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Why the manifest presence of the glory of God is vital in our church meetings

I was talking with two of the pastors of a large church some time ago. The subject turned to discussing why it seems we change so slow after hearing so many sermons week after week in church for years. We asked ourselves: why is...

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How to find the right marriage partner – reflections on my time in India and overseas

My opinion on how to go about marriage – arranged marriage or love marriage or? – reflections on my time in India and general reflections from my experience as a pastor’s wife and in life The question exists...

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The Folly of Idolatry

I was so struck by something I read in God’s Word that I thought it worth sharing. It has to do with idolatry and its folly. If ever there was an example of utter foolishness or folly, it is found in the actions and words of the enemies of Israel, who, after capturing the ark of God from Israel, were struck with a plague by God as punishment. Their reaction? “When the people realized what was happening, they exclaimed, ‘We can’t keep the ark of the God of Israel here any longer. We will all perish, along with our god Dagon'” (1 Sam. 5:7 TLB).

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Psalm 3: God Delivers Us from Fear and Foe

This is the third in the series of what the Holy Spirit shared with me concerning the Psalms.

Psalm 3

We may tend to forget how dire were the circumstances faced by the real people of the Bible. Here in Psalm three, David is in fear for his life, as even his own son Absalom has risen up against him. And Absalom had many with him, those he had craftily stolen away from his father, king David. David shows his real fear and concern for the situation in his cry to God:

3:1“O Lord, how many are my foes! How many rise up against me!”

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