Testimony of Enrico “Red” Dizon

25 Inmate: Enrico “Red” Dizon

Red Dizon 2

September 1st 2001
Case Code: “Cochise-Beebom”
Name:    Pst. Enrico “Red” Dizon
Prison No:    N92-P-2606
Criminal Case No.:     Q-90-15239 and Q-90-15240

G.R No.    106210-11
Age:    40 years. 10th June 1961
Marital Status:    Married. 3 Children from my former marriageSentence:    Reclusion Perpetua (3 Counts)-120 years Served:    11 Years. With GCTA 13 years 8 monthsCrime:    Carnapping. Kidnapping. Double Murder. Slight illegal Detention.Occupation:    Police Officer

Family Address:    96 Bgy. San Jose, Matulid, Mexico, Pampanga 2021

Summary of Information

Part 1 of this Testimony is available as a Youtube Video (Click here)
When the controversial case hit the headlines of the major newspapers, tabloids (broadsheets) radio and TV networks, in the 90’s, I did not bother to tell my Commanding Officer and other superior Officers in our unit. This unit being the Intelligence and Investigation Section of the 172nd PC Coy. Based in San Fernando, Pampango in Recom 3. I still did my duties knowing that I could elude arrest. I was confident that I would not be implicated for I knew that the crime was perfect. I stayed in the safe house.
One afternoon my youngest son “Kent Lester” 6 months old suffered a convulsion; his eyeballs were white, violet skin and not breathing anymore. I cried help to the Lord, sincerely for the first time in my life, to please restore my son Kent who is now a grade 6 student, healthy and intelligent boy. He was clinically dead for he had no pulse had stopped. I prayed to God, crying please forgive all my sins and I even promise to go for good and start a new life. As I finished my prayer God answered my prayer my child’s life was restored and that same day I promised myself to confess to my wife that I am guilty of “ The Crime of the Century”, as tagged by the media. That evening while my wife was watching the television news about the case I came near her, embraced her very tightly and kissed her then with a grumbling /shattering voice told her that I am one of the killers and it was about time to surrender and face the consequences. My wife lost her consciousness and when she regained her consciousness she cried again. That night I went to our office to voluntary surrender myself, to my Superiors that was 15th January 1991. I spent the night in prayer then I realized that “ when you are at the end of yourself it is the beginning of God”.
On the 16th January 1991 I was transferred to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) cell, in Taft Avenue Manila, then on the 5th February I was again transferred to Camp Crame Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Jail as a devout Roman Catholic then. I spent my time in the RC Church almost every day bringing with me, all the time, the 2 status of infant Jesus, one of which according to my (deceased wife) now Isabel  was  bronze and the other was a gift from my mother obtained by a relative who visited Basilica in Rome. There I religiously recited the Apostles Creed and Hail Mary out of ignorance because during that time I was not born again. I even drew and made four painted  statues of saints, which we placed in Grottos on the different cell block of the custodial compound. Until one day God used an instrument or messenger for me,  in the person of Supt. Roberto T. Bondoe, the Jail warden then. He gave me a green covered hardcover Bible and started sharing the “truth” about the gospel of Jesus. During that time I was one of the co-ordinators of the Roman Catholic Church, so I hesitated to come in the Evangelical Church a wall away from our church. One day I was amused to come near the window and peeped and stayed about 40 minutes. The preacher’s sermon was about idolatry. I was really disgusted and angry and embarrassed that was why I immediately went home to my cell thinking of the sermon. My cell was only about 10 meters from the statue of Mary in which I was one who made it oh! God please forgive that that scenario opened my spiritual eye. Yes the Pastors sermon is true. God is the creator of the Universe, the maker of all things, then the question raised on my mind was that’s why are we Catholics kneeling, worshiping and praising to these statues which are only made up of woods, cements, plastic, ivory etc. God is Spirit, yes, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth. Isaiah is correct when he stated in his book that “Idolatry is foolishness” Isaiah chapter 44 verses 9-20. But my tradition and belief is divided. That morning 9th July 1992 I went to R.T.C. Br. 88 to face the final verdict on my case. I was wearing all white cloths a suite with two pockets in which the which the two statues were kept believing that they will help me acquitted or vindicated before the judge I stand confidently listening while the verdict on the first and second transcripts. I’ve been acquitted f   or Carnapping and Kidnapping. I said to my self foolish self then these statues have power bur unfortunately before I was able to utter another word to praise those “rubbish statues” the executive judge convicted me on Double life terms for double murder (Reclusion Perpetua) 2 counts then and 17-20 years for Illegal detention.
Note: I am already a Christian when I received the Supreme Court that the final Judgement and sentenced me to (3 life terms) on the 6th February 1996. When I received this final judgement I’m them on my graduation for Ministerial Course NBPTI Bible School and planning to take BTh next year. I am told myself that it doesn’t matter to me if I was convicted on earth the most important thing to me is that I’m acquitted in heaven. Amen!

