A Palestinian State and Israel

Well the big news right now is that today the Palestinian Arabs are going to make an application at the United Nations for Statehood.

This could be the beginning of a new round of Big Trouble.

If it came down to a vote of countries, I would say there are enough countries that are controlled by muslims to get the 2/3 majority they need for this.

The only question is whether any of the countries on the United Nations Security council will VETO this proposal.

People are thinking the United States would be the one to do this.

What Can Happen?

If no one vetoes this, Palestinians will of course be emboldened to do certain things like accept shipments of arms – rockets and guns from countries like Turkey via the Mediterranean Sea – perhaps disguised as humanitarian aid shipments.

Israel will no longer be able to defend its sea borders. because "Palestine" will have direct access to the sea.

The Palestinian leaders have repeatedly vowed to drive the Jews into the sea. Anything they say to downplay this is just DECEPTION aimed for naive non-muslims. Every piece of land they get, every piece of legitimacy they get on the world stage is merely a platform for further demands, further attacks, and further terrorism.

Islam is guided by an extremely hateful lustful spirit that hates the Jews (and Christians too). The Qu'ran itself teaches muslims to kill Jews. "Prophet" Mohammed killed Jews, stole their property and had his men rape their women. And a "good muslim" strives to follow his "prophet".

There will never be peace with Israel until Israel is destroyed (which I don't believe will ever happen) or Islam is destroyed (which will only happen when Jesus Christ comes again).

Diplomats and secular politicians do not understand the spiritual roots of this conflict, so they will never be able to properly resolve it. Some believe that the Antichrist, when he appears on the world stage, will engineer a peace treaty with Israel which will last for 3.5 years. I don't know if this is the correct interpretation of Daniel 9. It may be. But whatever "peace treaty" is made with Israel will only be made to create time for a strategic advantage  for further acts of islamic aggression.


If the US Vetoes …

If the U.S. scuttles the Palestinian application for Statehood at the U.N., they have been promised sour relations with Saudi Arabia. We could expect oil prices to go through the roof in the United States. Other geopolitical ramifications are likely. The U.S. may find itself without any traction in the Islamic nations surrounding Israel. Huge economic problems and popular uprisings against the West are likely.

Even a war against Israel is not impossible.


My Analysis of the Issue


If there is no living God of Israel as many secular humanists assume, then from a natural point of view it doesn't seem right that the Jews can come back after 1800 years and take back the land that was once theirs. If it is right, then the Australian Aboriginals could claim Port Jackson, Sydney  as their land and all sorts of bizarre historical claims in Europe and Asia would become legitimate. 


The Israelis came in and took a lot of land that Arab families had been cultivating for centuries. This can't be right – especially if done without proper compensation.


HOWEVER, if GOD has been involved in re-establishing HIS property rights in the Holy Land and decided a long time ago, as recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures, that the Israelites should return to this land which belongs to God, then GOD trumps these other considerations and GOD Himself is going to be at work in the matter.


I consider that God has a plan for natural Israel and this is something the antichrist forces of Islam will never accept.


We are therefore heading for a time in the near future where the Nations of the World, especially the Islamic nations, are entering into direct conflict with THE LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL.


Scripture predicts that God will somehow step in and protect natural Israel. I believe it will happen supernaturally, and this will cause many Jews to believe in Jesus (or Yeshua, as the name is in Hebrew).

If and when we see these events unfolding, we can be certain that we are living on the edge of history, and eternal things are going to start to break into our world, changing forever all that we ever considered to be "normal".




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