Because of Your Unbelief – Franklin D. Hall

Because of unbelief, in the Church, she has failed in her highest purpose to glorify Christ. The spiritual power, the gifts of the Spirit, and the emblem for which the Church stands are centuries behind in progress, compared to man’s material advancement in the present civilization. We believe Jesus gave the answer to this problem when He was questioned. Why did they not have power to do certain things? Jesus gave to them a very simple answer. “BECAUSE OF YOUR UNBELIEF.” He taught why THIS KIND DID NOT COME OUT. He even gave such simple directions that a simple formula was laid out for them for a faith pattern. This would insure and guarantee certain victory, when followed. They did follow His directions carefully, Jesus said: “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:21). The often, left out “and fasting” is also found to be in the oldest original manuscripts!

We find that all churches in the New Testament times did follow these teachings and there likewise were demonstrated signs, miracles and wonders. Acts 14:23: “…in every church, and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, on whom they believed.”

For three hundred hears the early church had tremendous power with God. This was continued the same length of time that they fasted and prayed. When the church left off doing these duties, she went into the Dark Ages. Fasting and prayer in Martin Luther’s time caused the church to emerge from her darkest hour. The reformations that later came about, were born in fasting and prayer. Unbelief was driven away.

There has never been a time in the history of Christian religion that was more important than the present. Many deep spiritual saints of God are at this time seeking Christ in major fastings. A great and mighty travail prayer is going up before the throne of God. Prayers are being answered and multitudes are again receiving great and mighty spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit. Salvation for the body as well as the soul is likewise being experienced. The body is becoming saved from sickness as the soul becomes saved from sin.

“By prayer and fasting” The prophets and most spiritual men and women of all ages knew and experienced fastings with their prayings. The three most spiritual men who were also the greatest miracle workers, were Moses, Elijah and Christ. They each fasted forty days.

In 1946, when the first fast-faith books were written, the author predicted a mighty last-day outpouring of the Holy Ghost gifts in signs and miracles. This was to come about when the church went into deeper and more extended fastings. From the first edition of this volume (printed in 1947), the author quotes: “Many deeply spiritual saints of God are at this time seeking Jesus in major fastings. Many are fasting twenty-one to forty days. Thousands are fasting ten days. A great and mighty travail prayer is going up before the throne of God. When folk obey the entire teachings of Jesus Christ, then something must happen. Mighty outpourings of God’s power are coming. A great and mighty last day revival of miracles is coming. Why? Because Jesus said, “This kind (any kind that will not respond to prayer alone) goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:21). I predict that you will see more people fulfilling prophecy by taking extended consecration fasts than ever before in the history of the Church of the living Christ. The Church will again have her faith, and gifts in operation.” (From foreword and last page of Because of Unbelief, first edition).

Most Holy Ghost divine healing ministers know the value of proper fasting and prayer in getting the sick delivered more successfully. The late, Dr. Gordon Lindsay, author of many books on divine healing and with the Voice of Healing Fellowship, told the author personally, years ago, that he positively knew that 90 percent of the deliverance ministers, having a sign gift ministry of healing, had some kind of major fasting, praying experience. He further stated that they had followed the author’s teachings and instructions concerning their consectation fast, that they had had. Brother Hall’s efforts and sacrificial efforts made in the 1946 to 1948 fasting prayer crusades, in many areas of the country brought special attention to the neglected doctrine of fasting to the multitudes.

Sad to say, many of these well known ministers, today, hesitate, neglect or even shun to mention the subject of fasting, because, more than unlikely it is still so unpopular. Many of the miisters who once built their ministry with “fasting-faith” are sick in their own bodies today. They are coasting on a great experience they once had, yet multitudes were greatly blessed and are being blessed today by what many neglect to tell about in their ministry. Ministers should go back to fasting and be still more successful.

Some twenty-five million pieces of literature on this doctrinal theme have been printed, by the sacrifices of Brother and Sister Hall, and have been distributed to more than fifty countries. This reached millions of ministers who have testified that their ministry was helped.

As the reader goes into this little volume, the author knows that you too will be blessed. However, please do not overlook the need to get this message to others who may never have heard of this glorious ministry and message. Be burdened with us in faith that our stupendous objective will still be even more accomplished by partners sharing with us in prayers, fasting and finances. Thank you.


Through unbelief man gratified wrongly an appetite contrary to God’s Word. Through disobedience to God’s Word death came upon the human race. Sin, sickness and sorrow, along with the other curses of the fall, are traced to the serpent, Satan.

