Collection of Testimonies from India

Lord Has Healed Me

My name is Gracy. I am from Ernakulam.

Though I was born in a Christian family, I had no deep relationship with Jesus. I never tried to know God and his never ending love till before four years.

I started to feel emptiness in my heart. During that time, I had a difficult situation. Doctors told me that I had a growth in my breast and they advised me for an operation.

I never knew that God was using that occasion to turn me towards him.

At that time, some people from a prayer group came to me and prayed for me. I was wondered that God showed his mercy on me and he blessed me with complete healing from my disease.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!!

Lord Has Blessed Me With His Love And Peace

I am Thomas from Idukki.

Four years back I was attracted by the love of Jesus.

At that time, I was seeking for happiness and peace from alcohol and other bad habits but I failed. I was in such a worse condition that I tried to suicide for many times.

But my almighty god was not ready to leave me. He saved me from my bad habits and today I am very glad to say that Lord has blessed me with his love and peace and also with a very good job.

Now I am very happy with my wife and three children and God has allowed me to spend time for proclaiming the His word also.

Lord I lift Your Name On High

My name is Satish Kumar and I am from Nilambur.

I never got a chance to know Jesus because I was born in a Hindu family. But before a few years, I experienced his great love through a small bus accident.

At that time, I felt like being alone and I was mentally disappointed. And when I decided to turn my heart to Jesus, my heart became filled with his peace.

I realised that, no one else can love me as my God. He is protecting me as a father protects his child. Now I am living for him and within him.

Salvation Story by a Muslim Girl

My name is Baby and I was born in a Muslim family in Malappuram.

Though our religion taught me that there is only one God and he loves us, I never experienced that love. I never got satisfaction or peace from there.

After a few years, I was married to a person named Satish. We had faced a lot of difficult situations after the marriage and it was really a worse time I ever had.

Our problems became more and more difficult and we decided to suicide. At that time, we happened to shift to Ernakulam and Jesus Christ showed his love on us.

Although we never tried to know him, he came to our life and filled our hearts with his peace. Now we are filled with his happiness and love and I believe that he will not leave us alone in our problems.

We have decided to live for Jesus until our last breathe and I pray for his blessings to work for his glory.

I request your prayers to have more and more wisdom to understand the word of God.

The truth set me free

My Name is Soni Elizabeth and I am from Ernakulam. First of all, I would like to thank God for this opportunity to shout, what he has done, for me and my family.

I am from a Latin Catholic family and I was very much interested in praying to saints. I used to keep rosary always with me thinking that it will give protection. I used to think that if we try to be more faithful to God, he will test our faith by sufferings so that I tried to be away from my Lord.

Last year that is in 2003 July 6th I got a chance to attend a retreat at Kottayam through which God blessed me to open my inner eyes. The truth set me free and I was filled with the power of Holy Spirit. God has given me the strength to be free from the false beliefs and filled me with his great wisdom to understand the truth. I got the blessing to praise in tongues and my heart filled with great joy. I realised that God loves me so much and he is looking at me on each moment. I came back to my home on July 13th and my parents realised that there is some change in me.

On July 21st my father was hospitalised because of heart attack and I never felt that God is testing me and God didn?t allow me to complain about what happened. I was sure that God was using me for his fame and he showed others the change which came to me and he also made my father to think about his past. In those days, I experienced the love of God more and more. My friends and relatives came to see my father and I told them that God has a plan for us and he is doing everything for good. After 21 days? treatment my father was brought to home for complete rest. Doctors advised him not to do any work. But he started to go for job after 4 months saying that God will protect him. On Jan 15th 2004, my father and brother also attended the same retreat from where I met my almighty God. They also experienced the love of God and were filled with his peace.

Now I am grateful to my God that he gave us happiness, peace and also opened our eyes with the truth. Now my father is doing his work without any problem and we praise the name of Lord for all the blessings. Blessed be the name of the Lord!!


My name is Mary and I am from Ernakulam.

I was born in a Latin Catholic family and we strictly followed the rituals and traditions there. But I never found peace. I used to pray to mother Mary for saving us from our sins but never tried to build up a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.

