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Many people are testifying to the experience of being taken by Jesus into to see hell. Some are reporting seeing hell after being resuscitated in hospital after a heart attack. You don’t have to believe everything people say in these stories, but it might be wise to listen. One thing is sure – you will die. After that, well – according to what these people have seen – and according to what the Bible says – it is heaven (a temporary place for believers until the New Earth and the resurrection) or hell – an unspeakably horrible place where people are tormented while their spirits await the final judgment of Christ.


The testimony of this witness includes the following information:

Many souls are in hell for underestimating the blood of Jesus Christ. According to the author of this vision, Jesu said that for every soul that enters heaven upon death, there are 1000 souls that go to hell. I heard that elsewhere from a Korean pastor who was granted many visions and experiences in the spiritual realm. This is scary beyond belief. It should motivate you and I to forsake all sin and to preach the gospel to people in the hope of helping someone who is open to salvation.

The Lord is grieving because of people going to hell.

Many people are wishing they could have a chance to go back to the earth to have a chance to repent.

People are being tortured in hell by demons. The time of grace and mercy is finished once people die.

According to him the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell, is in hell – for lying and teaching people to lie. The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach people that a burning hell of torment does not exist.

Jesus said you can go to hell for teaching lies like this – that there are other ways besides Jesus to go to heaven.

There was a pastor in hell who was there because he did not teach his people to be holy. He was more interested in teaching the gospel of money so he could get rich and famous. He did not warn the people to forsake sin.

The author also saw Stephen Hawking who was in hell for his atheism – not believing in the existence of God or Jesus.

The author is also making a claim that is controversial in our present age. Someone was in hell for being a tattoo artist. The claim is also made that people who have allowed themselves to be tattooed must repent and be sorry for this. I don’t know what some popular pentecostal preachers of today will say to this – many today insist that Jesus is cool with them going and getting themselves tattooed. It is something that is flaunted by certain famous pastors and evangelists today.

Then there was a woman who sang and danced in church – but went to hell because she committed abortion and did not confess or repent of it. If this is true one can only imagine how dangerous the people who teach that abortion is a human right are. What will happen to such people if they don’t repent? Well, they probably aren’t worried about it because they have allowed themselves to be deceived by foolish doctrines such as the idea of Darwinian evolution and other unproven doctrines such as secular humanists love.

The claim is also made that a lukewarm Christian music band was in hell – because they did not like to pray, fast or read the Bible. They liked to imitate the music of the world such as Jesus does not like – it was some kind of Mexican music style apparently.

It is very interesting to read the comments on this video on youtube. A number of people say that they have also seen hell. A registered nurse said there is a big difference between the way believers and unbelievers die. Let us take heed and repent.

I read the book “A Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary K. Baxter in the Romanian language the first time, and later in English. It is a truly frightening book. There are all kinds of warnings about how you can go to hell if you don’t forgive people. Believe me, I have chosen to forgive all the Christian people who have ripped me off and treated me badly! God bless them all! I don’t want to go to hell myself. There are warnings in this story against witchcraft, compromise and many other kinds of sin. I recommend having a listen to it.

You can here Mary Baxter preaching on this video:

One thing that is nice to hear in this testimony is that Mary Baxter says that little children, babies and aborted children do not go to hell. Neither do severely mentally disabled people.

I can’t say 100% whether I believe in every spiritual experience of hell that people report. Some of the doctrines that they sometimes come with I wouldn’t preach. It is also true that many won’t believe even if they hear these reports as Jesus said in Luke 16. But I would preach the main point – and that is this – you are not safe in the arms of Jesus unless you are going after Jesus, wanting holiness, repenting of all the sin you know about and trusting in the blood he shed for your forgiveness. Yes, you need to do all of things if you expect heaven to be your home before the first resurrection. These things are not incompatible. It is not enough to seek holiness – if you don’t believe in the blood. And it is not enough to “believe in the blood” if you believe that you can benefit from it while you are deliberately sinning and rebelling against the Lord Jesus Christ. See 1 John 1:7.

But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.







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