Rick Warren is a very affable man who understands a lot of things, not only about the Bible, but also about leading and managing human beings.

He is VERY smooth.

I have read his book "The Purpose Driven Church" which came out well before "The Purpose Driven Life".

Rick Warren doesn't speak in tongues, or allow people to speak in tongues in his megachurch.

To fill the spiritual void this creates, he embraces all kinds of New Age spirituality, teachers and philosophies. The proof is easy to document.

See: http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=5580

Please don't be taken in by Rick Warren.

Beneath all the slick marketing and management, you will be able to observe that he works hard to bring in teachers who promote demonic spirituality.

He has recently introduced something he calls the Daniel Plan, which features some doctors who promote, amongst all the healthy living tips, such things as REIKI, EASTERN MEDITATION, and even TANTRIC SEX. These doctors include Dr. Mehmet Oz who recommends Reiki , Dr. Daniel Amen (promoter of Tantric Sex) and Dr. Mark Hyman, another strong advocate for mystical meditation.


Rick Warren is interested in herding people, leading them and has studied this process thoroughly. He was mentored by the management guru Peter Drucker. Rick Warren has taken the best of HUMAN wisdom, and mixed it with the Bible to produce an eclectic spirituality which really PLEASES MAN.

Because Rick Warren rejects the power and ways of the Holy Spirit, in favor of the seductive power of new age spirituality, he is in fact a FALSE PASTOR, a WOLF.

Any pastor who follows Rick Warren is being led by a wolf.

Its part of the great apostacy of the Last Days prophesied in the Bible.

You really need to check out


and other articles on this site to see the in depth research which backs up these claims I am making.

It is NOT wise to trust men these days.

It is DANGEROUS to refuse a LOVE FOR THE TRUTH in these last days. If you don't care about it, YOU WILL BE DECEIVED.