Jesus asked His disciples a question one day near the town of Caesarea Philippi:“Who do people say that I am?” The disciples answered, “Some people say you are John the Baptist; some say you are Elijah and others say you are Jeremiah or some other prophet.”

I believe Jesus asked this most interesting question to His disciples to get an understanding of how the world viewed Him. The disciples relayed the people’s thoughts back to their Master that people saw Jesus in different capacities. Some felt He was a reflection of Elijah, while others felt He was of the Jeremiah mould.

Elijah was the Mr. Firm character – straight as an arrow – the no-nonsense type of guy with unusual strength of character, intense spiritual drive, and a determined will. Elijah had many positive qualities to his manliness; he was strong spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and volitionally. Many people saw these same qualities in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so it was easy for the people of Israel to associate Jesus with Elijah.

On the others side of the coin, Jeremiah was the opposite. He was gentle, compassionate, kind, merciful, patient, and gentle. He was known to weep openly in public, was highly sensitive, and had a great capacity for love and kindness. Like Jeremiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth was tender hearted and possessed great feelings.
Jesus our LORD and Saviour is a fine blend of many characteristics of both men which we would do well to emulate. Put Elijah and Jeremiah together and you have a person who is tough but gentle, firm but compassionate, rugged and strong but blessed with great sensitivity. It would be good if we as born again Christians could adopt the same qualities in our own personal lives.
We need to be firm against sin and our adversary the devil – Satan, but compassionate and full of love, grace and mercy towards the sinner!!!

When we read this account of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Book of Matthew chapter 16, verses 13-20, asking His disciples this interesting question, we then get Peter’s divine though it is not recorded in Scripture, I like to believe with my ‘little mustard seed’ faith that Peter also said that Jesus Christ was the Banker to the poor and unemployed man. The Compass to the weary traveller. The Bright and Morning Star to the one walking in complete darkness. The Healer of all sickness and disease. The Saviour for every sin. The Deliverer from every addictive habit. The Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, and Fire to everyone who hungers and thirsts. The One whom king Herod could not destroy. The Faithful husband to the bride. The Friend to the friendless. The Physician to the sick and the Psychiatrist to the confused. The KING of all KINGS, and the LORD of all LORDS – who Was and Is, and Is to come again. The Good Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, and the Great Shepherd. The Last Adam, the Great Redeemer, the Living Word, the Bridge over troubled waters, the Anchor in stormy seas, the bread when we’re hungry, the Refreshing Water when we’re thirsty – the AMEN & AMEN & AMEN. The Alpha and Omega – the First – the Last , the Beginning and the Ending, and everything else in between. The Rock of Ages and the Ancient of Days. The Holy One of Israel. The Great I AM. The Problem Solver, the Burden Carrier, and the Lover of our souls, but most importantly – the free gift of salvation to all mankind of eternal, everlasting life, AMEN!!!


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