I scurried around the kitchen taking care of my children’s hunger while worshipping along with the music on my laptop. Suddenly I had to come to a dead halt, not knowing that MY “hunger” would be met that afternoon. Leaning onto my elbows on the counter, eyes shut ~ the One being worshipped reached down to touch me: depositing into me the only way to feed my longing to know Him more intimately.

“…the veil of the temple was torn in two.” (Luke 23:45)

Ultimately the veil has already been torn for our free access to God, where we can come BOLDLY to Him, but we hang our self constructed veils that keep us from confidently approaching Him.

I see Jesus, just the lower half of Him (in a white robe). His hands outstretched beckoning one to come to Him…

A woman, behind a white veil – sheepishly, she pokes her head around to see Him. She knew Him. He knew her. That was evident.

As she made her way to Him, there were rows of veils to maneuver around. Each veil had a name: Shame, hurt, bitterness, resentment, anger, guilt, abuse, abandonment: All in which were blocking her from coming to Him FULLY. She longed to be with Him, but these veils…

She loves Him and is in relationship with Him. She is a worshipper… but she only presents to Him the “pretty” parts ~ ashamed of those unhealed areas of her life.

We think these veils protect us. We shy away because of shame. We even unconsciously doubt His acceptance because of false perceptions of our worth due to what we’ve been through or because of earthly relationships that have caused us deep pain.

The most intimate relationships are born out of being vulnerable to share your whole “story.” This is why He is calling. He longs for all of you and He knows the healing power His presence brings. Beloved, He is beckoning you…

Longing for a love exchange
Abandoned and free
I anticipate our togetherness
As you make your way to Me

Suddenly you cower
From Me, your eyes divert
Veils drape around you
Tailored by years of hurt

I see the shackles tighten
Binding up your heart
You hold from Me the broken
Only giving Me a part

A part of who you really are
A portion of your soul
I need to embrace it all
To mend and make you whole

Restoration only comes
To places you let Me touch
Press past your own resistance
I’m the One who you can trust

Anxiously I beckon you
As a husband to his bride
To make your way again
Confidently by My side

Recklessly abandoned
To My arms you quickly run
Cradled in My acceptance…
Veils dropping… one by one

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