Evidence for Christianity – Some Recent Comments I made on Facebook

Buddha did not die for your sins and give you a new life. In fact, I'm not even sure if Buddha realised there was a God in heaven.

In that case,  let me tell you something else! Jesus Christ is very unique in human history. His resurrection from the dead was witnessed by up to 500 people at once, and some say they have seen Him even in recent years. The resurrection of Christ is very well documented by EYEWITNESSES who had nothing to gain from a human point of view by all sticking to their story until the very end under extreme pressure and eventual martyrdom.

Hey – do you realise how painful crucifixion is? Would you describe that as a "bad weekend". The gospels don't read like "myths". They read like eyewitness accounts. And in a short time history was changed.

I guess you have never seen a miracle, and your ignorance would rather prejudice your views on everything to do with Jesus Christ.

Jesus never taught that He is just a "label" for "cosmic presence". I don't accept what you are saying here. If you can die and rise again three days later, you might have equal authority with Jesus of Nazareth – who did these things – to talk about Ultimate Reality.

Historically, some people who certainly considered themselves Christians performed acts of horrific cruelty to others. Did Jesus teach this kind of behavior or would he have forbidden it?So in a sense it DOES matter what the definition for Christian is, since otherwise it is a term which means nothing and anything at the same time. People can object to someone being a "Christian" if for them it means they think we should burn witches at the stake, or slaughter muslims whenever we can.

Wouldn't it be great if people would "love their enemies, do good to those who hate [them]" as Jesus taught? I think you would agree that this kind of "religion" cannot inspire terrorism.

We know that December 25 was hijacked by the church as it was orginally a date used for pagan celebrations. People love parties, and obviously the ascending powers of Christendom felt the need to Christianise this and other holidays and pagan myths. But the death and resurrection of Christ was never mythology. Please refer also to Jason's link, the contents of which I have read. I am reading through the notes for "Zeitgeist" now and while I find PLENTY of assertions I don't find the solid evidence I am looking for. The footnotes seem to mostly refer to speculative theories given by those hostile to the Christian story – and I am not willing to buy 100 or so such books in order to check out what the source for THOSE quotes is.

for a start, we have fragments of the New Testament that date back to the 2nd century and an abundance of textual evidence from the 5th and 6th centuries. When you compare the time difference between the date of the alleged events and the earliest extant manuscripts, the Bible is way more solid than ANY documents of ancient history, like Caesar's Gallic wars. For more information have a look at http://www.icr.org/bible-manuscripts/

 the archaelogical evidence for the historicity of the Bible stories just gets greater and greater with every passing year as new discoveries are made and skeptical presuppositions are shown again and again to be worthless. For example, it is reported recently that they discovered ruins of King David's palace. We are talking about things that happened in places we know about. Its not like "a long time ago in a land far away …"
Further, I find the promises of the Bible work. Even to the extent that when I believe, miracles happen. Like deaf ears opening and broken bones getting instantly healed. Search youtube for TB Joshua or maybe Australian evangelist John Mellor to see up to date examples from people who major on this kind of thing in their lives.
Science is a useful methodology that helps us to understand how God normally does things. It also points to extra dimensionality where a lot of the spiritual world could be residing, interestingly enough. Religion isn't dying. I don't celebrate this per se: Satan is the author of most religion on the planet. Faith is multiplying all around the world especially when you get away from the western world.
Technology has its advantages and perhaps in former chapters of human history there was technology we don't have access to today. But in any case, the reality of technology says nothing about the existence of a spiritual realm. It just shows that human beings have rather amazing capacities which point to the power, wisdom and creativity of an even greater Creative Power.


Is Christianity based on fear?

Christianity is based on  God stepping into history and revealing his love for people that certainly had good reason to fear divine judgment.

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