In 21st October 1992 that I was transferred from the PNP Jail in Camp Crame to NBP (Bureau of Corrections), in Muntinlupa City. Here because of temptations, persecutions and other worldly things even thou I am studying in the school of life,  on 1993 I didn’t finish because riots among rival gangs in which (I am one of the gang leaders of the Preesidio side. I was able to finish by Basic Bible course only the next year of 1994.

Part 2 Enrico “Red” Dizon 2 (video)
Before I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ I was living a life full of sin. I hate to reminisce on my dark past for I do not wish to remember. I do not even want to think on who and what kind of person I was.  I consider my old self as one of the worst of sinners. I can conclusively say yes because as far as the sin issue is concerned I did almost or rather committed sin in almost every possible way under the sun “out of Ignorance”.
But before I proceed on this written testimony of mine on how God divinely transformed my life I would like to give him all the glory, honour and praise for His amazing grace and mercy towards me.
This testimony on how God divinely changed my life is DEDICATED: TO THE GLORY OF GOD, and Isabel (deceased) my first wife who died of breast cancer by whom I have three sons namely: Karl Zymon, Kelvin Ace and Kent Lester. Also to my second wife Sheryl and to all the Christian pastors and brethren who encouraged and helped me to draw closed to King David’s greater son. The one who is greater than Solomon-The King of Kings and Lord of Lords- Jesus Christ.
From my teenage years and adult period of life I had been involved in street fighting. Drinking sprees, gambling. Pot sessions using prohibited drugs. I also went on robberies violent and illicit sexual affairs of perversion.
It became worse when I joined the uniformed society (PC/INP) now Philippine National Police (PNP). I was assigned to different police stations and commands such as The Pampering Striking Force. One of its Provincial Drives against Counter-Insurgency and other organized criminal activities. I was assigned at the PC/INP/PNP Headquarters 172 nd DC Coy’s: Intelligence operative. I have earned and awarded military medals and commendations. I did well at the early stages of my police career serving my country by means of protecting their lives and properties. I was engaged in many operations and insurgents and criminal encounters in the field of warfare in which I felt I was super human out of my experiences with the Police Service.
I used my advantage (my position and uniform) to abuse my authority. I told my self that I would earn a lot of money this being the Devil’s Influence. I was transformed from a “LAW ENFORCER” to a “LAW BREAKER”. I engaged and involved myself in all kinds of criminal activities such as:
A Gun Runner
Being involved in extortion and giving protection to gambling and prostitution dens Having sexual affairs with married women (sexual immorality)The worst of all IDOLATARY. Hired killer. With all this I was not satisfied I wanted lots of money so I began to kill people for a fee in which several lives were taken by my hands.
Then God divinely intervened in my life, for he had a divine plan a glorious plan in my life as stated by the prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 29)
“For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and hope” (NKJV)
Of course being a Christian I’ve already experienced the lowlands (meaning) I do still commit sins, because we’re on the process of sanctification but the grace of God is sufficient enough that even though were facing problems, persecutions, conflicts, in the Church, and fellow workers and brethren God is ever merciful and faithful.
Then I confessed my sins to you and don’t hide guilt. I said, “ I will confess my sins to he Lord, and you forgave my guilt” (Psalm 32 verse 5).
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. (1 John 19).
My whole being, praise the Lord the Lord and do not forget all His kindness, He forgives all my sins and heals my spiritual sickness. Now I’m on the “Mountain Tops” enjoying the joy of my salvation.
A young lady blessed me. A Christian, who really fears God. Who in spite of all odds, humiliation and persecution to other people accepted me and loved for a very good reason: I even told her to think 100 times before she married me but he told me that she is not interested on the dark side of my life but she is interested in what God is doing in me now and what God has got for me in the future. We exchanged our vows last June 10th 2001 at my Dormitory Cell 6-B, Solemnized by Rev. Lucas Dangatan. God is good all of the time. My wife’s name is Sheryl Gamba-Dizon. 24 years old, from Irosin, Sorogon, on the town of San Julian. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Economics at the Divine World College in Legaspi City. She is now taking her masters degree at the University of Philippines on Los Bans Laguna taking up research development management.
