15 Minutes with Jesus – my face to face encounter with Jesus – Forgiveness is key

There is no explanation that I can offer to the reader for the divine visitation, and eyewitness event I received from Jesus Christ; which changed this into the most important night of my life on Wednesday January 21st 1998. The time I spent with Him during the manifestation miracle froze time, and yet if I had to make an educated guess on the visitation length of time according to our conversation, then my best guess would be, 15 minutes with Jesus.

The conversation, the question he asked, the revelation of what is most important to Him will forever be etched in my heart and mind, in the reality and consciousness of that visitation. The time spent with Jesus changed my life, and from that moment on nothing would ever be the same.
I opened my eyes from the prayer I just repeated and looked down towards my feet, what was happening I thought; my toes felt prickly. The tingling began, and became stronger and it began moving up my feet to my ankles, and then to my knees. The sensation transformed itself into a warm wave of rushing water flowing from within me. My eyes traveled up my body alongside the warm billowing feeling which had now made its way up to my chest. Oh my God what was happening? Upward, until I felt the wave touch the top of my head, and then an explosion of light was everywhere.

I had been lifted; I was in the middle of the brightest, whitest light I had ever seen. I felt
Him, and then I saw him from the corner of my right eye. I began turning my head slowly to the right until I was looking directly at him. Here he stood wholly and right next to me. The light was as white as snow and it was protruding from his chest, it was so bright I could not see his eyes, yet I knew who he was. He spoke, “Can You Forgive”?

I stared at him, then he raised his right hand and stretched out his arm, I followed the length of his arm, his hand seemed to be pointing toward something. I looked over and directly in front of me was what looked like a projection screen. Then again he asked, “Can You Forgive”?
I looked back at the screen. Images began to form and suddenly the faces of my daughter’s father and his wife appeared. I sat staring at them as my mind contemplated his question. Then with a shrug I said yes, my answer was yes, I could forgive. Behind them another face appeared, I stared at the face of my father, and again I answered yes. Then tiny bubbles were popping up all over the screen, there were so many faces that I did not recognize them all, again my answer was yes.

At that moment something shot through me, exhilaration, ecstasy, peace, love and over-
whelming joy. The feeling was as if rockets had gone off, fireworks of extra-ordinary proportions, light as white as snow and rainbows of many colors. I was soaring upwards, I looked down and saw my feet beneath me and below my feet I saw the earth and it was falling fast away from me.

I felt him, I heard him say, “nothing matters, what is of the earth and the world stays of the earth and world, work, struggle, strife, sorrow, blame, anger, unforgiveness, materials, and sin. The only thing that matters is God”. Everything was falling away from me, all of the burdens and weight were being lifted from me and suddenly I realized, God is the only answer, the only one who matters, it is to Him we owe our life and loyalty to, now and forever.

I was suspended in light and everlasting joy, and then suddenly I looked over and I thought this isn’t normal. I looked back at Jesus and asked “am I dying?” “No”, and just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone. I was still sitting on my bed, the television was still on the program I was watching.

I sat there in absolute amazement for a moment. Oh my God! What just happened? But I knew
in my heart what had just happened. When I was very young I prayed to the Virgin Mary and waited for her to appear to me. God went further than my prayer in His grace, and God had another plan for me. God showed up, and showed me how much He loved me. The Father wanted me to meet his Son, the Resurrection of Life. God had just introduced me to His Son Jesus, and Jesus Christ was alive.

We all suffer from a variety of strenuous and often depressing storms that pass through our lives. Whenever the problems seem to appear it seems as though Jesus disappears. And we may get the impression that God is just as distant and unconcerned for what’s happening in our lives at that precise moment. Making our way through the challenges and obstacles of life is extremely difficult; we exist through daily arduous trials and puzzling times because we live outside of God’s physical presence. Understanding this we learn to operate by faith rather than sight. God never said it would be easy, but He promised His spirit would always be there when we needed Him.

This is my story, a true story and my testament to the truth. The bible teaches us that mankind looks at our outer appearance, but God sees into the heart of man. There isn’t any reasoning for me invent this information or try to fudge the truth and get away with it from God. Quite frankly I wouldn’t want to be judged for giving any deceit, or using Jesus to gain glory for myself. I am a witness to the truth and an eyewitness to the glory of the Lord. May this story of truth be a testament to Jesus Christ, His birth, His life, His crucifixion, His death, His resurrection, and His eternal life.

I have seen His glory, His grace, His mercy, in one miraculous moment in time. An extraordinary time I shall always remember, a visit that changed my life, the miracle of being an eye witness to the resurrected Christ who continues to live, and will exist from beginning to end, who will forever be in the hearts of His Chosen. It is by His grace and mercy we are delivered into salvation. I shall never forget as long as I may live, nor will my Father ever let me forget His power, my 15 Minutes with Jesus.

I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me. Acts 26:17-18)

I will always be reminded how “suddenly the Son of God stood manifested before me, the darkness was turned to snow-white and the brilliant light surrounded Him.” For 15 minutes I was wrapped in the realm of God, and Jesus asked me “Can you forgive?”

victorya c

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