Once I got a chance to attend a prayer meeting in my neighbour?s house and decided to go there regularly. I was attracted by their way of praying and also experienced the presence of God in that group. Then I started to take my children with me for the prayer.

One day a brother came to our home and asked me to attend the ?praise and worship?. I went there with my husband and three children and we experienced a great joy from there.

I felt that time as the most wonderful moments I ever had in my life. God filled our hearts with happiness and Holy Spirit. We all decided to leave all the traditions that we strictly followed for many years and get baptised.

In those days, I had a very bad pain in my head. I had consulted many doctors and took a lot of tablets. Even though I was taking the medicines, the pain was still there. At last I decided to leave the capsules and submitted myself to almighty God.

I believed in God and prayed with tears for healing and within a few days God healed me. God showed his mercy on me and filled me with his Spirit.

I am so happy that my children are very much eager to hear the word of God and they speak the word to others. We thank you Lord for your great love on my family. Please pray for us to know God more and more and to share the love of God with others.

Praise the Lord.

God is my provider and he will meet my needs

I am Peter from Trivandrum.

I was born in a Latin catholic family but never knew the God who loves us forever. I had never experienced his love though I followed the rules and traditions. It was in 1990, I heard the word of God from a retreat and it entered into my heart. I became a new man and decided to live as God wish. When I accepted Jesus as my saviour, God saved me from many difficulties.

I received baptism and after a few days a mad dog byte me. There was no way for me to be saved. But I believed that God is my Provider and he would meet my needs. I didn?t take any treatment for that and submitted myself to almighty God. Those who were with me in the prayer group also prayed for me. God answered our prayer and I was healed completely. Praise the Lord!!

Lord has blessed me with the power of Holy Spirit to proclaim his name. Now God is using me to spread his word in many places. I request you all to pray for me to work for God forever. May the Almighty God bless you all too, with his choicest blessings.

My name is B.C. Choudhary and I am from Orissa

I came to the love of Jesus in the year 1993

In the beginning I used to hate praying and all that because being a Christian my brother-in-law used to drink a lot and make problems. But he changed his bad habits soon after he came to Jesus. This made a slight change in me too. But still I didn’t try to pray.

At that time, a pastor used to come to my home and pray. Slowly, I started believing in Jesus Christ. When I tried to know him more he showed miracles in my life and my faith grew.

Today, I am so happy because my life has been submitted to Jesus Christ and I believe that he will meet my needs.

Blessed be the name of the Lord

My name is Arabind Mujli.

I used to attend Sunday classes and different activities in church.

Though I was interested in church activities I committed all types of sins in my life. I used to drink heavily.

Once I fell in deep water in my drunken condition. But by the grace of God I was saved. When I realised that I was saved by the love of Jesus Christ I decided to leave all my bad habits.

By the blessing of God in the year 2002 December, I had the opportunity to go through the company of Brother Ajay and Dennis Weatherington who advised me and guided me to the Lord. They advised me that if I commit myself to Jesus Christ I can leave all my bad habits and weakness. With the commitment with Jesus Christ, I moved forward. Now I can say with great joy that I am free from all those bad activities.

Praise the Lord


My name is Leelavathy Choudhary and I am from Kerala.

From my childhood itself I heard and studied a lot about Jesus Christ. But I had no deep relationship with him.

I had a some physical problems and I realised that whenever I prayed to Jesus Christ he used to heal me. I started praying more and more. Then I got a special kind of peace and happiness in my heart. I made a very deep relation with my Jesus. I started to spend many hours in praying and praising him.

I use this occasion to thank Jesus for all the blessings he had given me and also for the ones he has already prepared for me.

My name is Mary and I was born and grew up in a Catholic family.

I attended the church services regularly, prayed to saints, obeyed the rules, followed the traditions .. however, I felt an emptiness in my heart.

One day, I happened to attend a prayer meeting. The praise and worship was so powerful that I couldn?t explain. I experienced the presence of God there. I felt like something is being filled in me.

I left the Catholic church and get baptised and I never turned back to the catholic rules and traditions again. From then, I realised that the important thing we need to care is our relationship with Jesus Christ. I deeply believe that the word of will always console us and almighty God will protect us forever. He will never leave us to be alone among our problems.

