Finding the True Jesus Life after getting out of Eastern Meditation

When Russian army occupied my country – Czechoslovakia, I run away to Sweden so I would not have to live under communist dictatorship again.

There I had a friend who worked as a scientist in a group investigating elementary particles.

Sometimes he took me with him , so I could see how they do experiments. After experiment those scientists would meet in cafe shop to discuss those experiments and conclusion that could be done. When I asked them about the reason for some things which were impossible to happen and yet they did happen ( for ex. Particle that had passed energy barrier which they can not pass). On my question how could this happen, they answered that there is a spiritual world, and God interacting with physical universe. I was surprised to hear they believe in God, and since I always loved adventure, diving, travelling – learning and experiencing new things I thought it would be great to be able experience those spiritual worlds too.

Sometimes I went with my mother to church, not because I was a Christian, but because it was a sort of cultural thing, and Czech emigrants would meet each other there and talk after preaching. From my visits of Church I got an impression that Christians only talk about those spiritual things but that they experience nothing and they said after you are dead first than you will see and experience that what they talk about.

That was not anything for me.

But when some Indian guru arrived to our town promising that he can show us God, that we will hear God and experience his presence, that was something different! I went for this and let myself to be initiated. I did see some supernatural light and heard some noise, which they said was God. Even if there was no evidence that this should be God, yet at lest I experienced something supernatural there while all Christians I met with before, were only talking and there was no supernatural sign at all that they would be connected with supernatural God, but all disciples of Jesus did experience and perform supernatural acts, so I thought that I am on right way to God but Christians are not.

After some 10 years I could see some negative changes on my friends with whom we did those Hindu or Buddhist meditations.

Some of them started to be a sort of apathetic and some started to be on contrary explosive angry for even smallest thing their girlfriends or wife’s would say. Soon some of them ended up with meditation psychosis in mental hospital, one girl made suicide.

A girl whom I brought myself to this meditation was sitting one day in her kitchen when she saw how walls and ceiling were coming on her to crash her and heard voice of guru talking to her.

She was clever enough to understand that “meditation psychoses” is spiritual thing which needs spiritual cure, so she run to the ecumenical bible school in our town Göteborg and after Christians prayed to Jesus and laid hands on her she got completely free.

When I met her she told me, she have seen how Jesus was healing sick people who would come there on crutches and many other miracles. I went to this bibleschool to check it out.

My biggest need was that I was longing for God and wanted to have some encounter with Him. The second need was that after an encounter with a car on icy road I had very complicated fracture of knee which doctors operated for two hours, they told me there is nothing more that can be done with it, but I had to avoid some sports and be carefully. Problem was that it was getting worse and worse each year.

When I got to the bible school , Preacher said that Jesus died to take on himself our sins and also our sicknesses so those of us who were sick or had pain should go forward so they will lay hands on us and pray to Jesus so He will heal us. I went forward and they laid hands on me without asking what is wrong with me and prayed with strange languages. I asked Jesus to heal my knee and felt some sort of weak vibration in whole leg. After this my knee was healed. This was a proof that our guru did not have so much insight in spiritual world as he pretended, since he was saying to us that Jesus is dead and therefore He can not help us any more, but here I have asked Jesus in Czech language to heal my knee ( so even this Swedish pastor who prayed for me did not know what my need was ) and Jesus answered by healing me.

Even if I found out that not only is Jesus alive but there is a way to experience His power and presence, I still did not want to give up meditation.

The director of bible school told me that meditation is from devil, which I did not believe him, but he said also that those two powers which I experienced in meditation and in bible school are of opposite nature. That was something I had to think about, since when I tried to do meditation after Jesus healed my knee, I did experience some sort of conflict. Since I decided that I will get everything what those Christians have and experience , either everything or nothing ( to come only once in week to church say some prayer and not experiencing anything, have no power of God only theology was not for me), I decided I will had better to check whether they are not right by stopping meditation for 20 days, then starting again and see if there will be any difference.

After 12 days of no meditation I did not want to wait longer anymore, did meditation and got out of my body to some sort of world where big balls of light were trying to crash me and I felt terrible presence of evil. I wanted to get out of there, but I could not, and in this moment I remembered an article from daily newspaper written by doctor from mental hospital who was describing meditation psychoses. He wrote that apart of those meditation psychoses that my friends had, there are also such, when patient is laying as dead for months and years and does not respond any more. I understood this will has happened to me, and that my body will end up in some mental hospital, but I would stay in this horrible place. So I started to shout Jesus, Jesus take me out of here. After a second I was sort of sucked back to my body and after this I did not touch meditation any more.

