You can watch it on the foxnews video here:

Asked if Obama is the Anti-Christ, Benny Hinn responds:

“… It’s not Obama no.  It’s not Obama. I have been asked that question
many times, and the answer is no.  He is not, he is not the
anti-Christ.  He’s a good man, a Christian man.  I pray for him.  I pray
that God will give him success.  And I pray that he will support his

Everyone is entitled to their opinion I suppose, but to call a man who has done all he can to promote the causes of abortion (murder of unborn babies), and homosexual perversion not only a “Christian” but “a good man” is a bit of a stretch. I’d like to know where is the evidence that Obama believes in the same Person who said all those things in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Things like: “I am the Way, the Truth and the LIfe. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” (John 14:6). I mean, come on, what could be the motivation for this kind of statement? I agree with Benny Hinn that Obama is not the Antichrist, but I have no doubt that Obama is AN antichrist.

In other situations, Benny Hinn is not afraid of attacking people who soft pedal their public commitment to Christ.

Take a look at this clip, in which Benny Hinn accuses Ps Joel Osteen of being demon possessed because he won’t confess Christ openly.

How can Benny Hinn be so soft on Obama and so tough on Joel Osteen and on all “seeker sensitive” churches? I agree that Joel Osteen is a compromiser, but it looks like Benny Hinn is too. At the very least, Benny Hinn is careless with his words. Not good for someone with such a public profile.