Fear also came upon man. Certain carnal desires having been awakened in Adam, he NOW HAD GREAT FEAR, “I WAS AFRAID, BECAUSE I WAS NAKED. I HID MYSELF” (Gen. 3:10). Fear is related to unbelief.

The Lord began to pronounce judgment and one of the first curses given to mankind was the SORROW CONNECTED WITH SEX APPETITE. “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children” (Gen. 3:16). The next major curse was placed upon the ground and concerned the appetite of EATING. “In sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life” (Gen. 3:17). These and innumerable other distresses and sorrows were what MAN NOW WAS TO PARTAKE OF. By participating in the wrong menu, against the will of his Maker, man now must eat of sickness and sorrow. ALL BECAUSE OF UNBELIEF and the failure to take the Lord at HIS VERY WORD.

The fall of man came about by his appetites. Hunger appetite is by far the strongest of all the appetites with which man is confronted. Think of it, the very appetite that originally caused the race to fall is the key to all the other appetites.

By believing on God’s Son Jesus Christ our Savior, then we can have power to do His miracles and come into fruit bearing.

If it was necessary for the Son of man to come into the world to lay down His life for us, He surely would give us some information regarding the proper procedure to CAST OUT UNBELIEF IN ORDER THAT WE MAY REGAIN OUR Miraculous power AND FAITH IN GOD. We find that He did this very thing in Matthew 17:17-21. The disciples did not believe enough. They did not take Jesus’ word seriously because they “could not”. They were too much in state of carnality. THE FEEDING HABIT WAS UPPERMOST IN THEIR LIVES, and they could not approach the faith necessary to see the work of FAITH in operation in the case of the lunatic. The powerless disciples came to Jesus to ask Him WHY they could not cast him out. JESUS SAID,” BECAUSE OF YOUR UNBELIEF”.

Jesus was very tactful and diplomatic when He continued His teaching on “UNBELIEF” and “FAITH”, and gave them the FORMULA that was necessary in order to obtain “THE FAITH”. Previously it was too early to tell them. Now was the time to do so.

Jesus was very wise to five the discourse on faith as He did. After carefully analyzing the embarrassing situation with which they were confronted, He proceeded to tell them what to do to HAVE THE FAITH and to eliminate their unbelief which was a by-product of carnality. Great faith was needed, and could be obtained by the proper means. Here our beloved Jesus revealed one of the greatest secrets ever recorded in the Word of God.

It was not time, in Matthew chapter four, to reveal why He fasted. Jesus was not in the habit of teaching His disciples any truths they were not yet able to comprehend or “bear”. This was the psychological moment and He made full use of it. In their exultation over their power over unclean spirits

They did not perceive that even greater FAITH was needed and could be obtained by the proper means, as given in Matthew 17:20: “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you”. Verse 21: “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and FASTING”.

The revelation of WHY JESUS FASTED FORTY DAYS AND NIGHTS was unfolded to them. We may feel assured that this truth was remembered and later put into practice by the disciples.

Since the days of the apostles, there have been countless thousands who were not able to “bear” these words of Jesus and some copyists have omitted “and FASTING” from their manuscripts. These manuscripts originated in a time when whatever one could not “bear” in a doctrine was put under suspicion, even though the sacred text had to be altered. It was a time when very little of “this kind” was being cast out. The religious leaders who omit the major consecration fasts are like a machine hitting on only one cylinder. They do their utmost in “knocking” a vital Christian truth. They too, are powerless. The full formula of Jesus is “PRAYER and FASTING”. If these theological gladiators had honored Christ enough to try fasting, the church would have attained a spiritual level equal to that of the apostles’ time.

“And fasting” is genuine for the following reasons:

1. It is in harmony with the practice of Christ.

2. It gives us the only key to the fast of Jesus. “And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He was afterward an hungered” (Matt. 4:2).

