He found my ring

It was 7 years ago but I still can not forget a single detail.  I went to South Padre Island with my friend Angela right after my now husband proposed to me for a last girls weekend outing.  My now husband had given me a beautiful family heirloom ring and I did not want to get any sand in it because it was so special to me so I put inside of my jean pockets.  We hung out at the beach for about an hour or so and decided to leave, but there was sand in everything.  I shook out all my clothes and towels (including my jeans)  About two hours away I remembered my ring and went to look at my hand, and my ring was gone.  I remembered I had put it in my jeans and it was not there!  I started freaking out as I screamed at Angela to turn around so we could get my ring.  She said “Nancy, there is no way we are going to find your ring.  If it could be found someone probably already took it, and if not, the sun will be down soon and there is no way we will be able to find it, but I will turn around for you.”  I started crying and praying.  I never really had a close relationship with God before.  I always knew he gave us his one and only son to die upon the cross for us, but it was more like textbook learning then really knowing…some of you might know what I mean by that statement.  I prayed “God if you are real, please help me find my ring in Jesus name I pray amen.”  Out of nowhere I heard in my head…(I knew it wasn’t me.  It was my voice in my head but not my thoughts)  “Nancy.  Look around you.  Was it not I who created every thing around you.  I created every tree, every ocean, the sun, the moon and every speck of sand.  What makes you believe I can not find your ring after the sun goes down?”  It was almost like a chiding.  We finally arrived at the beach.  I had this feeling that God was sending someone there to help me and that they had a metal detector.  (By the way, Angela thought I was crazy at this time, and was not happy with the waste of gas)  Sure enough, right over top of the hill from where we parked and I shook out my pants, was a man with a metal detector.  He found my ring in 5 minutes flat.  Since then I have never doubted the God who has created everything.  I now have been married for over 6 years to my husband and we are expecting our third child, which God has worked miracles in this pregnancy as well but that is a whole other testimony.  When you feel like it is impossible, remember, the one who created this world is still a miracle worker.  Thank you Jesus and I am so glad we have such a close relationship now.

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