Deliverance from Disease and Barrenness

A Life Sentence

“Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! For he hath broken the gates of brass, and cut the bars of iron in sunder.

“Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death.

“Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”Psalm 107: 15-20 This sums up the bizarre situation we would find ourselves in only six years after Darcy and I were married.

In the beginning of 1991, my wife Darcy came down with Environmental Illness, EI. Some call it Multiple Chemical Sensitivies, MCS. She became allergic to just about everything and everyone. I had to perform what I called a cleansing ceremony simply to be in the same room with her when I came home. This was because the residues on my clothes and skin from just being in normal life situations would make Darcy very sick.

For two years we rented an older farm house. We kept the main half sealed off by taping shut the hall door that led to the dining room, living room, and bedroom. Darcy lived in the kitchen and had access to the bathroom, a small closet and a large glass enclosed porch. She had to sleep on five kitchen chairs pushed together to form a “bed.” On these she was able to put a very thin layer of padding. To lay on any type of bed or thick padding or even the floor would cause reactions. Darcy suffered symptoms such as heart murmers, extreme fatigue, lack of mental coherence, body pain, severe shortness of breath, asthma, throat tightening and closing, abdominal pain, blurred vision, dizziness….the list could go on.

She was also sensitive to foods. “Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat;” had surely come to pass in her life. Only organically grown grain and produce could be eaten, and she reacted to many of those. She could only tolerate glass bottled spring water and organic rice milk every so often.
Traditional grains were out. Quinoa, amaranth and spelt were in. For sweets, there was one type of organic cookie Darcy could eat once in awhile. Perfumes and colognes, soaps, fragrances made it intolerable for her to enter buildings or converse in person. She would have to stand down wind of
a person to speak with them, or talk through our glass door.

When the highway department repaired the road in front of our house, we were homeless for a couple weeks. This was in October in Western New York. I would drop Darcy off at a park, run my window cleaning route for the day and pick her up in the evening to sleep in our car – without heat. Heat caused
the car fabric to “off gas,” or emit chemical tinged odors, causing serious consequences.

In an effort to make Darcy’s life more comfortable, we were looking for a place away from the farms, busy roads, radio and microwave towers, power lines, vineyards, and industry. She also had electromagnetic field, EMF, sensitivity which caused her to react to electromagnetic fields. As we searched the Western New York countryside Darcy would say, “There is a radio
or microwave tower over this hill.” She could tell because she had TMJ and electromagnetic fields caused her jaw to hurt and her mental functions to diminish. Later Darcy could not go househunting with me as her condition grew worse. She couldn’t travel. Gasoline and engine fluids and their fumes caused massive reactions and shut her down with pain and confusion.

Brain fog was a major symptom for her. In April of 1994, after 3 years of searching, we finally found a home in an area reasonably suited to Darcy’s needs. It was a hunting lodge a few miles from Friendship, New York, on a seasonal road. As we expected, Darcy was sensitive to the house we had bought. To accommodate her, we gutted out the house and put up old fashioned lathe, made of poplar. Then we applied plaster without a bunch of additives.A natural clear sealer was found to coat the plaster as paint could not be used, nor could the plaster be left unsealed. Carpeting, out. Linoleum, out.

Paneling, pressed board cabinets, wallpaper, paints were out. The only wood she did okay with was poplar, so it was used in all areas needing lumber, including the floors. During the time of these initial renovations my wife had to live in three 9’x10′ metal storage sheds. One to sleep in, one to cook in, one to house her other activities. This lasted 7 months until I was able, with much help from friends and family, to get one room of the house tolerable for her. Our home was designed to keep all water pipes and electricity on the north side of the house to minimize her EMF exposure. She could walk a 3.5 mile loop without passing a car on our desolate dirt road.

In April, 1991, we also began a ministry with Dianne Kelly of Clinton, LA, to the environmentally ill. Harmony Hill EI/MCS Relief, inc. was founded to supply aid to those afflicted with the disease that had tormented us. With the help of Feel-Rite Health Food stores, in the Buffalo area, we were able to operate Stamp Out Hunger. This program was responsible for giving thousands of dollars of food aid to the chemically sensitive in the area. Also, at this time, we published a free monthly fellowship letter to environmentally ill Christians. The EI Home Companion was initially sent to 40 people who were mainly from our church denomination, the Worldwide Church
of God. It grew and grew in circulation until we were reaching 650 readers.

