Spirit of Harlotry – #3- The Harlot-part1

I am not going to preach long tonight because we have a fellowship afterward and the kids are going to get restless. But we are going to continue in this harlot teaching addressing the spirit of harlotry. And I do not know if I will get into it tonight, but I want to show you in the scripture that the harlot is a spirit. Okay! It is a spirit of harlotry. It mentions that spirit. So when I am talking about harlotry I am talking about a spirit of harlotry. The idea as we go through this and we learn about harlotry is when we finally get into the book of Revelation we are going to get into the spirit of harlotry in the last days so that you can see this thing and you will not be a part of this. And I believe that this spirit of harlotry has invaded America. It has invaded the church. And we have tolerated it and allowed it to come in. And it has come in and seduced the people of God and it is bad. And we have to get this thing out. And I am in a war where I have come to pick a fight like William Wallace in in the movie Brave-heart. Robbie and I are going to come up here with kilts on and paint our face blue. And we are going to do the Brave-heart thing. I have come to pick a fight. And if you are not ready for war, I am telling you, you are in the wrong place and in the last days which I believe we are in you are going to be swept away and destroyed eventually by this spirit of harlotry. Because war is coming. It is coming. And especially to the folks that are trying to go down this road. You are going to go into warfare like you have never seen before. You better get ready. I am trying to prepare you. Get yourself ready for this fight.

Proverbs 7 verse 1: My son, keep my words, and treasure my commandments within you. 2: Keep my commandments and live. That is a good salvation scripture isn’t it? Is that a good eternal life scripture? You want a good eternal life scripture? Keep my commandments and live! So what do you think the devil wants you to do? Not keep it! What do you think the devil would do as far as false teaching? Tell you that you don’t have to do it! That is false. You are supposed to keep the word. 3: Bind them on your fingers. Now that does not mean to go in there and wrap the word of God like the Pharisees who use to tie the phylacteries around their hands and their for head and all that and took it literal. But we are not talking about it that way. I mean you are supposed to put your hands to work to obey the word of God.

Write them on the tablet of your heart

Okay! 4: Say to wisdom, which we have learned is the Holy Spirit, you are my sister. Now watch this. Call understanding your intimate friend. In other words you need to get intimate with the right things. We have got intimacy with the wrong things. Many of us are intimate with things we should not be intimate with. We are intimate with are Playstations or our Facebook accounts. The young people are intimate with your video games. You get intimate with it then that is what you get. We are intimate with the wrong things. He said you better get wisdom and understanding. Look! 5: That they may keep you from the adulteress. In other words, if you do not have the Spirit of God, which is the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, along with the word of God you will not be kept from the harlot; because it will entice you and seduce you away every time. So this right here is so important. If you want to avoid this spirit of harlotry, that is already here and it is getting worse and worse, you better get wisdom and understanding. You better get intimate with them.

You better hear the Spirit of God so you can stay away from the adulteress. If you do not get intimacy there then how can you tell the difference between the harlot and the Spirit of God? You can’t! Because the harlot’s words are smoother than oil. It sounds like God. I was watching a video this week on the upcoming election on Youtube. I was watching this thing about Obama and they had a little spiel on Ferracom, a black Muslim guy, and he was talking about the Messiah has spoken. Now brother you need to go see some of this stuff. I have a friend of mine who sends me this stuff to keep me posted on the political things going on. But this guy is saying the Messiah is speaking and the people are hearing. There’s your harlot brother. It’s speaking and it’s coming. And people are going to be led down the wrong way. If you don’t know wisdom and understanding as your intimate friend you are going to be walking the wrong way. It is already happening all over the place. This harlot spirit is a false teacher that will sweep you away with the flood. We talked about the flood of words in the days of Noah. Only the Spirit of God through the word of God can keep you from this. It is the only thing that will keep you from it. If you do not have the Spirit of God and the word of God working you will be seduced by this spirit.

This spirit of harlotry is everywhere today. It says from the adulteress, the foreigner. It says it’s a foreigner. You are not supposed to be cohabiting with this thing. It is not your sister. It is not your family. It is not your intimate friend, but it’s a foreigner. From the foreigner who what? From the foreigner who flatters with her words. That spirit is a spirit of flattery that will seduce you by flattery and tell you everything you want to hear. You know what harlots do? They tell you everything you want to hear like you are the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Seducing you with flattery. And it is a spirit that works in people today in teaching and preaching wherever you go to flatter you. That is what that thing does. If you look up the word flattery in the Hebrew it means to be smooth. Smooth talkers brother! The smooth talkers are the adulteresses. Slippery, faithless are other words to describe flattery in the Hebrew. That is what that word means.

