Sharing and multiplyingIt is a revolutionary idea, but I believe a little bit of a framework for revival could be as follows:

1. Every Christian spends minimum 90 minutes a week in the harvest being intentional about finding a person of peace or training one household they have already found. OR at least 90 minutes in fervent prayer for and in partnership with specific people they know who ARE in the harvest at that time.

2. Every Christian spends 2 hours a week in a group which amongst holds them accountable to goals they have set in obeying Jesus and doing point 1.

3. Spend an hour a week REALLY listening to someone else and understand their needs. Hear their heart. Give them personal attention and know them so you can love them.

4. Do your specialised ministry, follow your special gifting and have your life with God and family and work around that.

You don’t think you are led by the Holy Spirit to make disciples or be a disciple? That’s a problem. The Word and the Spirit must agree, and the Word isn’t changing.

Please read about the noplaceleft vision and watch videos on Youtube on this.