A lot of people today are growing in anxiety and fear as people are losing work and some are getting sick.

Just put it out there on your social media (Facebook, Instagram) that you are doing an online Bible study, a story of hope, and if anyone wants to join, they can do so, just send a message if interested.

When people respond, give them a time to meet on zoom or some place.

When people come, do a short bit of catching up.

Then tell the story of Jesus from the gospels. For example, the story of the sinful woman that washes Jesus’ feet in the Pharisees’ house.

5 Questions you can ask

  1. What do we learn about Jesus based upon this story?
  2. What do we learn about people based on this story?
  3. What are sins to avoid?
  4. What are examples to follow?
  5. What about this story gives us hope?

You can also ask other questions.

e.g. Why was the woman able to go in peace? Answer: because she encountered Jesus.