6 For at the window of my house I looked out through my lattice, 7: and I saw among the naïve and discerned among the youths, a young man lacking sense

Now isn’t that interesting that the harlot has a corner? Do you know what corner means? It is the feminine word, which is interesting. It means a angle, a pinnacle, a chieftain, a chief, a corner or a tower. In other words this thing is a ruling spirit. It is a ruler. Brother it is a big deal. It is a ruler with a stronghold, that looks out and sees those that can be possibly seduced or be seduced. It looks around and it is picking out who it can entice. And it is up on the corner. It is on the tower. You know where queen Jezebel was when Jehu came after her? Do you know where she was? She was on the tower. She was up on the tower looking. Do you know where Rahab was when the spies came into Jericho right before the children of God began to take the promised land? She was on a tower on top of the city wall. That is where this Spirit of harlotry lives. It lives in the high places.

Look at Joshua 2:15. This is about Rahab. I will just read it. 15: She let them down by a rope through the window for her house was built on a city wall, so that she was living on the wall. She lives on the wall. What is the wall? The wall is the protection that you build up for yourself to protect you from everything. Instead of letting God build the wall and God build the house you build your own wall and that harlot spirit lives right up there on top of that wall. It is looking and watching and it lives on that stronghold wall. That is what it does.

I mentioned this last week. Don’t you think it is very interesting that the first thing the children of God dealt with was the harlot? They dealt with the harlot. And the harlot got saved. The harlot got saved and aloud them to go into the city and take the city down. If that harlot had turned on them they would have been destroyed. All she would have had to do was say here they are. Come and get them. That is what the harlot does. But that harlot was converted. Do you see what I am saying? So in other words. What do we have to deal with? We have to get rid of that stinking harlot spirit. We have got to get rid of this thing. And it is everywhere today. So we are going to deal with this thing. And when I am through with this teaching you are going to know what it is. And you are going to get rid of it. I am going to get rid of it. We are all going to get rid of this thing. So that is where the harlot lives is up on the wall. She lives on your walls of protection that you have. And you do not want to let it down because it protects you.

Now listen ladies and gentleman! Especially ladies! Ladies build the walls of protection up because of what has happened to them in their past. And I understand it because of some of the abuse and all the things that has happened over their life. So they build these walls of protection up. Ladies you better let them down. And let God build your wall. I am telling you that you better let them down. You are going to have to trust God and let them down so you can get delivered and free of this thing. So you can take this thing off your wall.

You know how they got Jezebel off the wall and off the tower?

It took a king Jehu or authority because that spirit is a queen. It rules as a queen so it has to have a authority bigger than her to take that thing down in your life. The prophet was not even able to take that thing down. Elijah could not take that thing down. It took a king to take that thing down. So it is the King that is going to take this thing down. Because He is the one greater. And who is the King? It’s Jesus.

Back to Proverbs 7:9, now watch this. And in the twilight, in the evening, in the middle of the night, and in the darkness. See the progression here? Look at the progression. It starts out it is in the twilight. You know just about dark. Then it becomes evening. A little darker isn’t it? Then it is the middle of the night. And then it is the middle of the night. That is where you are headed. That is the way that spirit works. A little light, yeah this looks cool. Then a little darker and a little darker and then finally you are in total darkness. And you don’t even know it. And that is where we are today because the parable of the ten virgins. They where all asleep and the shout came at midnight. Darkness, that is where it is today.

Look at Matthew 6:22. It is pretty amazing when the light you think you have is really darkness. Let me repeat that. I said it is pretty bad when the light you think you have is really darkness but you think you are in the light. Brother you are in darkness and you don’t even know it! You are really in darkness when you think the light you have turns out to be darkness. Now Matthew 6: 22. The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore the eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. Right? 23: But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If the light that is in you is darkness, How great is the darkness? In other words, If the light you think you have is really darkness then brother, how dark is that darkness? How many people think they have got the light? If the light is darkness then how great is the darkness? Do you hear what I am saying?

Brother we need a revelation and a eye opening experience with God to get the light coming in. I have watched this, this week. I have seen the light come on in about four or five people; that I have prayed with this week. The light has come on! And they are starting to see the darkness. But you can’t see it if you do not have the light and you do not listen to the light. It talks about in John, that men would not come to the light because their deeds where dark. They would not come to the light because their deeds where dark. When you think you see you are blind and your sin remains. That is in John chapter 9. The blind man got healed in John chapter 9 and the Pharisees came to him and said “Are we blind to?” We are not blind to are we? And Jesus said “ Because you say you see; your sin remains”. In other words the light in them was darkness which means you will never be free.

