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in 1989 i was in the arizona state prison system as an inmate for armed robbery, this was not the first time that i had gone to prison. i was living a very ugly life that was full of sexual imoralness, extortion, lieing, violence, homosexuality, fornication, adultry, and murder. i was truly the ipitamy of the sinner running totaly amuk. i had just went into protective custody out of fear that i would be killed for starting a rift between the arianbrotherhood and the blood’s and crip’s. they took and placed me in a solitary confinement with another inmate, who was a confessed practicing cristian. i was very rude and unkind to this inmate, comitting as much uglyness as i could to deter him from his faith. after about 2 week’s of being in the cell together he was telling me that a church in the outside world was sending him a thompson chain reference bible. he recieved his new bible the next day, which he proudly showed to me, howbeit not in worldly pride. that afternoon the gaurd’s told him that they had found placement for him else where in the prison system. when he went to leave he left his old bible behind. i picked it up and started reading it from front cover to back cover, many times over i read that bible. some time later i asked The Lord Jesus into my life and heart, but it was because of my fear of man that i asked not for salvation or clensing of sin. i had not yet come to the relization that if i did not confess that i was living in sin and that Jesus had died apon that cross to advocate me of my sin. a couple months later my turn came up for placement back in genral population. i went back to my walking in the world and forgot all about my relationship with Jesus. almost a year passed and i got into a fist fight with another inmate back to solitary confinement i went. i started reading that same bible again. i finally came to the relization that i needed to repent of my sin and i would find the peace that i saught. i accepted the Lord Jesus Crist as my Lord and Savior in 1991 while i was in confinement. i still had some really bad issues in my life though. i was on psycotropic medication’s and had been most of my life as i was diagnosed as a parinoid pszophrenic. in 1992 i asked Jesus to heal me of this very ugly desease. Jesus told me that if i had faith and believed that i was healed that i would be. so i stopped taking any medication’s for my condition, i have never had another episode of pszophrenia again. I thank you my Lord and SAvior Jesus Crist for my healing. i still had a real problem with anger though as i had not ever in my life learned how to love, true love not sin love(i had love of sin down pat). so Jesus told me that i must forgive all those that had hurt me and that i must seek the forgiveness of those that i had hurt, and then he would be able to teach me what real love is. then in 1993 i made parole which was nothing short of a merical as the prison system considered me a career crimanal, and a violent one at that. and i proceeded to try and live in the free world as a born again Christian. as i went through my new life in the free world i would seek out those that had hurt me and i would forgive them. the more that i did this the less that i felt angry and emotionaly fustrated. then in 1994 i asked Jesus if i could have a relationship with a woman that needed help in finding Jesus and the true life. so Jesus put me with what would be come my first wife. i then started to learn what unequaly yoked meant, as she pulled me further and further away from where i needed to be a the bosum of Jesus. then in 1995 we became married, i asked the Lord if i could be allowed to have children, so the Lord gave me my first son in 1999 and then i 2000 the Lord gave me my daughter. in 2001 i hit a man in public and went back to prison again, this time in california. as soon as i was in the jail i relized how horribly i had jumped into an ditch. i got apon my nees and asked the Lord Jesus for forgiveness for all of the sin and wandering that i had comitted, which my Lord and Savior was faithful to grant me my repreive. while i was there in prison again my wife abandoned my children to return to her life of sin and drug’s, the life that Jesus worked so hard on getting her away from using me as one of his vessal’s. then i got out of prison in 2003 again(for the fifth time in life). i then met my current wife and became like king david and uria the hitite. she was in an unequally yoked marriage where her husband was in a life of drug’s and adultry. so the Lord Jesus put me in thier pathway. i was supposed to help her husband find the Lord Jesus Christ and the straight gate and narrow pathway, they also had three children together. instead of doing that which the Lord sent me to do i fell very much in love with his wife. i then proceeded to saduce her into a relationship with me, what an ugly sin that i commited. we then moved in to gether and started to try and live a life together in sin and worship of the Lord Jesus, it cannot be done for you will either love one or the other master. so she divorced her husband on the basis of adultry wich not only was her husband doing but so were we. then in 2010 we were legaly married and i feel that i’m finally on that narrow pathway headed for the Sraight Gate like i should have done so manny years before. then three week’s after we were married i was in an accident with a drunk driver. i forgive all parties that are involved. we were terrably worried at first as to how we would survive financialy. as i have been out of work for 1and a half years now. it is really awesome to watch my Lord and Savior at work for my family and i as our rent has always been paid on time, all utilities have been paid on time, our table is always overflowing with food, and our children have more clothes and toy’s then they know what to do with. and none of it was given to our family as a hand out from other church family member’s. but directly from the great I AM and the Lord Jesus Christ. then this year in june the Lord put it apon hospitals and doctors heart’s to perform an sugery to my spine to help get me back to working, what an awesome GOD i serve. Father GOD and my Lord JESUS CHRIST have forgiven me of more than any one that i personally know, so if any one feel’s or belives the lies that satan tries so hard to confuse with, to make a person feel that they cannot come to know JESUS in a personal relationship please take a short look at my life and you will see that JESUS can forgive and accept you as well as help you to find that wonderful Narrow Path that leads to the Straight Gate, Pease accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior as He will always watch over and protect you. we may not see the gift of the cup packed full and overflowing as we tend to try and see from a fleshly or worldly state of mind but if we have faith and believe he is going to and most likely already has filled the cup we just need to start looking through faith instead of worldly eye’s. what an awesome GOD i serve(we). i love all of you and may we all turn our lives over to JESUS CHRIST just as the origanal disiples did, with total abandonement of thought of self. PRAISE GOD and i thank GOD for giving salvation unto me by sending HIS only begotten SON to take my place apon that CROSS, thank you LORD JESUS for giving me forgivness and life, thankyou HOLY SPIRIT for your guiding me through this world that is so filled with temtation and sin, YOU are my strenght my fortress and my high tower, i love you.

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