Jesus healing

Many times I have gone out to speak with people I don’t know in the streets. When I go prepared, full of the Holy Spirit, I know that if some unwell person will allow me to minister to them through the laying on of hands, something is going to happen.


In Australia I have witnessed people who did not believe in Jesus healed in this way. Some were healed of “small things” like backaches and headaches, while others were partially healed of minor conditions like burns. In Romania however, I did see people healed of deafness, speech impediments and all manner of things. I did not get all these things medically verified – we were too busy for that – but there were people we met years later who mentioned they were still healed. I give God the glory for this. It is His power after all.


Remember, this is exactly what you would expect to happen if the Scripture in Mark 16:18 is true concerning believers, that, “they will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”.