3. It alone gives the complete answer and explanation of Jesus.

4. It agrees with other teachings of Jesus on fasting.

5. It is verified by apostolic experience.

6. It is proved true by every proper use of fasting and prayer.

7. It is proved true by the personal experiences of men and women who have fasted from ten to forty days in the present time. Nothing could have been more impressive or emphatic than the simple teaching of Jesus, given under the impressive circumstances of the disciples’ failure. If there were not another syllable about fasting in the Bible, these words of our Blessed Redeemer, taken in connection with His fast, should have been sufficient to remove all mystery hovering over His temptation, and should have induced the disciples of all centuries to seek the benefits of prayer and FASTING as a PREVENTATIVE OF FAILING FAITH, and a destroyer of UNBELIEF. Or, if no lack of faith were felt, the desire to follow the example of Jesus should have been sufficient motive to follow Him in HIS PRAYING AND FASTING. Fortunately we are not limited to this one statement of Jesus about the value of prayer and fasting. Jesus elsewhere expressly commended fasting to His disciples and declared that THEY WOULD FAST. (Matt. 9:14-17; Mark 2:18-22; Luke 5:33-39).

According to tradition, Moses ascended Mount Sinai on Thursday and returned on Monday, and these twice a week fasts of the Pharisees were therefore of a memorial nature, differing essentially from the fasting the disciples would practice when the BRIDEGROOM WOULD BE TAKEN FROM THEM. The fasting to which Jesus referred would differ in method, purpose, and effect from that of the Pharisees and the disciples of John. As long as Jesus was with them, His disciples had no need of fasting. Through His presence He gave them what thousands of memorial FAST DAYS would not be able to give to the disciples of John or the Pharisees. Jesus corrected their errors in belief and practice. He revealed to them what they desired to learn and were capable of receiving. His example and presence inspired them. Surely they were blessed above kings and prophets through His presence. Through it they enjoyed privileges which disciples of all ages have desired to share and we enjoy only in a second-hand measure through the Bible record. Still we all feel that with these privileges of the apostles even greater things could be performed; we would consider ourselves well qualified for every spiritual problem, and in following this line of thought, we entirely overlook the significance of the fact that Jesus said even these heaven taught men WOULD FAST WHEN THE BRIDEGROOM WOULD BE TAKEN FROM THEM (Matt. 9:15). He also told them, “It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you: but if I depart, I will send Him unto you” (John 16:7). Did the Bridegroom leave? Did they tarry in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit? (Acts 1st and 2nd chapters.) Did the apostles FAST? Then are not we to FAST? Do we know how? If fasting was worthless, as is popularly supposed, and as the neglect of it would seem to indicate, why would they have fasted, and why did Jesus recommend it to them? Would He have done so, if the benefits of fasting had been obtainable by any other means? If there were any spiritual or physical danger involved in the practice, would He not have told them?

Did He not operate the gifts of the Spirit after He fasted? Jesus did not perform a recorded miracle until after His 40 day fast!


UNBELIEF may not appear very significant to Christians unacquainted with fasting. It may seem very small and unimportant.


or two days of fasting, UNBELIEF In one seems still unimportant and little discerned.


After fasting several days, UNBELIEF has made some impression.


After fasting seven or eight days, UNBELIEF has made more impression and is being comprehended.


In a ten-day fast, UNBELIEF is beginning to be realized.




In a twenty-one day fast, sometimes it is still beyond out ability to grasp and cast it ot, but at least it has had a great shaking. Spiritual battles are usually in full operation here, a battle between the flesh and the spirit, between evil forces and heavenly powers (Daniel 10:12-14).




Warfare is constantly being waged within God’s creation, His “man”. A continuous struggle between right and wrong is nearly always present. “For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, WARRING against the law of my MIND, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my MEMBERS” (Rom. 7:22, 23).


To be victor in the fight between the flesh and the spirit, oftentimes one will be required to resort to additional reinforcements. We do find in the Holy Word that there is a great friend of “FAITH”. This friend has so many things in common with faith. It likes the same things that faith likes, even disregards and entirely ignores the very same things that faith does. So mutual are the things they have in common that faith becomes far more efficient, active, and developed when this great ally comes to the assistance of faith. They both are mostly concerned with the overthrowing of two powerful centers of dominion. These are great forts or strongholds that prevent us from receiving the supernatural as we should. By the breaking down of these strongholds, we are enabled to make rapid strides of spiritual advancement and progress. Mountains can be removed and “Nothing shall be impossible unto you” (Matt. 17:20).

FOR THOUGH WE WALK IN THE FLESH, WE DO NOT WAR AFTER THE FLESH: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds:) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (II Cor. 10:3-5).