Election and Predestination
For God did predestinate (Greek. Proovizo) is for Him to decree or foreordain the circumstances and destiny of people according to His perfect will. (Rom. 8:29-30) “For whom he did foreknow He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren”.
“Moreover whom He did  predestinate them He also called, whom He called these He also justified and whom he justified He also glorified”.
It takes 3 1/2 years before God put me in my mother’s womb as a living creature
At the age of 7 years old I was drowned at Mt. Arayats Old Lagoon. Some people unknown to mw after they saw the incident hurriedly dived in a deep and stinky old lagoon they successfully rescued me but I was still unconscious. The second time that the Lord God moved in my life I was in grade 4 when I was accidentally hit  by speeding “La Mallorca” bus halfway of and old vintage bridge in Lagundi on Mexican town domestic road. I was hit hard ; I can’t remember where I fell what happened next after I was thrown on the left side of the road. Then passengers were screaming and staring at me while in my unbelief I’ve not suffered any confusion or abrasion or scratch and this is the 3rd time God moves in m y life.
Sometime in 1980 while we were cruising on a motorcycle Kawasaki 360 cc with my friend Brandis I was riding on the back and was accidentally hit on the left side by speeding Toyota Celsta. The accident actually happened at the crossroads of Villa Joseph in Balibago City of Angeles, Philippines. In this accident I was hit hard on the right leg. I may say because I actually saw a rubber guard that was attached at the front portion of the car not only   this I and my companion Bradis fell on the asphalt pavement and the bike turned turtle and several vehicles speeding on the road miscalculated and did not hit us. The car drivers brought us to hospital. St. Francis Medical Centre in San Fernando Town. They cast my right leg up to my limb but God once again moved in my life for the 4th time because I did not fracture my bones were intact and my X-ray examination showed slight wounds on the outer side of my body.
I can’t count the many times the Lord saved me. I was involved in gang wars, rumbles. I have been in the Striking Force and the Intelligence Community and have engaged in many encounters to the subversive rebels and element of organized crime, I’ve been a subject of   association’s plots and ambushes while in the Police Service. Twice the Lord saved me in Maximum-Security prison from two groups of assassins. Now I surely and absolutely believe the Lord is with me and has a divine plan in my life.
That reality is God has a divine plan in my life “ In him also we have obtained an inheritance being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will”.
I fervently believe that I was predestined, like the rags to riches story, and what actually happening to me is more than a story. I was predestined according to the council of His will and Jesus Christ is my inheritance.
For God to elect is for him to choose for salvation and or service a people or person; the choice is not based on merit but on His free sovereign love.
Even my deepest thoughts and even my wildest of dreams really cannot fathom Gods divine plan for me. Imagine from the very womb of my mother to a sinful life I used to live in and to those circumstances accidents, prison life personal life and spiritual life’s experiences of ups and downs even I’d hit rock bottom. He did not leave me n or forsake me. From Killer to preacher! I really can’t believe it. So my family and friends do. But its true God love is really amazing. To summon it all, “He chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be before him in love having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to himself according to the good pleasure of his will.

My Testimony was written for the book Trojan Warriors (Click to view) and is testimony number 25 out of 66 other inmates in New Bilibid Prison.

Chronology of Ernesto (“Red”) Dizon Achievements
Date    Function/Activity    Location/Group

1991    Coordinator, song leader    Philippine National Police Jail Evangelical Church

1992-1994    Choir    International Prison Ministry

1995-1996    Graduated. Basic Bible Course
1995/96    President Batch 14    Prisoners of Christ

1995/96    Philippine Source of Light    Correspondence Course

Back to the bible    Correspondence Course

95-96    Graduated Ministerial Course    NBPT

Vice President Student Course    New Bilibid Prison Theological Institute

Complete-Intervship Course    Pastor

Assistant Pastor    Panworld Blind Missions Inc.