The purpose of the fellowship letter was to encourage us in our common faith and illness. We wanted our readers to always know that God was with them and we exhorted them to hold on to the faith delivered. Darcy’s perspective at the time was that God is in our life for good and that this trial of EI/MCS
was allowed in her life for her growth and learning.In November of 1995, Darcy woke one day with the thought that she had learned everything she “could possibly ever, ever learn from this trial,” so the only possibility is that she would be healed.

In this way the Lord shifted her from despair to the expectation of being healed. She knew Scripture taught about the prayer of faith. Darcy felt she could not receive a prayer of faith in the church we were associated with. So she searched the yellow pages and felt led to call a local pastor of a denomination she knew believed in God’s healing power for today. When the pastor left our home after praying for us Darcy was shaken as she heard the words “I have forgiven them and you need to.” She knew who the Lord was referring to. She tried to forgive, but found herself trapped in anger which
became worse rather than better. In 1996 our church underwent a radical theological shift that took them from being considered a cult, to being offically accepted by the
Evangelical Council of Churches. We just had our theology thrown in a blender and spit out at us.

It was during this period that our church newspaper, the Worldwide News reported on a special service that our church conducted for Darcy. We always maintained agreement with the core of these changes, which lead us away from legalism and toward a greater grace. If you are interested, I have an
article which I wrote at the time regarding the Sabbath Rest and the new revelation I received on it at the time.

“Rise and Walk”

This same year we began to hear about a ministry that claimed it was God’s will to heal people who suffered MCS/EI. I was upset since I personally viewed it as a threat to what we were trying to accomplish. I wanted people to hold on to their faith, but if they trusted God on this level, and He did
not come through — which I did not believe He promised to — people would cast off their faith. Dianne called Darcy one day in August, with the name and phone number for that ministry. Since a growing number of readers were asking our opinion of it, we felt the need to call and get the information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Darcy called and left a message. Immediately following an outdoor Bible study with our church friends, Darcy was led to ask for prayer regarding her healing. We did this. Within a minute of saying “amen” the phone rang. I raced around the house to scoop up the phone. It was the pastor of that ministry. Being the spiritual head of my home, I said, “Wait a minute and I’ll get my wife Darcy for you!” Darcy told him, “I was not calling to receive help, I just want some information on your ministry.” The pastor said, “You know God wants to heal you don’t you?”

That began a conversation on God’s will to heal today. Darcy spoke for an hour with him regarding our understanding of scripture on healing vs. his understanding. At the end of it, she agreed to call the following day. I released Darcy to her faith to follow the ministry as far as she was comfortable. I was going to stand back and be objective and see where things
went. For four weeks God used this church to minister to her for 15 minutes a week over the phone. They helped Darcy identify the fear issues and occultic involvement which were keeping her bound. They entered into spiritual warfare, breaking the power of the strongholds in her heart.

They recommended a book by Derek Prince and we bought a copy, reading it together. It is called “Blessing or Curse, You can Choose.” In its pages we found occultism laid out and saw where we had fallen for it in many areas, including alternative medical practices we sought healing in. One Saturday night we were convicted of our sin of occultism. We repented in agreement together for giving place to it. We told God we would destroy all remnants of it the next day.

After six arduous years with no hope in sight medically, a life sentence of solitary confinement was lifted when the Lord audibly spoke the words “Rise and walk,” to Darcy in her prayer time. That night Darcy said, “I’m going to church tonight, do you want to come?” I was a bit shocked. It had been three years since Darcy had gone to church. I clearly recall to this day having to slowly walk her out of church services after only 15 minutes. I had looked over to see her dazed with symptoms of exposure and she had much paralysis
as I escorted her home. Now my wife was telling me she was going to church, and she was willing to go by herself! She told me the Lord had spoken to her.

In my heart I knew I had to go to at least scrape her off the floor if it was not the Lord who had spoken. Simultaneously it was clear to me that if I messed with her faith, I would never know if God had spoken and then I undid it, or if it wasn’t God at all. I simply said, “You don’t think I want to miss this do you?!” and we got prepared for our adventure. I took no precautions for my wife’s chemical sensitivities. If it was God who spoke,we were going to find out all he had given us.