Faith’s fight is the Spirit’s fight. Faith’s fight is against our five senses. All the knowledge natural man has, came through these channels to his brain. The Spirit wants us to have REVELATION KNOWLEDGE. Spiritual things are more real than material things. Spiritual forces GOVERN DISEASE. Spiritual forces govern natural laws. Most of the natural things will pass away (II Pet. 3:10, 11). Then why live entirely after the senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling, which depends upon the natural, which includes appetite gratification. A new FAITH ENVIRONMENT.

As more reinforcements are received, the fight rages with even more intensity as the Christian seeks more of faith and the riches of the Spirit. However, the battle never grows with such intensity as when the seeker of spiritual truth puts into operation the most powerful fighting, spiritual process available, for the purpose of carrying the fight right on through to enemy territory. This is one of the “mighty” weapons the spirit can utilize most effectively. This is nothing more nor less than the consecration fast. fasting is faith’s most powerful ally. How it overcomes the worst enemy of our soul- UNBELIEF! Unbelief is as great an ally of Satan as is Faith an ally of the Christian. Fasting enables Faith to penetrate Holy Ghost strongholds.


Fasting is such a powerful weapon against carnality and unbelief, that it actually hates our senses (stronghold), which is the seat of both the “natural” and unbelief. These are kept in operation through the STRONGHOLD of “APPETITE”, a very great stronghold of the flesh. The senses war tremendously against the fast, hence this explains why so many of God’s people are unable to defeat them and enter into a greater spiritual life of service for Jesus. The senses oppose fasting and fasting opposes the senses. At this point, faith comes in. Faith likewise is an enemy of these very same senses, and to the same degree; fasting is likewise their enemy. Remember: these senses, together with our appetites (see the volume Atomic Power With God), go warring after the Spirit making the soul the great battleground (and many times it’s graveyard). When the fast (preferably with praying) has complete right of way without hindrances, the flesh becomes arrested, then carnality is compelled to yield and bow to the Spirit. When this is done, unbelief (which is little known about or understood) is destroyed and the Spirit has more right of way than is possible through any other method known, that is available to mankind.


Take any one of our natural sense faculties such as the eye, for instance, in a fast, the eye is ignored. It has to be, because when the eye-gate sees the food on the table, it creates a craving and desire to take this tempting dish into the body. There would no more of a fast if this temptation is yielded to. Therefore, the fast is an enemy of our sight. What we see is an enemy to the fast. Faith is likewise an ally of the fast. They both work and pull together in perfect harmony. They cannot work against each other because of their common foes. Faith ignores our sight by refusing to allow us to see what we are believing God for. Faith requires us to believe before we see and then we see it later. The same thing also applies to our other senses. Fasting tells us to ignore our desires to touch, taste, to hear food cook, and smell. We cannot allow our mouth to taste and to feel the food in our mouth. For to do so would defeat and overcome the fast so that it would not be one. Fasting likewise tells us, I have no use for feeling. If we are looking for feeling, and place food that we feel and taste into our mouths, the fast immediately ceases, and we again go under the influence of the natural. Faith disregards feeling, because feeling is NOT FAITH. Feeling is one of Faith’s worst enemies. We completely overcome all feeling when we come to accept our Lord for what we are believing. The fight may continue to rage on and on in the great battleground of our soul, so that FAITH will be victor. In major cases, prayer and fasting are required along with the consecration fast, then these victories oftimes prepare us for greater things. We are looking forward to the time in the near future, when not only the works that Jesus did, shall we do, but also, “GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL HE (WE) DO” (John 14:12).


“Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, ARE AFFLICTED. THEIR SOUL ABHORRETH ALL MANNER OF MEAT (FOOD) and they draw near unto the gates of death. Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and He saveth them out of their distresses.” Psalm 107:17-19.

    FORCED FASTING has been one of God’s most successful means of chastisement for His way-faring children. In many instances it has been a blessing in disguise. Indicated below are three major types of forced fasting which ultimately work out for the glory of God and the welfare of man. They are:




Famines and times of economic depression are always the result of sin, unbelief and disobedience to God. Mankind has never been able to enjoy full prosperity and complete spiritual favor and blessing, both at the same time, for a very long period. The satisfaction of a full belly, a full pocket-book, and plenty of other “full” things has resulted in the doom of many nations. History of the children of Israel is an illustration of this fact, showing over and over how quickly self satisfied man forgets his dependence on God. Yet, when our Lord is always put first over these natural blessings, it is His will for us to prosper abundantly. The book of Deuteronomy brings out this truth. When thou shalt have eaten and be full; Then beware lest thou forget the Lord, which brought thee forth” (Deut. 6:11-12).