When I baptised, my son left home and came back only after 6 years. I am still praying for him to come the love of Jesus Christ.

I went to attend the prayer meeting with a very bad pain in my leg. I prayed for healing and at the same moment I was healed.

God is almighty that he blessed my daughter with a good life partner. I still wonder how all that happened. Glory to Lord that he is caring for me and my children. I have a lot of diseases like diabetic, body pain … anyway .. my Lord is caring me by keeping me in his hands.

I invite your prayer for me and my family.

May God bless you all

Alice M. Shibu

I am from Sydney. I am writing this to let you know about the healing I received by the mercy of God when I was watching a prayer session on TV. I thank Jesus Christ for this opportunity to write this to you.

It was in August, when there was prayer session for the sick, I also prayed faithfully. I am very glad to say that God healed me at the same moment. The disease was not so serious but God gave me spiritual Happiness through this healing. I had been a very bad headache for two days and when I prayed for healing Lord showered his mercy on me very soon. I hadn?t that pain after the message and prayer session. Praise the Lord!!

I use this occasion to thank God for the blessings.

I had attended a closed retreat at Bangalore in 1992-93. At that time, I was working in St.Philomina?s Hospital as a nurse. I don?t have words to explain the spiritual blessings I received through that retreat. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that many people may find the saviour through the works of his people.

We reached here in Australia in 2002 March. Both I and my husband are baptised. We have three children ? Akhila 5 yrs, Nikhila 3 yrs and Pressilla 2 yrs. My husband Shibu is from Orthodox background and I am from Marthoma background. I request your prayers for our family and also for the power to be with the love of God forever.

  • Alice M. Shibu
  • 1 Ellen Street,Panania,
  • N.S.W. 2213,Australia

    Elsy Chakko

    My name is Elsy Chacko and I am regular viewer of the TV program which consists of the teachings from the bible and prayer sessions. I used to watch the preaching in Kairali Channel (its Malayalam channel from Kerala) also. When there was a prayer session on the day of the last program on Kairali channel, I also prayed for the sick people.

    At that time, I heard the preacher announcing that a lady who had been suffering from the disease Amebiasis for many years has been healed with the blessing of Jesus Christ.

    I believed that it was about me, because I had been suffering from the same disease for thirty years. I had consulted many doctors and had no effect and the strength of the medicines also made me weak.

    But when I heard about this healing, I believed that God has healed me and that faith gave me the courage to stop taking tablets.

    I was not allowed to stop medicines. I had some difficulties in the beginning as soon as I stopped all kinds of capsules. But I believed in my Lord and prayed. From that day on and believed what I heard about my healing, I was moving towards complete healing from my disease.

    I wonder at the mercy of God which showered over me through your prayer. Now I seem to be very healthy and I can have any kind of food.

    I am also suffering from Diabetes and I am taking Insulin and other capsules regularly. I have been having this disease for 9 years. I invite your prayers for me to be free from this disease. I will also pray for your activities for Lord Jesus. May the almighty God bless you all too.

    Elsy Chakko

    Saji Joseph

    I am Saji Joseph from Nechoor. I am writing this with great joy in my heart. I would like to write down the great miracles happened in my life by the mercy of God.

    In 2003 August, my daughter, who was only 4 months had a disease in her eyes.
    I was also in search of a job at that time. I was in a depressed condition. I turned to Jesus Christ and prayed for my needs.

    The following miracles happened after a few months because of God?s grace :

  • On 3rd January my daughter was healed completely by the mercy of Lord Jesus. Doctors had asked us for an operation for this disease on January. But God has blessed our daughter without any operation. Praise the Lord.
  • In 2003 August I had attended an interview for a job in Gulf. I am very glad to let you know that I have passed the interview and my visa is now under process. I kindly invite your prayer to get the visa very soon.

    Also, I would like you to pray for a house for us and to grow spiritually as God wish. We will pray for all your activities of the ministry.

    Saji Joseph

  • Vembanattu House, Nechoor P.O.
  • Piravam (Via), Ernakulam ? 686 664

    Reena George

    My name is Reena George and I am doing final year M.Sc. Bio-informatics. But unfortunately I failed in my Statistics Paper and I was so depressed and cried a lot.