We attended Wellsville Full Gospel Church for the first time that night. We sat in the middle of church, among all the perfumed people. If we sat along the back wall and did fine, I knew we would be thinking we did okay because we sat along the back wall. We needed to KNOW who had spoken and what He had
done! Ten minutes after we got home, my wife was stronger than when we left!It was God who had spoken. It was Jesus who had broken the life sentence over our lives! God had personally visited us on a lonely hillside and gave a pardon.

No more solitary confinement behind an invisible wall of smells and exposures! For six years we had believed and preached it was not God’s will to heal all today. We thought and taught any certainty of healing passed away with the apostles. For four weeks my wife dared to believe it was God’s
will to heal all who come to Him, and she was healed! Praise be to God!! The rest of my theology went out the window. Do you recall when John was in his prison house, how he sent his disciples to ask Jesus, “are you he whom we seek, or do we look for another?”

Jesus did not get into a great discussion to prove himself. he did not give his “Road to Emmaus Speech” a practice run. He ended a day with John’s disciples by saying, “tell him what you have seen.” Sometimes I had been so wrapped up in wrapping my head around theological explanation, that I could not hear the heart beat of my God. I know it was God who spoke because the healing came with a message of reconciliation to God, man and our own selves. This is the fulfilling of God’s law. Satan would not lead us into obedience to the living God.

What we are witnesses here of is that Jesus Christ healed my wife faithfully when she lined up with the condition he set for healing. There is a clear correlation between sin and sickness in scripture. Perfecting Love Ministries will help you see that in love, with no condemnation. The EI Home
Companion became The Harmony Hill Companion and we began to learn about spiritual roots to disease. You see, God’s promises are true. The fault was with us. We thought we were doing great, but fear was rampant under the surface. God could not heal Darcy of an illness rooted in fear and occultism
if we continued to live in fear and occultism.

You can read the testimony of her healing that she wrote for The Harmony Hill Companion right after God healed her. A reprint is available on the Alpha Omega Christian Communities website. You cannot continue to sip your poison and ask to be healed. Thats what we were doing in our ignorance. “My
people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,”Hosea 4:6, says the Lord. Again, “Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge,”Isaiah 5:13. These truths had manifested in our lives.

We were captive in every way. Now we were free. The difference was we had to recognize where our hearts were not right with God and repent. Paul writes in 2 Timothy 2:25b-26 saying, “if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.” Since January 1998 we have lived in Thomaston, Georgia. We have volunteered,ministering to others regarding the spiritual roots of disease. God has used
us to help release others from the things in their hearts carried around to the detriment of mind and body.

Fear, unforgiveness, resentments, rejection, abandonment, envy, strife,occultism and abuse issues are examples of things that manifest outwardly as disease for many. Did we tell you that since we were married in 1985 we had numerous miscarriages and no children born? This curse of casting off the fruit before it was ready also needed to be dealt with. The Lord showed us what was causing the early miscarriages. For Darcy it was not accepting herself and feeling guilty–carrying the weight of the sin others acted out against her. Since her healing, she had been coming out of agreement with those areas.

In 1999 I took responsibility for my sins and repented for rejecting our children in the womb, out of fear of poverty. I wanted them, but in my heart I also had fear. I dealt with a number of other sin issues in a single ministry session.Within thirty days, my wife conceived a child. In April of 2000, three years after being healed of the EI/MCS, the Lord blessed us with our first child, Clara.

So ended the trauma of numerous early miscarriages in our fifteen years of marriage. The Lord showed us what was causing us to miscarry. When we acknowledged our sin and repented, we were delivered from the snare of the enemy. Two years later we were blessed to have Stephen added to our lives. Today as I write this we are less than two months away from the birth of
baby Anna. [as of today, our FOURTH child, Brianna, is 4 weeks old! Praise the Lord]

We love and treasure our family so much! The Lord has also restored us in the area of finances, and in our marriage and other relationships.

The blessings and testimony continue and we want to share them with you. Perfecting Love Ministries [ ] begins a new adventure for us in sharing the good news and ministering God’s love and healing to others. We are devoted to helping people, like you perhaps, identify and be free of the hurts and wounds that hold us captive. If you have a need and would like assistance, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will be glad to help you find the peace God has for you. –Tim and Darcy Reinagel

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, sayeth the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will harken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your
heart. Jeremiah 29:11-13.

I invite you to build a faith community together with me. Join my social media channels and let’s connect, especially if you want freedom or fullness in Christ.

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