We feel certain the Lord not only permits FAMINES AND DEPRESSIONS to afflict the world and His people because of disobedience and UNBELIEF, but He also brings about FORCED FASTINGS THROUGH ILLNESS AND APPETITE FAILURES. This is why VOLUNTARY FASTINGS ARE SO VALUABLE. A consecration fast will in many instances prevent the hand of our loving Father from chastening us as His disobedient children. Much greater suffering can thus be avoided. A person full of food and possessing nearly every comfort and satisfaction of life cannot easily keep his entire TRUST AND FAITH IN GOD FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

The children of Israel could have entered the promised land in a few days, if they had patiently and humbly accepted the FORCED FAST put on them by God. Instead of keeping their TRUST AND FAITH IN HIM, they complained and wanted to go back to the land of Egypt (sin) and eat GARLIC, leeks and onions. Their separation from  worldliness and the land of Egypt could not be brought about while on a FEED. To prepare for a promised land of plenty and spiritual happiness, THEY WERE REQUIRED O FAST. Since they would not FAST VOLUNTARILY, the LORD PLACED A FORCED FAST UPON THEM. Deut. 8:3: “He HUMBLED THEE, and SUFFERED THEE TO HUNGER, and FED THEE WITH MANNA, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; THAT HE MIGHT MAKE THEE KNOW THAT MAN DOTH NOT LIVE BY BREAD ONLY, BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE LORD”.

Matthew 4:4 indicates Jesus was familiar with this Scripture. At the conclusion of His forty-day fast, Jesus quoted it, saying, “It is written”. The devil’s rage knew no bounds. He never was so much interested in Jesus before His fast, but after Jesus had fasted to come fully into His manifestation, Satan was right on the job to bring about to Christ similar temptations that were brought to Adam and Eve.

There is no record of Jesus’ performing one single miracle before He fasted. He doubtless realized from the many failures of the children of Israel and the cause of those failures, that He could do by fasting forty days what they failed to do because they had their minds on the GARLIC of the world. Although Jesus was God, He also was man, and He fasted as a man in the same natural way that you and I can fast. The Scripture very plainly proves this. “And when He had FASTED FORTY DAYS and forty nights, HE WAS AFTERWARD AN HUNGERED” (Matt. 4:2). This is one of the greatest scientific declarations in the entire Bible and is worthy of very special notice. Here is a person who became hungry after doing without food for forty days. It is a scientific fact that hunger will return to any average person who will fast approximately that long. When fasting, hunger leaves in three or four days. Habit hunger comes around very frequently, but can usually be overcome by water drinking, by praying, or by proper thinking, keeping the mind from thoughts of food. After eight to twelve days, more or less, the WEAKNESS usually leaves and the person feels stronger day by day, while fasting. In about forty days, sometimes longer, and sometimes before, depending upon the weight of the individual, TRUE UNMISTAKABLE HUNGER RETURNS IN THE SAME MANNER THAT IT DID TO JESUS, if not, usually the tongue clears up, or weakness comes about.

The fast could be ended and completed, without the return of hunger. The clearing of the coated tongue is also an indication the fast is over, or
when weakness or other serious difficulties set in, the fast should be carefully broken.

Here is another very important point that I wish to stress, which is nearly always overlooked by theologians. “He was afterward an hungered”. The failure to see this phrase of Jesus’ fast is the main reason why fasting is so little understood. This is the reason there is more ignorance, misunderstanding, confusion and intolerance regarding the subject of fasting than any other Bible subject It is worse than deplorable. The key to all complete protracted fasting is the one word “hungered”. This key will unlock and expose entirely, Satan’s “bugaboos” which have prevented the Church from fasting. Any doctor or nurse will confirm the fact that a good appetite is generally an indication of good health and a sound body. Here is an example of One who fasted exactly as you or I can fast, and He was well, healthy, and hungry at the end of forty days. There is no indication of pain, weakness, disease, or sickness. He was not in bed. He used no crutches to get around with, but showed us He was not too proud to fast forty days, yet strong enough to meet the devil in person.

    JESUS NEVER EXPECTED US TO DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD BE HARMFUL TO US. FASTING CANNOT IN ANY WAY HURT OR HARM THE AVERAGE INDIVIDUAL. IN FACT ANY PERSON, WHETHER SICK OR WELL, can fast, and not only come out of it with spiritual benefit but can also have a more healthy body and a more natural normal appetite.

