Christian Fasting Testimonies

(Excerpt from Fasting to Freedom)

If you are going to fast or make radical changes in diet you will need encouragement. Here are the testimonies of lives touched and changed. If you are preparing for a change, reading these will kindle your heart in to action. Please send in your testimonies. The fasting center talked about is not in operation at the present but Ron and I are working toward setting up another facility.

Koni – Oshawa, ON, Can, 45 years young, juice fast, seeking God.

Once, as a child I heard the call of the Lord. In an attempt to follow the strong pull into the ministry, I enrolled in bible college in my mid teens. Just after my first year E. P. B. C. I became side tracked by a young man, and dropped out to follow my heart, thus beginning a series of events that which took me a away from God.

Several tragedies contributed to my tumble from grace. A broken marriage, a lovely five year old daughter killed by a careless driver, a car accident which killed my brother on my birthday, and a few more life jarring incidents. Hurting and far from God who had once been my source of strength, I felt helpless. Now, out of touch with my creator, I was sucked in a down hill spiral. Sin and bondage completely engulfed me, taking over my life.

The climax was 1991, at the end of my endurance, I attempted to drive of the pier at the Cobourg harbor. My heart crying from a wasted life and “what might have been.”

I cannot explain what happened next. First there was a small voice telling me suicide would not bring release but take me to a place where the torture is far greater than anything yet endured. Suddenly I was in Lake Vista Square in Oshawa at two A.M. with no recollection of having made the trip. Puzzled, I started to drive toward Cobourg praying for the first time in years. “God are you doing all this. If you want me to stay in Oshawa give me a sign. I was about to leave the city’s boundaries. “As I uttered these words the head light went out. Ahead stretched a pitch black highway. In turning the car around, to my surprise, the head light came back on. ” Oh God” I cried. “It’s you isn’t it.” I heard no more even though I begged him to communicate further.

I remembered hearing somewhere that one can get closer to God through fasting and prayer. I needed spiritual contact! Taking an apartment across the street from Lake Vista Square I started a ten day water fast. Locked in the apartment without phone, T.V. or friends, I prayed and sought God night and day.

As the fast progressed an amazing thing began to happen. His presence could be felt then came the sound of a voice. He wanted me back in the ministry. “Downtown” he said, “Work with the oppressed and down trodden. You must set the captives free.” “But” I argued “You have the wrong person! I am all that myself. How can I help others? Besides I’m a sinner and dirty.”

I was putting away things in the new apartment and had just picked up an frying pan cover in years of blackened burned grease. The spirit said , “Look at the pan in your hand. See how black and filthy it is? If you can clean up that pan I can clean you up to do my work.” “There is no way I can do that without pot cleaners.” “Did you look under the sink” came the soft reply? Sliding back the door reveled half an SOS@ pad left by the previous occupant. Skeptically, I grasped the small item and gave it a few passes over the bottom of the blackened pan. To my amazement the chard grease gave way returning the pan to shinny newness, just as it was twenty years earlier. The astonishment turned to glee as the cleansing began happening not only to the pot but within me. I knew God had done the impossible and even as I watched the old frying pan became spotless and new again, even so was my soul. Dancing, laughing, singing, tears of joy streamed from my eyes. I was now convinced of the worthiness to do what ever task He had in store.

From then on, through that fast, I continued to feel incredibly close to God, penning poetry and song under divine inspiration, obtaining instruction from the beautiful soft voice which remained always near. When the fast was over I was ready, and started His work.

The following poem was written during the days of the fast. It took only twenty minutes to pen because He was there.


Claudine – Oshawa, Ontario, Can, age 51, 17-day juice fast, weight loss 21 lb., healed arm, spiritual renewal.

I needed some answers from God, but a spiritual barrier stood in my way. I had tried to fast before when faced with these types of circumstances, but something was lacking and my attempt at fasting had failed.

A sister in the Lord called me about a new book she had read. After reading the book, I became inspired and stared a fast. My desire was to see souls come to Christ. I followed the techniques to do with the physical aspects fasting written in the book Fasting to Freedom and read my bible at night.

The first few days were surprisingly easy, no headaches or weakness and I still continued my work. The rest fast went extremely well, only one day did I experience a bad reaction and this was because I sprayed the oven and breathed in some of the fumes causing me to feel sick and nausea. Luckily it cleared up in a day.

I maintained my spiritual focus and continuously praying for a revival in our church, and by the Grace of God is stated to occur. People were getting baptized every service. Those who had fallen from the faith returned. The spirit was moving in the church. Both I and Grace prayed to the Lord to to put the church on a one day fast — and it happened. The pasture delivered an anointed sermon calling us to fast, pray, and love one another. This message stirred my soul to fast even longer!

The result of the fast was amazing, not only did the fast benefit me spiritually, but my arm was healed miraculously. What a joy to feel no more pain. For months I had been suffering now this pain was completely gone. The severe cramps I experienced premenstrual time were also gone, and I lost twenty pounds of excess weight. For a fifty-one-year-old grand mother to fast 17 days on her first fast, I feel that the Lord really blessed me.