    My re-sitting Exam commenced on 2nd August at 3 p.m. I prayed and with the courage God gave me I went to attend my exam.

    On that day, there was a bible message in TV at 2 p.m. My grand parents, especially my grand mother hears the message everyday. After the preaching there was a prayer session and the preacher prayed that an old lady is crying for her grand daughter who is going to write her exam. The preacher had told that she will surely pass.

    God heard the prayers and did a miracle in my life. I scored 87% marks in my Statistics paper. Praise the Lord.

    I Thank you Lord for the wonders and also for the inspiration to take each step.

    Please pray for my spiritual life.

    Reena George

  • Vayarakunnil House
  • Nellikkamon P.O., Ranny


    My name is Thomas and I am from Kerala. Lord, I thank you for all the blessings you had given us and also for this opportunity to tell your wonders to others.

    Earlier, about a month back, I had prayed for our daughter?s success in IELTS Exam and for recovering from back pain due to her second pregnancy. We had asked a prayer group for help and they also prayed for us. God heard our prayers and she successfully gained passing grade.

    Now we request your continuous prayers for her comfortable voyage to America with the family members for employment together with all processes for required documents and smooth visa function.

    We also invite your prayer blessings for our sound health and family welfare. We are aged 62 years and 56 years respectively and therefore do have some physical disabilities due to certain sickness.

    In order to have complete recovery from illness, we request your valuable prayer as we seen many people being delivered from their sickness as witnesses and have heard their witnessing words, as God has kindly blessed them having removed their ill health problems.

    We request God for showering his utmost mercy and blessings upon you day by day to bring many people in God?s way.

    V.S. Thomas

  • Kizhakkeparambil, Theodical P.O.
  • Via Thiruvalla

    Mani V Iyer from Mumbai

    My name is Mani Iyer. Background orthodox/conservative Hindu Brahmin family. My wife Leena Iyer and son Sunny Iyer both of them are born again Christian. When ever I used to come on vacation (I was working in Muscat) my wife always used to tell me that Jesus died on cross for our sins and rose from death. With my abrasive mind I used to tell her that you have told me these things thousand times and tell me something new. According to me these are all fairy tale. I don?t want to accept Jesus as I was very adamant, rigid and stubborn and was happy with what I am doing. I used to change my thread every one-year then do gayatri 1008 times and do regularly pooja (idol worship) ringing the bell and lit agarbathi. I now realized that I was doing foolish things but I am always sincere for doing foolish things. Days passed my wife and son prayed for Jesus and I was happy doing foolish things.

    Then sister Lona entered in my life. Few years back sister Lona gave me gift of Holy Bible. I was thinking in mind that what I will do with the Bible. Since I did not want to hurt her religiously or spiritually or whatever it is I accepted the Bible reluctantly. I took the Bible along with me to Muscat I kept the Bible there but did not touch. I used to dust the Bible every week or 10 days but did not open it. Then the situation arrived in such a way that I became frustrated and all the time my mind was opting for a change. So I resigned my job and came back to India carried the Bible back without opening.

    While coming back I was thinking in my mind that I worked for years in Muscat and let me relax and enjoy my life. After coming back everything was normal for few days. Later I noticed that my wife used to play Jesus songs early in the morning with high volume followed by Benny Hinn program on God channel.

    I was thinking in my mind what is this going on. I observed for few days and then I thought in my mind that let me observe for few more days. I cannot understand the lyrics of the songs for me it was like Michel Jackson songs which no body understand the lyrics. I used to wonder why this lady couldn?t play some meaningful song like `choli ke peeche kya hai`. I was very understanding that I used to get up only by 10 a.m. after her song episode is over. Days passed she was busy with her daily prayer with high volume and I was busy with mine.

    One fine day our brother Joseph came to my house and told me about Jesus. He continuously drilled my mind for two hours. I was thinking why this man is wasting his time. I am not going to improve. But he did his job. God bless him. Days passed without much change in my attitude

    Slowly I started taking some interest in watching the God channel. I even attended the Benny Hinn crusade. I was really impressed with the miracles, which I have to believe. Days passed as usual. Suddenly I find some change in my approach. I was attracted to read the Bible. But I kept on post phoning.