Sick folk usually do not have desire for food. Many persons have not been able to eat. They were forced to fast. In the forced fast they had time to pray and meditate. A deeper consecration and yieldedness to God through the fast caused UNBELIEF TO DISAPPEAR, AND HEALING OR ANSWERED PRAYER WAS THE RESULT. Often, a forced fast has brought a revelation or vision, and the individual secures a firmer grip on the Lord. Often fasting gets no credit for the results obtained. It is ignored, and perhaps never mentioned except as just an incident.

PEOPLE ARE TOO MUCH INCLINED TO GO BY FEELING AND SIGHT THAN BY FAITH AND THE SPIRIT. FASTING WILL PRODUCE FAITH with the Word of God in our hearts quicker than by any MEANS This is why FASTING is so closely related to FAITH. It will also remove UNBELIEF. These things may not be very easily understood, but you are RIGHT NOW receiving LIGHT ON a subject with which the prophets were familiar. If you will accept this light, you too can have experiences similar to theirs. WHY NOT BE AN ELIJAH OR A DANIEL BY MEETING THE CONDITIONS? Read James 5:10-18, and study ELIJAH carefully.

The testimony of a lady who had been on a forced FAST and was gloriously HEALED expresses our thought. There seems to be evidence that she,
too,, was in ignorance of the real value of fasting. Anyway it worked whether she understood fasting or not, because she was FORCED TO DO WITHOUT FOOD FOR TWELVE DAYS. She said:

I have been healed many times by the Lord, however, my last healing was far more difficult to obtain. I had a more severe illness, I guess. I had
an awful cancer in my stomach. Many times i was prayed for but there seemed no results. I just could not get enough of faith to believe the Lord. I grew
steadily worse and became bed-fast. The Christians continued to pray for me. It seemed the Lord had forsaken me. I got so i could not eat. For twelve days i was unable to eat a single bite. I was even difficult to drink water. Some people from out of town came in to pray for me, and the Lord instantly raised me up and healed me completely. Sister H.T.,Pittsburgh, PA.

Of course she was not healed when they prayed for her before she fasted. It was a “KIND” that “COMETH OUT BY NOTHING EXCEPT BY PRAYER AND FASTING”. Maybe you have a similar problem, but you have not fasted?

UNBELIEF prevents many people from obtaining healing and the answers to their prayers. God can not bless us even though He wants to, when unbelief is present. “Without FAITH it is impossible to please God”. Jesus can not penetrate through unbelief. Even forced fasting will remove UNBELIEF because it is in HARMONY WITH WHAT CONSECRATION FASTING WILL DO. Prayer may be going up earnestly and sincerely for Jesus to do something for us. There is still too much UNBELIEF for the full prayer to be heard and answered, and it may be answered in the following manner: A great sickness or tragedy comes about that causes the Christian to lose his appetite altogether, or he may be able to eat but very little. The fast or partial fast continues for many days, and finally abolishes UNBELIEF and DEVELOPS THE NECESSARY FAITH. Lo! and behold! ANSWERED PRAYER IS NOW AN ACCOMPLISHED FACT. Perhaps the victorious Christian still does not know the real secret of his success because fasting is too much like

Many Christians have nothing whatsoever wrong with them but what the curative agencies of fasting will remedy. It is almost useless to come to Jesus seeking healing for a condition caused by SURFEITING AND GLUTTONY WHEN ABSTENTION ALONE WILL REMEDY THE SITUATION. In most such cases healing is not easily received because the individual would go out and “SIN SOME MORE”. He would stuff himself sick again. He would be a “FOOL”, and perhaps become more ill until his SOUL “ABHORRETH ALL MANNER OF MEAT”. He would not be able to eat.

The Lord has given us a healthy appetite. He expects us to use it discreetly. If we are not hungry we should not eat. One of the great sins of
the day is timing of eating and the forcing ourselves to eat just because everyone else eats at twelve o’clock. This FORCES OUR APPETITE and creates a false sense of hunger. The appetite becomes abnormal and we develop HABIT HUNGER WHICH IS HUNGER LUST, AND THIS IN TURN BECOMES SIN LIKE THE HABIT OF DRINKING LIQUOR (Luke 21:34). We thus come under addiction.

In God’s sight “Food Addiction” is just as great as “Drug Addiction”. Many saints are under bondage to food addiction.

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