The total sum of your days equals your life. What you do with your life is actually a result of what you do with each day of your life… If you gave Jesus your life, then you gave Jesus your days. They are not your own anymore, but they are now tools for Jesus’s best use for His glory and for His Kingdom to expand on the earth. Since they are not your own, you cannot spend your time anyhow, in any way or with anyone, but ask the Jesus of your days to live His life through you each day and go through you where He wants, when He wants, do what He wants, how He wants and with whom He wants. Invite Him to take control of your days and lead you into His best for that day. Submit to His best for your day and you will eat the fruit of your obedience.

Do not take your days for granted. Each draws you closer to eternity… and eternity for you will be determined by the use of your days. Every day of your life is a seed for your eternity. It is priceless, you cannot buy it back. Sow your days for Jesus’s best use and reap a harvest of eternal life. What you sow is what you reap.


When you wake up in the morning, give the first fruits of your day in praying and reading the Bible. Ask Him what would He like to do through you that day? Wait in His presence for impressions in your heart of His agenda for your day. Change your schedule to fit in any particular thing He wants you to do.

Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit, so you are blessed and so that His life can flow in and through you that day so you can have something to give to those you interact with that day.

Talk to Jesus while you get ready for the day. Continue the conversation with Him throughout your day. Tell Him everything you encounter throughout your day, anything that bothers you and anything that makes you glad, make Him your best and closest friend.

Treat every person you meet in a very special way. GOD TOLD ME THAT EACH OF THEM ARE A PRECIOUS PEARL TO HIM AND WE SHOULD TREAT THEM WITH GREAT CARE. He died to purchase them back to Himself, do not treat them carelessly. When you meet people, SMILE, treat them with great love and care, let Jesus in you speak, act and react towards them. They are special, not to be taken for granted, they are God’s precious pearls.

Each day provides an opportunity to let Jesus’s likeness grow in you. Let Him have His way, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you catch these opportunities and not waste them.

Each day opportunities meet us to be a partner in God’s hand for the expansion of His Kingdom. The opportunity might not show itself as a platform to preach from, but it shows itself in people who need your practical love as well as the Gospel. Or the opportunity could be to use some of the many things God has blessed you with to further His Kingdom on earth. Let Him have His best use of your days on earth and your reward in heaven will be great.

Every day of your life is valuable, priceless, not to be despised. Even if all you are asked to do some days is to look after your loved ones and seek His face. Eternal seeds are being planted in you, in your family and through your prayers. You are raising the next generation for Christ, this is not a small job.

At times God’s ways in your life might seem hard to understand, even perplexing. These are the times to remember His track record with you and choose to trust Him based on who He showed Himself to be to you in the past. Embrace the side of God you do not understand and He will bring understanding at the right time (though sometimes we will only understand when we go to heaven). Trust Him anyway. Those who hope in Him will not be dissapointed.

His thoughts and ways are sometimes beyond our comprehension, that’s why we need to trust. We trust because of the proof of His love for us on the cross. He gave everything to bring us in relationship with the Father again. He rose again from the dead so we can also live. If He beat death, we can trust Him with everything else in our life. If He loved us so much to die for us, He will love us in the lesser things of life as well.

‘Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” (John 11:40) Jesus said this to Mary in the face of a naturally impossible situation. Take His advice for your situation.

At the end of the day you might find yourself satisfied because of times you have cooperated with God and sad for the times you have missed His agenda. Ask Jesus’s forgiveness and ask Him to redeem the time lost in your life and to give you another chance to succeed. His grace is much bigger than all your failure and His lovingkindness never fails. Submit yourself to Him in your heart afresh.

Thank Him for today. You don’t know if you have another day to enjoy. Thank Him for the health you were able to enjoy (even if you are sick in some parts of your body), thank Him for the grace to do what you did that day, we depend on God for protection, for every breath, for well being in every way. When you do not have health or protection, your life can be very different in the negative, so thank Him for each day of blessing. Give Him glory for all He did in and for and through you today. Put tomorrow in His very loving hands and rest in His peace.

In Psalm 90: 12, Moses says: ‘So teach us to NUMBER our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.’

Let’s pray to Jesus that He will teach us also to number our days so we are wise and redeem the time, because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:15-16)

After you read this article and you feel motivated to make the most of your days, know that it is not you that has the power to do this, but only the grace of God, the power of God at work in your life. Ask Him every day for His grace to work in you both to will and to do His good pleasure, for the power to let God use the days you gave to Him for His best, for the ability to be the person He needs you to be in order to maximise His life through you.

Jesus said ‘for WITHOUT ME you can do NOTHING’ (John 15:5) , this is an eternal truth, true if it seems to be true to you or not. BUT ‘WITH GOD, ALL things are possible’ . Your main role is to be with God, not out there on your own and then ALL things are possible. May God bless you as you seek to bring joy to His heart.

Sister Marilena