God is real~Cancer Case~A week after i was born again.I met this german lady on facebook.A social networking site.Her name is Blonde Angel who was reported of a stomach cancer by her Doctor.First surgery has already been done some 3yrs ago.Suddenly i had a deep feeling in my heart that the faithful and merciful God is the only Doctor who can heal her without any any payment for surgery.She told me she need another surgery and i ask her some few questions about christ.Well she got all right.She was very convesant with the gospel but a sinner.I introduce her to the gospel in a special way and ask her to fast with me.I went to a prayer camp to with fasting on Oct 13th 2011 which was saturday to hold a special deliverance prayer for her.On The 15th Oct 2011 which was monday Doctor reported she has no cancer in her anymore.She told me on internet that Dr was mavelous and couldnt understand how cos she forgo her drug 4 Jesus.Praise be to the Lord..