How Do I Know if I am growing in God?

How do I know that I am growing in God?
– Notes on a sermon by Rev. Paul Thangiah
– Jan 21, 2007

How do I know that I am growing in God?

Is it Bible reading, prayer, fasting? No.

One thing: it takes time to learn to tune into the voice of God.

Ask yourself:

Are you more aware of God and sensitive to God than you were at any time before?

2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ

Bible encourages us to grow in God.

1. Are you more thirsty for God?
2. Are you more and more loving?

3. Are you more sensitive to and aware of God than ever before?

Just because you are involved in church activities does not mean you are growing in God.

Being active is not a substitute for progressing in the Kingdom of God.

We are not against ushers, but its not enough to serve in practical activities – are you learning are
you growing

Its not relevant how many years you have been coming to church?

Ask: am I more aware of God than ever before?

Romans 6:11

Likewise, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

ARE YOU ALIVE TO GOD? Are you sensitive and aware to the voice of God?

Don’t take God for granted. Do you wake up in the morning hours and cry out to God?

Being heavily involved in the work of the church does not mean that you are aware of God?

Can you hear God saying something like “stop the car”?

Can we be obedient to the small promptings of the Holy Spirit?

Are we compromising on God’s instructions?

We may be willing to do things for God but do we work WITH GOD?


Have all the things that grieve God – bad VCDs and so on, have they come back into your life? When you
first got saved, you got rid of all those things that were sinful. But have they come back after 20 years?

Its obedience to the specific instructions of God that prove we are aware of God. This is also what maintains
that close awareness of God.

All the dancing, shouting, singing can be just an emotional exercise, religious exercise. If you have lost the touch
of God, its not good.

I can read the Bible and recite the psalms, but if I am not aware of God its no good.

These are days when the Holy Spirit wants to speak with us personally about things.

With Bible reading: the point is that there were times when GOD spoke to us from the Bible. But is it today that
all we do is read the Bible – and we say – “I have read the Bible”.

Its NOT the reading, but the awareness of God is more important.

I can pray for 10 minutes, 1 hour or 100 hours but if I’ve no awareness of God its a waste.

The AWARENESS of GOD is more important than technical skill in doing ministry things, like leading a service.

Samuel was cleaning the temple and growing in God – the sons of Eli were doing the ministry of priests but were living
in evil.

One hears from God, the other says, “I know everything about the Bible”.

One becomes a prophet, and the other is destroyed by God.

How many come without reverence to the house of God?

Its much more than being a deacon, an elder, a choir member – its HAVING THE AWARENESS OF GOD – that
wherever I go, God is there – he is all-powerful, all-knowing, almighty God.

“The day I get used to God, I want to quit the ministry”.

Apostle Paul, after 35 years of ministry, said, “I want to know Him”.

“Don’t tell me anything, I KNOW” is a bad attitude. We should be more like the apostle Paul in thirsting for the knowledge of God.

After preaching the gospel for years, and opening up Asia and Europe for the gospel, Paul says, “I want to know him”.

Its not the coming to church, its your awareness of God.

When you are aware of God, you will respect and honour God’s servants.

Some think that with their money power they can manipulate God’s children.

Do we walk up and down and say, “Holy Spirit, I want you to talk with me”.

We should read the Scriptures with reverence. We should kneel down and weep before God with reverence.
Do we have consciousness that God is in this place.

Have many have gone back to bad movies, bad music thinking that its no problem because you have been coming to church for some time?

God knows our inner lives, others may not.

Go back to the days when you hungered for God. Some when they had nothing they sought God – now they have house, wife, children
and shop they say they are too busy to come to a prayer meeting?

Another litmus test:

Are you troubled more and more by God’s word?

Go for a morning walk and prayer at 5 a.m. Walk with help body, prayer will help the soul and spirit.

Get physical and spiritual exercise. Go and pray, “God give me this house, this family, this street!”

If music is going to take all your time from God, QUIT MUSIC! The harp doesn’t bring the anointing, God brings it.

You need God more than equipment.

Do you get something out of the Bible every day? Do you not read it at all some days? Or do you just read it religiously and forget what you have read?

2 Timothy 3:16,17

Begin with getting into the Word of God. Don’t cheat people by saying, “God told me”, “God told me” – especially if you are a new believer. Tell how God spoke to you from a verse.

Some people are lazy, they just want to hear from a prophet. The prophet fasts 20 days and they eat for 20 days.

We need to learn to discern what is really of God for ourselves. Then the message from prophets will confirm what God has already told us.

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