the curse – have also been cancelled. The way is now open for those coming to Jesus and doing what the Spirit of God teaches them to not only escape the entanglements of evil but also to come into the infinite blessings associated with being adopted into the Family of God the Father.

When the gospel is fully preached like this, and we show in our preaching from the Bible that Jesus "took our infirmities and bore our diseases" (Isaiah 53:4,5) – what is going to happen is that faith will begin to rise in some hearts (and in the heart of the preacher), and God is getting ready to confirm His Word with signs following.

So if we want to see people healed, we should preach the gospel first, if at all possible. This is the way the best evangelists do it, and we can do it ourselves on a small scale? Please don't tell me you couldn't somehow communicate the simple message above to someone else. You know you can do it, especially with the help of the Holy Spirit.


3. Get People to Believe

The right kind of teaching and preaching of the Word of God, the right kind of prayer and intercession, the right kind of exhortations and testimonies are all part of getting people to believe. Ultimately, both God and the person themselves are involved in this – and without the ingredient of "faith" the cake is most likely going to be a flop.


4. Baptize People in Water

This idea of baptism in water to me speaks not only of the initial act, but basically the principle of getting people to take concrete steps of action in obedience to God's Word after believing the gospel. Part of the message of the Gospel is that "Jesus is Lord". This means that people believing the gospel had better believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Master, and act like they believe it. Otherwise, they will ultimately head back into Satan's camp, the Kingdom of Darkness, and they may well find everything they gained, including healing and forgiveness, is lost.

God tried to make it simple by telling people to start this process by getting immersed in water to show they were serious – but somehow the Church has taken something incredibly simple and added to it and taken away from it until it has come to mean something like "allegiance to a sect of Christianity" rather than anything else. 

5. Believe that Signs Will Follow

Jesus said, "These signs will follow those who believe", or alternatively it could read "Those believing these things". 

If you preach the gospel in part at least, but you don't believe that signs will follow, there are some things Jesus said that you just don't believe. And guess what – they won't work for you either.

We need to believe and expect that signs are going to follow our preaching. What kind of signs?

a. Casting Out Demons

If you have never cast out demons, begin with yourself. There's probably some there. I kid you not. Jesus said we should cast out demons after preaching the gospel. Sickness and infirmity are many times caused by evil spirits, so we need to understand that in Jesus' name (Jesus' authority) we can tell demons to leave and they need to go.When the demons of infirmity go, the sicknesses will also go.

b. Speak in Tongues and Encourage others to do this

Speaking in tongues is a sign that  person has been engulfed in the mighty presence of God by the Holy Spirit. There are a lot of advantages to it discussed elsewhere on this site. Basically, we need to be committed to the idea of receiving the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT like the early disciples did, and STOP MAKING THEOLOGICAL EXCUSES. Divine healing happens mostly by means of the rivers of living water flowing through us, and speaking in tongues is a God-ordained part of this process.

c. Lay Hands on the Sick

Some people will be healed without any laying on of hands. They can be healed just by hearing and believing the message that God has provided their healing for them. Some are healed just by the presence of God moving in a place. But for best results, we should lay hands on the sick in the name of Jesus. This is a big part of the recipe. Basically, get spiritually charged up, and then put your hands on people and release God's healing power into them. Speak to the mountain of disease and infirmity and command it to move (Mark 11:23). 

We should think of the power that goes into people through this process as something like medicine that has entered their body. Do not conclude that the medicine is not working if nothing has changed in the first 15 seconds.


I sincerely believe that if we do our part in acting according to the recipe of Mark 16:15-18 we are going to see the results God mentions here.

In doing this, we become agents of Jesus Christ who show that God's love is real for suffering people today. This is a very important part of the work of God today.

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