Later on I met Satan worshiper who needed to be free, and Jesus sat him free, who told me that those meditation techniques and opening of third aye is also what devil is teaching, to get them possessed by demons . Esoteric masters from New Age are also planing to give power to a dictator who will rule in whole world just as bible says in Revelation describing antichrist – beast.

I wanted to help the people the way those pastors do, who prayed for me with power from Jesus, so I asked how they got this power. They told me it was when they were baptised with Holy Spirit. So when ever some preacher said he will pray for those who want to be baptised in Holy Spirit , I run forward, they prayed for me and nothing would happen. First after several months and many prayers one servant prayed for me and I felt as if some ball of fear was coming up from my stomach to my month and she said now you got it, and reason why it was so difficult for me to be baptised was that all the dirt from meditation had to get out of me first.

Already next day when I prayed for my friends Jesus was healing them. We started to go among criminals and drug addicts in places where drugs were sold, and Jesus was there doing miracles, and healing, saving them.

Than I took my 21foot sailing boat and sailed to Canary Island to preach among hippies who lived there in caves and were deep in New Age , occult and drugs. Soon the group of saved people was formed since Jesus showed them with his Power (not only my words) that He is relay alive.

After about one year I run out of money so I went home to earn some more, so I could serve God again among those hippies. At this time communism fell in Czechoslovakia, so I sold boat on Canary Island, and with that money I went to Prague to serve God there.

In Prague I met people from Harvest International who were travelling around in old buses with circus tent preaching and praying for sick, so I went with them for some years . We have seen thousands and thousands of people to come to Jesus and to be healed. Gods power was so strong there, that when I saw some person who could not walk properly or move hands, I was glad that people in tent will see Gods Healing power in action, since majority of those people Jesus healed completely or they got considerably better. Than some business man paid me to go with them to Thailand, to translate business. I stayed there for several months and could do evangelisation with local pastors or preach in the church, since business took only few hours in week. Then I got invitation to be a pastor and also invitation by US missionary to work with him with boat ministry which I preferred most. I told them I would need a wife to live in Thailand permanently so I went back to Czech republic to get one. When I came to Prague I asked God to send me a wife to Methodist Church, which I planed to visit on Sunday. On Sunday I went to Church and at the tram station I saw a nice girl with beautiful eyes. So I told God I would like a girl like that, and also to give me courage to talk to her . He gave me courage so I gave her Christian tract and invited her to that Methodist Church behind the corner where I was on way to. She told me , she is also going to that Church, she is only waiting for her father. She came to Church, gave me her address, 3days later I asked her if she would mind living on sailing boat or in the simple hut in jungle, and she said she would love it, therefore I asked her to marry me and she said yes. 3weeks after I met her, we got married when my pastor Gösta Öman (his book “Rice miracle” is very interesting) come to Prague. I think it is normally much better when people know each other longer time before they get married, but I wanted to get back to Thailand soon. First long time after that, she admitted that she was praying to God same week as I did, telling Him that she does not want to be alone any more, asking Him to send her a husband who is older than she and who likes adventure a lot, to that Methodist Church ( where she normally does not go – and neither did I) that Sunday.

Back in Thailand we were happy to see how God was doing His miracles and saving people.

Once we were for example asked to pray for an old man who fell from a high mango tree and broke his back so he could not walk and doctors said they can not do anything for him anymore. We prayed to Jesus for whom there are no hopeless cases, and next day he told his doughtier that in the dream he heard a voice telling him he is healed now and can go to WC by himself, but he was arguing that he can not walk. When he woke up, he went to WC by himself and his daughter said he is not so much surprised that Jesus healed him, but what surprised him very much was that God of foreigners can speak so perfectly Thai language.

After about one year we came back to Czech because my wife got pregnant and we did not have money for delivery in Thailand. 

I belive Jesus wants to show unsaved people that He is alive with the healing miracles and power as he did it through his disciples, so if you would like to serve God in this way, find some Church where Jesus is healing people and who can pray for you to be baptized with Holy Spirit, recive His power and go for it!
Many people will not belive, unless they see his miracles, confirming that what Jesus said are not just teories, but truth and they can avoid coming to hell by faith in Jesus.
I have worked for years in intensive care units in Sweden and at our hospital people who were clinicly dead testified how they came out of their body, but also some people who were dying shouted with fear and horror described how they see demons coming to take them or gates of hell, and those people were usually not revived (cardiologist Maurice Rawlings describes such things  in his book) .
This shows that heaven and hell are real, and that Jesus who knew he has to suffer insted of us did this because of great love He has for all people and because He knew what horror is ecpecting those who do not belive in Him and ask His forgivenes.

I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

My Telegram has a ministry channel. On Tiktok I have many videos and new ones regularly.

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