Are Some Trusted Christian “Ministers” Deliberately Flashing Occult Signs?

Occasionally things come out that make you wonder. We get these strange photos with signs and symbols present in the communications and publicity material for certain famous apparently Christian people.

Pat Robertson Lion's Paw  

What we see in the above pictures is the classic "Lion's Paw" symbol which comes straight out of Freemasonry.

There are at least two possibilities here when we see these pictures. Maybe the arrangement of the hands here means nothing. Maybe these things just happen sometimes when people have their photo taken. The other possibility is more sinister: maybe these are hand signs in which the person is secretly indicating where their true allegiance lies. There is always the possibility that any given famous "Christian" musician or preacher is in fact a plant of Satan, a "false prophet" or "false teacher" who masquerades as a minister of righteousness.

Jesus warned us that false prophets and teachers would come, and deceive many. Paul said that Satan is able to transform his servants into "ministers of righteousness" and that this does happen. There are such a thing as "false apostles", "deceitful workers" and so on. Could there be such people operating in our 21st century, people with the capacity to "deceive many"? They would only be able to do so if they had a large media and/or entertainment profile. Unless such people deceived MANY professing Christians, they would not be the people that Jesus is warning us about prophetically.

I am NOT an expert on all things evil, but it is well-known that Satan specialises in all kinds of "symbols" that identify with the occult. Freemasonry has its symbols. Witchcraft and satanism have their symbols. Most religions have their symbols. When you see certain symbols, you need to realise what they symbolise. A lot of them are satanic and relate to secret societies.

Could it be that those secretly serving the devil like to broadcast this fact through symbols as a kind of covert way to be known to others who are also part of it? Or could it be something they believe gives Satan power? I do not know for sure. I never was one of these people.

It is normally NOT POSSIBLE to 100% prove who is and who is not affiliated with a secret society or an occult religion. The reason for this is that people keep their true allegiance hidden for the most part. Even if someone comes out with a testimony to say that they "were a satanist" and they "saw so-and-so at a coven meeting" there is no guarantee that the testimony is true. There are many, many reports however of satanists and witches infiltrating and covertly taking over churches or at least getting themselves into trusted leadership positions. It is CLAIMED that some satanists and witches are assigned roles in which they work for churches by day and serve Satan secretly at night. I suppose that in this way they can do a lot more damage to the Body of Christ than if they were total outsiders making incantations and spells from a distance. Hypocrites are more dangerous to the church than open enemies. So it makes sense logically that Satan would try this. Might Satan be able to pull it off? The ease with which people with major character flaws come to be trusted and come to project their voice into the living rooms of multitudes of Christian people indicate that it CERTAINLY is possible in our day? Most professing Christians are not pressing into God, and many of us have serious blind spots. We don't always perceive the wolves at first sight. Sometimes, we even trust them!

When it comes to the Christian Music Industry, it seems that with the right marketing and connections, people of questionable integrity and moderate talent can rise to a position of worldwide influence. Whether Toby Mac, for example, is really working for Satan I do not know. But he does employ occult images rather frequently on his products. Logos and pictures with a single eye come to mind. Take for example one of his recent album covers.

Here is the "single eye" and the triangle (look at the pupil) – something that comes up again and again as an occult sign. You can see this kind of thing on the US 1 dollar bill too.

One Dollar Bill Eye and Triangle

Sometimes you get the single eye and triangle in expressed in more subtle forms – perhaps where one of the eyes is mostly obscured by a shadow.



This picture from the back cover of Michael W. Smith's album shows one eye clearly and has a few tringular ideas in it; also both the M and the t in the name "Michael W. Smith" are using runic forms – which are letterings used in witchcraft. Perhaps his artwork guys at the time were closet practitioners of the dark arts. Maybe they were just copying stuff they thought was cool. I don't know.

What I do know is that these artists have become ENORMOUSLY popular in Christian circles and beyond and they take pride in the fact that they NEVER overtly spell out the gospel. You won't catch them saying, "The Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross and rose again to take your sin and curse so you could be righteous through faith in Christ and enjoy the blessing of Abraham." There. That didn't take much to say, did it? But you'll never catch a lot of these "Christian music artists" EVER saying anything remotely clear like this that clearly expresses the gospel and their allegiance to Jesus Christ. Everything is always done is a very low-key, non-religious, ambiguous and cool way. At the same time, you get these little hints in some of the artwork and some of the lyrics at times that maybe there is something going on with their ultimate allegiance that we are not quite all privy to.

Michael W. Smith started up a youth ministry in Nashville called "Rocketown". He is still on the board of directors at the time of writing from what I know. This "Rocketown" frequently features brazenly satanic bands. But hey, who gives a rip today? You can check out the vibe here. Here is one sample picture of a band I found there on the Rocketown tumblr blog, but there are much worse. Note the hand signs.

Just look at the expressions on their faces and the "in your face" broadcasting of the "Il Cornuto" hand sign of allegiance to Satan. For more examples of famous people flashing this sign, check out this google image search.

Do False Prophets Ever Teach the Truth?

How many true things is it possible to say and still be one of the "false prophets" Jesus warned us about in Matthew 24:11 when he said:

"Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many."?

I would say this: it must be possible to say a great many true things and still be a false prophet. Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount:

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." (Matthew 7:15). Jesus then said, "By their fruits you will know them." (vs 16).

If false prophets could be seen only by what they SAY, there would be no need to examine their fruits. If false prophets were not a seious threat, Jesus would not have wasted His time telling us to BEWARE of them.

Pat Robertson says a LOT of true things. He features as an authority in my wife's "Spirit-filled Life Bible" on "Answers to Tough Questions". He also had a ghost writer do this book for him called "The New World Order" exposing some of the satanic trends in the world today. He wrote a popular and interesting book on "The Secret Kingdom" which contains many truths. His organisation CBN put out Christian children's cartoons which I am sure did a lot of good. He is a law graduate, the founder of a massive Christian TV network and a preacher. He is also a very rich man, having sold off his Family Channel to Rupert Murdoch's "News Corporation" for hundreds of millions of dollars. Pat Robertson is not an ignorant man. A lot of the things he teaches doctrinally are similar to what I would teach. So you wonder why he is flashing the Masonic Lion's Paw sign on the front of Time Magazine? I can't tell you that. I really do not know, but it sure looks suspect.
I also find it suspicious when Robertson broadcasts the idea that maybe Hugo Chavez, the popular socialist leader of Venezuala, should be assassinated. And if you check it out, there are other weird things that Robertson is on record as saying. You can do your own research. All I am saying is this: do not be all that trusting of big name preachers in these last days. The more you dig, usually the uglier it gets – with a few exceptions. 
"No one is perfect", but we should be transparent as ministers of Christ. We need to publicly repent when we have said the wrong things and misled people. If we have mishandled donations from God's people it is a serious thing – and its something that is easy enough to do. You do your own research. The best thing is to keep your eyes on Jesus by reading the Bible often and seeking to do what it says. Do not think that giving money to a big name preacher absolves YOU of your responsibility to follow Jesus Christ and do the things of the Kingdom. We are all called to have a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. If we do this, we will avoid a lot of the traps that have been set for us in the last days,

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