Answered prayer of where my spirit was headed after death!!!!

Hello , my name is Medgina. I am a christian who has been saved since december 2009. During church services in my Baptist church, my pastor would always say while preaching that someone who is on the right path with the lord, and has a true spiritual relationship with the lord will always be ready for death at any given moment and won’t be afraid. Everytime i would hear that, i would question my walk with God, because i was afraid and not ready for death.

The biggest thing was, i was not sure of where i would go, i wasn’t confident enought to say “im sure i would probably be in heaven”. I was scared of death, because i was afraid of landing in HELL. One night while laying on my bed, i prayed to jesus to show me where my spirit is heading if i were to die that very moment. After my prayer i fell asleep, i began to see myself in an empty mall, the mall looked closed with not alot of lights. right infront of me was an Escalator which is a moving staircase, and at the top of the stairs was a big cloud with a big shining light coming out of it, shining on the stairs. i watched as people were praising and singing gospel songs as they went up the stairs then dissapeared into the light in the cloud.

Then this man carrying two suitcases was rushing to make it on the stairs, when he saw he was moving to slow he started panicking saying “I CAN’T GET LEFT BEHIND, I MUST MAKE IT TO THE STAIRS” then he dropped one suitcase. After dropping the suitcase, he started running to the stairs. When he saw he was still not fast enought he dropped the other suitcase and jumped on the stairs. He was so releived that he made it, he started to praise God. Then i witnessed some people who thought they were on the stairs but were not, they were still on the ground not moving upward towards the cloud. when they realized it also they started to panick saying “Oh my God, what is going to happen? We didn’t make it on the stairs. How did we not make it on the stairs?” some started weeping loudly, some starting to go crazy out of fear because they did not make it on the stairs.

As for me, i was just standing next to the stair case looking at all of these events happening. I don’t know why i didn’t go on the stairs. it’s like no one could see me, i began to see the stairs starting to get shorter and going in the cloud. Finally the stairs went all the way into the light in the cloud, then the cloud dissapeared. Now the mall got really DARK and it was me and a group of people left behind wondering what’s going to happen next. This dark figured woman came to all of us left behind and said “ALL OF U LEFT BEHIND, FOLLOW ME. U ALL ARE HEADED THIS WAY GO BETWEEN THOSE DOUBLE DOORS” she sounded so rude and was cursing at us. But we followed her and went to a place where it was like a hospital. A nurse came to me and read my whole life information of everything i did during my lifetime. She started laughing at me as her eyes turned black and her teeth grew longer like fangs. she started to transform into this ugly scary demon looking creature.

Out of fear i started to tell myself to wake up. For some reason i knew i was sleeping, so i told myself this doesn’t have to be real if u don’t want it to be. wake up medgina wake yourself up. The Demon laughed at me and said “YOU WANTED TO KNOW WHERE U WERE HEADED RIGHT? WELL U ARE HERE, AND U HAVEN’T SEEN NOTHING YET. YOU ARE NEVER WAKING UP” So much fear ran through my whole body, as i began to cry. But i started praying out loud for Jesus to save me. Then the Demon laughed harder saying “ARE U SERIOUS, YOUR PRAYING? WHAT CAN PRAYER DO FOR U WITH SO MUCH DOUBT IN YOUR HEART, YES I KNOW U ALWAYS DOUBT, SO CONTINUE TO WASTE UR TIME AND PRAY”. The demon shocked me so much with her words because it was the truth, but i continued to pray. Then the demon raised her hand and a dark cloud appeared, in the cloud i could see people on earth who were praying so loud and with so much focus. The Demon said “YOU ARE JUST LIKE THESE PEOPLE U SEE, THEY PRAY YET THEIR PRAYER ARE WORTH NOTHING. WE LAUGH AT PEOPLE LIKE YOU”

Then right when the demon leaped over with huge long claws to attack me the scene dissapeared, and i was all of a sudden in the middle of dessert where a war was happening with different demons of all sizes and christians dressed in white. As i watched the battle, an all black fugure demon with long claws came at me to kill me, but i yelled out Jesus name & she backed up so quickly. i noticed yelling Jesus’s name works so i continued to say Jesus name. Soon i noticed that it was no longer working and the demon was getting closer to me about to reach me. But that’s when my mother, a lady from my church, and my aunt ( 3 CHRISTIANS) appeared out of no where and grabbed my hand to form a circle.

They started to sing and pray, and told me to close my eyes and focus to sing and pray also. As we were praying this orange glowing Fire ball was forming in the middle of our circle and it flew out and hit the demon that was about to kill me and the demon turned into black dust. The more we prayed, more Fire glowing balls were forming rapidly flying out hitting all the demons on the battle field, turning all of them to dust untill all was gone. After that, the scene dissapeared and i saw myself in a car driving on a road, as i kept driving the car started going up in the air heading to the sky. The car was flying up to this cloud that had an amazing beautiful Shiny light inside of it. As the car was almost about to go in the cloud with the beautiful light the car stopped and all of a sudden i heard this beautiful male voice talking to me from the cloud. the voice was so calm and gentle and the voice said …..
“DAUGHTER, U ASKED ME TO SHOW U WERE U WERE HEADED. I PLACED U IN THE SITUATION AT THE BEGINNING WITH THE DEMON TO TEST YOUR FAITH. YOU STARTED OFF GOOD, BUT AS ALWAYS YOU DOUBTED ME”. I DECIDED TO TEST YOU AGAIN AT THE BATTLE FIELD AND U DOUBTED ME IN YOUR HEART AGAIN. I KNOW YOU DOUBT ME, MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER IT HURT ME SO SO MUCH TO SEE YOU DOUBTING ME. I SEE YOU AND I CAN HEAR YOU. I SEE EVERYTHING YOU DO AND EVERYWHERE YOU GO, I KNOW U CAN’T SEE ME, BUT IM ALWAYS THERE WATCHING YOU, PROTECTING YOU. PLEASE DAUGHTER DON’T DOUBT, IM HERE FOR YOU, I WAS ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, AND I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU”. then i woke up after his last words. I woke up and started staring at my ceiling suddenly feeling a presence in my room. I began to cry because i felt so ashamed, and guilty for doubting my savior, my lord, my God. I felt bad because he told me im hurting him by doubting. But i felt comforted by his words that he would always be here for me.

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