Fasting to me is a path for getting closer to God. We have to sacrifice things of this world to God just as Christ sacrificed his life for us. “Man shall not live by bread but by ever word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” We need to find sustenance in God.



Grace – Oshawa, On, Can, 17-day juice fast, weight loss 21 lb., healed stomach reflex disease, spiritual oppression stopped.

A friend of mine was tackling a 21 day fast with vegetable and fruit juices from a book she had read. I wanted to see the author of the book to get more information as I still wasn’t sure of the concept. His experience and enthusiasm convinced me.

The fast was not for physical appearance but to pray for the burdens of those I loved. I felt suffering in the church and in my home. Even before the fast I felt satanic opposition against the fast. In bed I felt a force push down on me trying to kill me, but through pleaded the blood of Christ the feeling left me. One the first day of the fast I saw a WOLF. Yes! a real wolf and I live in the city. I even called one of the children to see it. It was staring at my house. . . it gave me the chills. Once again I prayed and it also left. These strange events firmly convinced me I was supposed to fast.

I prayed for my church and witnessed the power of the Lord move in our Pastor on the Friday night service. The service was on fire, people were singing glorious praises to God. Two young boys got baptized.

On the second day of the fast the Lord spoke to me. (JOEL 2 verse 12 &13) ” Therefor also sayeth the Lord, turn ye even to me with all you heart, and with fasting, and weeping, and with mourning. And rend your heart, and not your garment, and turn unto the Lord your God for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.”

By the third day if felt terrific. I was a peace my four children would be loud but I was at peace, nothing could bother me. As the fast progressed it became easier. I had more energy, I was on a spiritual high, singing and rejoicing. One morning I woke up with severe gas crams in my stomach. The cramps were so bad I thought I would end up in the hospital, but after 10 minutes the cramps went away. One day I went through a dip and felt low in spirit but that was it the next day I was fine.

At the end of the 17 day fast, a physical problems was gone. My doctor had told me I had a stomach reflex disease and would have to take pills for the rest of my life, but after the fast I no longer had that disease I was completely healed. I has arthritis in my left knee, it was also gone. I also lost 21 pound excess fat. Before fasting, my skin was dry — it cleared up.

To me fasting is a way of drawing me closer to God and being able to lean on him. When I was weak he made me strong.


X Phillis – Oshawa, On, Can, 9-day juice fast

I am a 61 year-old Grandmother who loves coffee, donuts and all the standard food that seem to accumulate toxins.

I really believe in this so much. This is a growing process just like you have to grow in the bible and spiritually. We are not just doing it for our bodies it is a gift for God. I wasn’t sick but needed something emptied out that was in there. It really was a relief. Even my personality has changed.


Bobby- Oshawa On, Can, 35 years young, juice fast

I haven’t been a Christian for a year yet, but some how it seems to be much longer. I had a lot of bondage due to a traumatic past which included a long list of foster homes. I had endured abuse and was raped at the tender age of five. The cruelty turned me cold and resentful causing me to become an abuser. This in turn resulted in a broken marriage, drug addiction, alcoholism, and a depraved sex life. In search of the answer I fell into the hands of cults who used brain washing and hypnotism. Their methods opened the doors for demonic activity.

A friend prayed with me to break the result of this manifestation and bring me to a knowledge of Christ. Our efforts were unsuccessful so fasting was suggested. My friend told me of the extra power and potency of prayer that can be obtained when one fasts.

It worked! Not only did the fasting enable us to evict the demons and free me from bondage, I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within me, talking to me and through me to others. Exciting and wonderful things started to happen after the third day of the fast. Through me, God was able to put a marriage back together. I felt the Holy spirit telling me what I must do and say.

At other times the spirit urged me to speak. Even when I had no idea what to say, the words just spilled out. I was amazed and awed by the beautiful way God worked through me while I fasted and prayed. Now I fast regularly to keep my spirit attuned with the Lord.


Paul-Pickering ON, Can

I am 54 years old, a United Church pastor, and very skeptical about fad diets. I would not have changed my diet except I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, back pain and constant digestive problems which sapped my vitality — not to mention middle age spread. These were my incentives to make changes in my eating habits.

Tom came to my church one day and talked to me about fasting and found me intrigued but noncommittal, although I found his enthusiasm and sincerity infectious.

Tom joined the church I served. He frequently spoke to me about the importance of nutrition and fasting. Other friends had already mentioned that my ailments were toxin induced. I had read Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. The book gave a believable and scientific context for the claims made by nutritionists and made a convincing argument for the benefits of dietary change. I was convinced of the possible benefits. I bought a juicer, filled the refrigerator with fruits and vegetables, and started to eat according to the principles I understood. I stopped mixing carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal to reduce the stress on my digestive system. In the mornings I made fresh fruit juices and ate fruit till noon. Not only did I eat more selectively of nutritious foods, I gave up the coffee habit.

These simple dietary changes have given me wonderful dividends in health and vitality. I lost 12 pounds of weight without even trying. My digestive system has healed and my arthritis is slowly improving. I feel better and more energetic without the need for the caffeine crutch.

My increased vitality was brought home to me one morning after a nearly sleepless night as an on-call chaplain in our local hospital. Normally, I would have been exhausted, but instead I had an energetic and fulfilling day.

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