    Then one fine day I spontaneously removed my sacred thread and opened the Bible. Praise the Lord. I started reading the Bible with a notebook with me noting the names etc and revise myself after I finish one book. My son came and asked whether I am going to appear for university exam. I told him that I want to be a rank holder in Jesus University. Praise the Lord.

    Days passed. On 17th April Pastor G. K. Kannan from New Life Fellowship church, St. Lawrence school, Asha Nagar came to my place to invite for prayer meeting on Sunday 18th April 2004 evening 5.30 p.m. I was thinking in my mind what I will do sitting at home and let me attend the prayer meeting. I attended on 18th April 2004 and after the meeting I casually told pastor G.K.Kannan that I am suffering from acute sinus problem and my X ray reports revels that surgery is the only remedy for permanent cure. He prayed for me.

    To my surprise on 19th April2004 early morning at 2.40 a.m. I saw a dream. One young boy showed his finger and asked me to look up. In the turbulent darkness I noticed a white cloud moving and suddenly felt unbearable electric shock on my body. I did not know what is happening and screamed loudly. Then I called

    Upon Lord Jesus. I could not move my body. Suddenly I felt Holy Sprit sitting on my body. I managed to move my left arm and touched and felt the softness of The Holy Sprit. Then I raised my right hand where Holy Spirit Touched and vanished. I got up and opened the Bible to thank Lord and Holy Spirit for touching and blessing me. I suddenly realized that fluid due to sinus in my forehead started flowing through my ears. Praise the Lord. Things did not end there.

    Again on 23rd April 2004 early morning almost the same time I saw a dream that I am standing in a huge hall where almost everybody throwing things on each other. One person from the group went outside and fired a huge fireball. Everybody realized the definite death. I thought that why not to call Lord Jesus. Suddenly the white cloud appeared and I could feel severe warmness on my forehead. I knew that the treatment is on and on. Praise the Lord. Things did not end there.

    Due to the passing fluid from my left ear some of the dirt started getting accumulated inside my left ear, which was worrying me. After few days when I was sleeping in the afternoon I saw a dream. Don?t be surprised I am jobless so I can sleep anytime. In the dream dirt accumulated from my left ear rolled off automatically. I ignored the dream. Same evening when I was taking bath I recollected the dream and touched my left ear and then checked with ear bud. To my surprise all the dirt has disappeared. I advised my wife to look into my ear and reconfirm this. My left ear was very clean and no sign of any dirt. So Lord Jesus treatment is on for me. Praise the Lord. With oscillating mind I doubted about the earlier dreams but now I can say with conviction that my level of faith has reached to the maximum. Praise the Lord. Things did not end here.

    So by then I could feel that the fluid in my forehead drastically reduced. Then again on 10th May 2004 early morning I got up from the sleep to realize that maximum fluid came out this time from my right ear. My pillow was totally wet by the thick fluid and also part of my head and neck. I realized that 90 percent of the fluid has come out of my forehead. Due to this I got back my smelling sense. Earlier whether it is any foodstuff or any kind of fragrance I used to get only one particular mild nasty smell. Now I am healed of that also. Praise the Lord. Things did not end there.

    Again after few days the rest of fluid came out of my ear and I felt that there is no more fluid resting in my forehead and I am completely healed. Praise the Lord. I went for the X ray. The report is perfect. Praise the Lord. I could not believe that Lord Jesus has done the treatment for me so carefully. Praise the Lord. Lifting my hand up with the X ray report this is what Lord Jesus has done to me. Praise the Lord.

    I lost many things in my life including two good jobs. But I gained Lord Jesus.

    Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing me from darkness. I proclaim that it is true; Lord Jesus is the living God and rests all fairy tales. We all will pray that every single disease is healed in the name of Jesus and every single demon from the universe is destroyed in the name of Jesus. I am confident that we are going to witness many more healing testimonies here (our Church) in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father, Lord and the Holy Spirit.



    Name : Mani. V. Iyer

    Place : Kandivali, Mumbai

    Date : 22.05.2004

    My name is Suseela and I am from Kerala.

    I used to keep away from prayers before I met Jesus. he came to my life through a healing.

