Career Options after leaving Ministry

Many dream of leaving their corporate careers to enter into full-time ministry.

But there are also pastors and ministry workers, who for different reasons, would like to leave the ministry and enter into the mainstream workforce. Ministry can of course continue, regardless of where you are working.

What are the career options for pastors and ministry workers who leave the ministry? Every situation is unique and every exiting ministry worker will come with his or her own set of skills, qualifications and experience, so I can only make some general suggestions and comments, without any specific knowledge of your specific circumstances.

A few years ago, I read an interesting book (called Pagan Christianity) which opened my eyes to some of the struggles that Christian Pastors face when considering leaving the ministry. There are a lot of expectations placed upon Pastors and it is a burden that often leads to burn-out. Being responsible for spiritually feeding a whole congregation, week-in, week-out can be exhausting, especially when you are also expected to effectively operate as the CEO within the church, managing a team and dealing with all of the congregational and management pressures.

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