Dream about our attitude towards sin and repentance – Jan 2017

Last night I had a dream from God. It is a message from God to us as Christians and how we are viewing our relationship with God. I first searched my own heart before writing it down because I wanted to be sure I apply it first to myself. Today was not a comfortable day as I dealt with various matters of the heart and still dealing, especially deep heart level motivations.
Back to the dream:
I was in a church building, a meeting was happening and somehow a revelation came in that a large group of the attendants have sinned in various forms. Those who felt they have sinned came forward in a big long line. They were told by the leadership of the church to get down on their knees, humble themselves and bow down. (These were representations of a spiritual humbling of one self and surrendering to God).
The whole view focused on one girl in the queue. She was half on her knees and then she turned and said to me:
“If that is what it takes to follow God, I don’t like to humble myself and surrender like this’.
I said to her: “You then know that there are consequences for this, you will suffer and die.”
She replied:
” I know, but even so, I will rather that than humble myself and surrender my self like this.”
I replied:
“It’s your choice …” with a sad voice. She was still unmoved.
Then it was as if the consequences for her sin were represented in a literal suffering and death, though they are symbolic for spiritual suffering and death. This is not to be taken literally, it is a representation of what happens in the spiritual realm as those unrepentant suffer the spiritual consequences of their sin.
Someone in church took a massive hammer and the idea was to hit her hard with it until she died.
I ran at the back of the church away from the scene because I could not bear to watch this senseless suffering she chose for herself. Others followed at the back of the church as well.
The atmosphere was emotionally intense. We covered our ears as we did not want to hear her cries, we turned out heads away from seeing her execution. I started to cry softly at first. Then I heard some of her cries as she was hit. I then started to cry uncontrollably. Others around me were crying as well.
In the end I saw the man taking her half dead in his arms, while she was wailing, but weak and took her out of the church, leaving her to die.
Not a pretty dream. I sought God for the meaning. He told me this represents the attitude of some believers in the church. They want God and to be part of His work, but not if that involves humbling themselves and surrendering self from first place in their life and not if they can’t do what they want to do for God. They are not willing to humble themselves and surrender their will to God’s. They want to be lord of their own lives while saying they are a follower of Jesus.
Some do not believe even that you need to repent, humble yourself and surrender, they feel you can live any way you like, please yourself, and end up in heaven anyway, because they once prayed a prayer or they give a mental acknowledgement to God as God, yet deny Him by their works. They believe they can be lords of their life in their actions and still be accepted by God.
They are not necessarily concerned with the consequences of sin, the thought of loosing the ‘self’ throne is all they care about. Anything less than that is unthinkable. Therefore, they think, let the consequences be what they may, I can’t live without being my own lord. Some are deceived because the consequences don’t seem yet to affect others they see sinning and they feel comforted or even believe they will never happen to them.
Yet the Scripture is clear: ‘ The wages of sin IS DEATH” . You can’t just sin and have no death slipping into you. Even if it seems it is at a very slow pace.
Another Scripture the Lord gave me is: “Harsh discipline is for him who forsakes the way. And he who HATES CORRECTION WILL DIE.”
Were do you stand with the Lord?
Are you willing to humble yourself and bow down?
What is the Lord asking you about to humble yourself?
Are you willing to surrender your self to God?
What other areas do you need to surrender in?
Are you rebellious and defiant like the girl in the dream?
Do you understand the consequences of rebellion against God or are you deceived that God will forgive you anyway? Does God forgive sins we don’t repent of?
Feel free to comment below …

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