    I had a growth in my stomach but our financial situation was too bad that I couldn’t do anything to remove that. The doctors asked me to get ready for an operation. They were saying that there is no other way to remove the same.

    I went to many churches and prayed to many saints. At last I lost my faith in all of them. I suddenly changed my mind and decided to focus only to Jesus Christ.

    One day, a pastor came to uor home and taught us the love of God and prayed for us. I also prayed for the healing with faith in me and was healed. Praise the Lord.

    I and my family are very happy today, with our Jeus Christ. Now we are trying to know him more so that we can love him more.

    may the God bless us all to walk through his way only.

    Blessed be the name of the Lord .. Amen

    Salvation through a dream

    My name is Saramma George and I am from a Jacobite family back ground. I would like to share with you how I am saved through a dream.

    I was interested in the feasts in our church and always tried to paticipate in the church activities. One day, I got a chance to give a talk about mother Mary. But I was not able to answer their doubts. I felt very bad and cried for a long time when I reached my home. I begged Jesus for the blessing of Holy spirit. On that day I had a dream.

    One day, at night, when I was sleeping, I saw a great light in my room. I was affraid at that time. I couldn’t understand anything.

    After a few days, i.e. in 1960 January 14, I had a dream. I dreamt that two young ladies came to me and took me to a place. When I reached there, I saw that a lot of people were praising and worshiping God in tongues. I could see that all of them were very happy. They were filled with the power of Holy spirit.

    But I felt very sad because I didn’t experience such a joy in my life. I was the elder one in my family and had to work for the family in my childhood itself as my parents died.

    When i opened my eyes, I prayed Jesus to give me more wisdom to know him. I praised the Lord for opening my eyes through that great dream. I heard somebody calling me by my pet name. I turned to see if there is anyone. But I couldn’t find any one there. I realised that it was the voice from Jesus. At the same moment my room was filled with light and I saw my past in a screen. I felt sorry on my sins and tears rolled down from my eyes. I begged Lord to forgive my sins. Then, I saw that two hands with blood and wounds washing all my sins.

    I started praising in tongues for about half an hour continuously. My neighbours came to our home and asked me to stop what I was doing. But I didn’t heard anything. They thought tht I became mad.

    I decided to love God and work for him. I beleive that Lord is caring me so much and he will stand for me forever only if I am by his side.

    On the other day, a young man from our church came to see me and asked me about all those happened on the previous day. I explained all to him. After a few hours he came with some brothers and sisters to have a prayer in my home. I agreed and praise be to god that we had a great time there. We all experienced the presence of God at that time.

    We have been continuing the prayer meeting since then.

    I thank God for coming to my life and blessing me with Holy spirit and making me an instrument to work for him.

    I am a retired Navy officer and I had a cancer in my urinary bladder in 1998. It was healed after a couple of operations and a few other check-ups within one year.

    In 200 May, I was shown by the doctors that my bladder is absolutely healed.

    But a few months later, the doctors found a contrasted eternal cancer in my colon and I was operated. I was given a kemotherapy which was taken 6 months to complete.

    In between I used to have regular medical reviews. I beleived deeply in Jesus Christ. I build up my faith in him and trusted that he will look after me and he will surely meet my needs.

    Thank God and praises to him that I am healed completely. I was lead through some more check-ups to make it sure that I am healed. The results of those tests were showing that I was definitely fine.

    Thank God and Praises to his name.

    My name is Urumees and my home town is Angamaly in Kerala.

    God has done a great miracle which I would like to share with you all.

    I along with my wife were travelling to Angamaly, which is my home town. As we were approaching, the traffic signal in front the junction at Kalamassery seemed as RED means to stop the vehicle and wait for the next signal to move.
    I stopped my car and was waiting for the signal.

    Then I heard a voice and at the same moment our car was pushed forward by another vehicle. Our car reached at the middle part of the road and moved to another side.

    A lot of vehicles were passing through the way and everybody who came there thought that we are already dead. It was such a dangerous scene that there was no way for us to be saved.

    But by the mercy of almighty God we are here to share our testimony. I use this time to thatnk Jesus christ who protected in his arms at that time and brought us back to life.

    Blessed be the name of the Lord

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