Coordinator P    Prayer Life Seminars of the Philippines
1997-1998    Study- Batchelor in Theology 3 years.
Material Studies.
Appointed Pastor

Christian Brigade Fellowship

1998-1999    Deacon, Elder, Pastor. Licensed Minister    18th November 1999
Sonlight Ministries, Inc.

Item    Function/Activity    Location

1    Building coordinator     (Death Row)

a. Bldg 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D.

2    Bible Study leader    (Death Row Brigade)

3    Sunday School Teacher
4    Bible School teacher    (PNP) School of life.

5    Coordinator     (VFC) Values Formation Council

6    Liaison Officer (FLDCOC)    Fist Inter Denominational Christian Ordaining Council, Inc.
7    General Committee Member on Religious Affairs

8     Spiritual Adviser (BC)    Batang City Jail International 32
9    Chairman BC Intentional 32    Inmates Assistance Council

10    Outreach Pastor    Amazing Grace Christian Ministries. Inc.
11    Brigade Mayor/Chief Petty Officer    Dorm 6-B Drug pushers, traffickers, users Dormitory

Personal Students
Name    Life Cell/Death Row
1    Antonio Simolata    Deacon, A6CM- Asst. Chief Petty Officer Dorm 6-B

2    Luis Baquiran    Deacon, A6CM

3    Alfred Tumaneng    Pastor, A6CM

4    Rodney Dumalahay    SMECF

5    Gerry Valler    AGCM

6    Rommel Deag    AGCM

7    Alex Bartolme    Executed 2000

Teachers        1992-1999

1    Pst. Daniel C. Verano    Principal (PNP) Pst. In Charge

2    Pst. Roland Verches    Basic Bible Course

3    Pst. Gilbert Patagnan    ‘’

4    Pst. Daniel Simbre    “

5    Pst. Barros    “

6    Pst. Polly Esperas    “

7    Pst. Mac Caguioa    “

8    Pst.
9    Bro. Librada Arceo    “

10    Sis. Corazon Venano

Fellow Ministers    Name    Met on Ministers Course

11    Rev. Lucas Dangatan    Principal NBPTI

12    Rev. Bobby C. Alino

13    Rev. Joseph Y. Kim    Presbyterian Church of

14    Rev. Aduardo P. Gaston

15    Rev. Verana

Educational Background    Seminars    Bible Ministry Group

91-94    Choir member    International Prison

Graduated:    Sunday School Class (IPM)
Basic Bible Course (PNP)

President    Batch 14 Prisoners of Christ

95-96    Appointed Asst. Pastor    PanWorld Blind Missions. Inc.

Graduated    Diploma in Theology (NBTI)

Vice President    Student Council

96-97    Completed    Pastor’s Internship

94-97    Co-coordinator    Prayer Life Seminars of the Phils.
96-98,99    BTh. (Theological Studies) 3 years

98-99    Appointed Pastor    Christian Brigade Fellowship Inc.

94-99    Correspondence Course/PhiloSol    Philippine Source of Light
Back to the bible

99    Deacon    SMECF

Elder    SMECF

Pastor 18th November 99    FIDCOC

Periods    Seminars    Location

Prayer Life Seminars of the Philippines

Christian Growth Ministries

Evangelism Explosion III

Turning Point Int’l. Inc.

IPM Sunday School

Sonlight Ministries, Inc.

Item    Other Activities    Location

1    Building Co-coordinator    Death Rows 1-A, 1-B, 1,C, 1-D

2    Bible Study Leader    Death Row Dorm 1-B

3    Sunday School Teacher    SMECF

4    Bible School Teacher    PNB

5    Liaison Officer    FIDCOC

6    General Committee Members of Religious Affairs

7    Spiritual Adviser    (BC) 32 Int’l.)

8    Chairman Inmates Assistance Council
(BC) 32 Int’l.)
9    Outreach Pastor    AGCM/Dorm6-B

10    Brigade Major    Chief Petty Officer
Dormitory 6-B (Drugs)

11    Para-Legal Volunteer for Prisoners Welfare and Counselling Services

Red Dizon
September 2001

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