God intervenes in court case

I have been attending New Creation in Singapore since that church was worshipping Westing Hotel .
The reason I stayed in this church is simply because I know Jesus is in this church.
I like the services because the Name of Jesus is always lifted up.

Though I am not a member ( if there is such a thing ), I attend regularly and sometimes
the mid week Bible Studies too.

I would like to give a testimony to praise the Name of Jesus and give GLORY to the FATHER. I hope that many people get to read it and be edified. I hope to be known as Keith only, because of the sensitivity nature of this testimony.

On the 12 July 2001, my second daughter May went to Johor Bahru to visit some friends and she intended to spent a few days there with them. Unfortunately the next morning 13 Jul there was a raid on the house she was in. That day my 5 month ordeal started.

My 17 year old daughter May, was arrested with her friends because one of the persons there was a Drug pusher and the police found few hundred ecstasy pills hidden in that house. There was also 1 kilogram of heroin found strapped to that man’s body. I had no knowledge of my daughter’s arrest until my eldest daughter April informed me after her futile search for her sister . It took me about 2 days to located where she was remanded in JB.

Under the Malaysian law , a person could be remanded for 14 days without trial for suspicion of drug related offences and a further 60 days of remand with the courts approval. During these 5 months , my daughter was incarcerated both in Johore and Kuala Lumpur without bail. Bail was refused because of the serious nature of the charges.

May was charged together with few of her friends under section 39(B) which carries a Death Penalty which I enquired later. I was devastated and felt very very lost.

I remember I have a Father who is above all and a Saviour who came to set captives free.
I prayed , believe and committed May and the situation to OUR LORD JESUS.

I guess that is the first and most important step that I should take. On my first visit to my daughter in the remand cell, I was assured by May that she had nothing to do with the whole episode. Being the father of my own daughters and knowing each one’s character I believed her but I told her that she has brought this ordeal upon herself for the kind of company she was keeping. She was in the wrong place and at the wrong time but then she had to face a very serious charge.

My resources are very limited yet I still had to fight for May so I went shopping for a lawyer to defend her innocence. I did not realize that lawyers in JB was so expensive until one told me personally he wants RM35,000.00 (S$17,000) for his professional fees. I told him that I could not afford him and just left. It was at that time a friend that accompanied me called a friend in JB who is a businesswoman and a Buddhist who after hearing my friend’s casual remarks about shopping for a lawyer that she invited us to her home.

After hearing my details , Miss LEE who was not even my friend but a friend’s friend said she can help me. I was as puzzled and as grateful that moment; she made an immediate telephone call and a big man appeared in 10 minutes. This man is a Muslim named KASSIM wants to hear the entire story and after which he said ” No Problem,
I will help you because you are a friend of Miss LEE.” Here I want to state that GOD in his GRACE and MERCY can activate non Christians to help ( Joseph and Pharoah).

These 5 months I had to shuttle up and down KL from Singapore just to visit my daughter while on her remand. Life was very tough and being only human I felt strained and depressed at times but I chose to praise GOD and thank him daily for the expected results. What I learned in New Creation I put to practise that is praying daily or as often as I can for Lord Jesus to protect May and plea the blood of the LAMB over her.

She was put together sometimes with hard-core drug addicts and even HIV carriers in the same cell. I am very sure that the LORD was with her because she told me she was well treated by all in that kind of environment. Hallelujah!

Finally on the 7th Dec 2001 the hearing came and May was without a lawyer. Her fellow arrestees all had lawyers. A girl by the name of Betty was also amongst those charged together with May, had a lawyer whom the parents paid RM33,000 did not even turned up. There was a lawyer Rusty who believed very much in himself, was there to represent the others that was charged along with May. This lawyer Rusty kept informing us how much work he has done and that he would try to reduce the charges to 2 or 3 minor charges through plea bargaining with the State DPPs. Praised be to the Lord Jesus Christ and GLORY to GOD the FATHER when this lawyer was totally shocked to hear that the charges were totally dropped. Here I would like to acknowledge my LORD JESUS and my FATHER in heaven for the DIVINE intervention because those with lawyers representing them were disillusioned especially the parents of Betty who paid so much money only to find that the lawyer didn’t bother to appear. That particular lawyer could not even believe that the charges were dropped and kept asking Betty’s parents whether they are sure. Praise be to GOD that in His own way baffles people and He is able to separate the efforts so no one could claim His Glory. My daughter May has been witnessing to Betty while both were in prison during their times in remand together. Slowly and surely I will witness to Betty’s parents who are staunch Buddhist. Also I should clarify that Justice is done because the person responsible for the entire ordeal is still in Malaysia soon to face his music whilst those who are innocent like May and Betty are protected by GOD for our GOD is a just GOD.

I give all the GLORY and HONOUR to GOD , the FATHER and to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

( All names are changed but characters are true so as to avoid any complications which may arise for any reasons unknown- hope you’ll understand )

Yours in JESUS

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