I received the gift of healing about 4 years ago in a church service. The night I was told I was to receive this gift I was also told that it would be confirmed that night, it was. Since that time I had been told to lay hands on for healing by the Holy Spirit and at other times I just felt led to lay hands on people. At times I noticed that there was an immediate healing and at times there was a healing and later it was lost and at other times there was no healing at all. I wondered just why some were healed, some were not and some healed only to revert back to the original condition or worse!

  I did not know where to go to find out the answers. I could not find the answers in the Bible (even though they were there with the help of revelation) until I stumbled upon the prison ministry of Katie Souza. In her tracks on the Healing School, which are available by download online, I found out why things happen in healing in this manner.

  I was already aware that we were three part beings, body soul and spirit but I was not aware of what Katie refers to as soul wounds, wounds in our soul inflicted by ourselves or others. If a person has a soul wound they may have a reoccurance of the malady that they originally were healed of. Alternatly the person laying hands on may be aflicted by the same demonic spirit that the person in need of healing is afflicted by and there will be no healing at all. Katie Souza received a download from God on this topic and did a very thorough explination scripturally of the   vents, much more thoroughly than there is time here to go into.

  What she said made perfect sense and to me explained a lot that in my 60 years of ‘church as usual’ was not explained at all. I have learned more in the past month from the various downloads from Katie, things never brought up in church or Sunday school that I have to tell you, if I had known all this six months ago my stepson  who died from cancer would be alive today! Too little too late. Yes I laid hands on him, yes he did get better or appeared to have great results from a drug administered at the time, but he got worse and laying hands on him again did nothing. Did God want him healed? His daddy wanted him healed and his momma wanted him healed, who in their right mind would even suggest that God did not want him healed. Yes, God wanted him healed, Jesus healed everyone that came to him for healing. The only time he witnessed little healing was in his own home town. A prophet has no respect in his own home, he was that carpenters son. Dont you know that he could not be the Messiah. Lack of faith on the part of his good neighbors limited his healing ability in his own home town. Is there another example of this, yes. The girl that had died and the people were mourning over was healed when the people were removed from the room and the disciple commanded her to wake up.

  This was not the case of those I laid hands on that were healed. I had a neighbor suffering from morning sickness, pregnancy, she was healed that day. Same neighbor, her aunt in ICU and not expected to live out the night, healed and home taking care of grandkids two days later. Man suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, healed. That same night a man at the same meeting was healed of a tumor inside his hairline of his scalp, had to call the doctor and cancel an appointment to have the tumor removed. Sister in law healed of alcoholism, I was not there to lay hands on her, Jesus did the same, “these things and more you shall do”. Classmate who had double knee replacement surgery both knees hurting but the left knee particularily. We were on the phone and I had her place one hand on one knee and the other hand on the other knee while I prayed. Talked with her later and the left knee totally pain free, the right knee still had pain. Turned out she had put BOTH hands on her left knee, DUH. Shoulder pain, back pain, sinus pain, migrane, all healed. The Holy Spirit told me to pray for a really old woman I saw that was gripping the mortar joint of a brick column to keep from collapsing. I asked if I could pray for her and lay hands on her, yes please! I did, went back to work, looked up and saw her running full tilt boogie down the grass next to the road, Praise God!

  I moved from La. to N.C. and bought a house in a neighborhood. My next door neighbor approaches my wife and asks her if she is a nurse, no, if she is employed in the health field, no, if she works at a MD’s office, no a department store worker. He shakes his head and goes back home. Upon hearing my wife’s account of the event I approach my neighbor. He assures me I won’t believe this but God told him a healer was going to move in next to him, I said he did (not He did?). My neighbor did not catch it. I repeated that the healer was me. This neighbor became the best friend I have. I saw that his yard was unmowed, I mowed it. He thought his other neighbor on the other side did it, he thanked him and was told it was not him. I mowed it again because I figured he was having trouble with his mower and I was right. He thanked me for both times and I offered him the use of my mower. Until the day I moved from North Carolina my neighbor mowed my lot and not just my lot but all the way down to the creek that ran behind our houses, some 30 or so yard past my back property line. Tell me he was not a great neighbor. I love him as I love myself. He had a tree in his back yard that was partly rotted and about 4′ in diameter that he wanted to saw down. My neighbor was in prayer one day and God spoke to him and told him to go downstairs and open the back window curtains. He did and then asked God, why? Right then a bolt of lightening struck the tree and it came crashing down totally on my neighbors yard. He asked God again, why? God said that my neighbor wanted to take the tree down and could not afford to pay someone to do it and was planning on doing it himself so He decided to do it for him. Aint God Great?

  I wonder why so many people have so little faith, no, not little, no faith at all and many of them are church members.



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