In the Laodecian church what did He say to that church?

And God is getting ready to come and deliver His people like He did 2000 years ago. He delivered His people to get them out of bondage. It is happening now an He is bringing the light to show the people of God what is going on so He can set us free. So you have to come to the light. You have to come to the light and get your deeds revealed and then get rid of it. This is the time. You can’t serve God and the harlot or you will be blind because you think you have got light and you are going to be blind. In the last days this what is going to happen when we get into Revelation. God is going to cut off the harlot. He is going to divorce the harlot in the last days. Brother the harlot is going to get separated from God, because God is going to separate Himself from the harlot.

In the mean time we need to separate ourselves from the harlot. So that he will not separate Himself from us. What did He do with Israel? Did He separate Himself from Israel because He came and they rejected Him because they preferred to play the harlot with all that other stuff? That religious stuff! Did He separate from it? He blinded them didn’t He? Is that not what it said about the Jewish people? They where blinded for a while but they are starting to come out, But separated Himself from the Jewish people. The same thing is going to happen in the last days. That is what is going to happen because of the rejection.

Back to Proverbs 7:10. This not your typical Sunday morning meeting is it? That is why we meet on Saturday night because we don’t do typical stuff. So don’t expect typical! A woman comes to meet him, dressed as a harlot. In other words she is set up to entice him. Now you have to look at this in the spiritual realm. There is a spiritual harlot that we are talking about here and there is a enticement of spiritual things to get you to go after the false spirit. Which is not the Holy Spirit. It is false! Why do you think Solomon talked so much about this? It is all over Proverbs. The wisdom and the harlot is all over Proverbs.

Why would he choose to talk about that instead of other things? Because it is pretty important isn’t it? And Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines or something like that. Do you see what I mean? Solomon understood this spirit. I don’t know if he ever got delivered from it. It does not sound like it. You know what happened to Solomon when he married all those foreign wives? Did it not say from the foreigner who flatters with her words in the scripture we read earlier? Did Solomon marry all of these foreign wives because his heart went after foreign wives? They flattered him and you know what they did? They took his heart after their gods. And that is what that spirit is about. That is what that spiritual harlotry is all about was to draw him away. It wasn’t the physical however the spiritual used the physical to entice him in the spiritual to worship other gods and build altars for all those other gods. That is how this thing works. And you will build a altar in your heart to another god. And you think you are serving God. What you do is you will serve Jesus and the harlot. That is what happens. And God does not want that.

Dressed as the harlot cunning of heart. See the deception is in the heart. I mean this spirit, brother, is very smart. Do not think that it is not smart! It knows what it is doing. It knows how to trap us and it has done it. And we have been suffering because of it. And God is ready to strip this thing out of the church, and out of the people of God, and out of their marriages in both the men and the woman. It has got to go.

And I was telling some people earlier. This is what happened to us in ministry. I spent close to 20 years studying the word to learn what I know. Then I spent about the last twelve years practicing what I know. Learning how to do all the stuff that God taught me to validate the word. I did most of that privately and then God released me publicly to go into nations and cities and all over publicly. You have to kill your lion and bear privately and test your weapons out privately before He will release you publicly to kill Goliath. So He has done that in my life. Now then this is another level here and privately He is teaching us about this harlotry issue right here. This is what I am learning right now. And I am testing it out when I pray for people and minister to learn. Then this is what I believe is going to happen. God is going to release me to go with this harlotry teaching to the world. Just like he has released me with the other ministry and deliverance.; He is going to release me to teach this and shout to people, and say get ready. And I believe this is to help the body get free and I believe this is what is happening. So we are in a training period right now to understand this a little better.

This spirit comes looking for you. I am telling you it is looking for you. Did Satan come after Eve in the garden? It went looking for her. Do you see what I am saying? It comes looking for you. Everywhere you look you better be careful and keep your eyes open because this spirit of harlotry is looking for you. Look at verse 11: She is boisterous and rebellious. Uh Oh! That is the nature of the spirit of harlotry. It is loud and rebellious. That is the nature of it. When you look up the word boisterous you will see that it means to make a loud sound. To make a great commotion or to cause a tumult, a rage or to cause a war. It means to make noise, to roar, to sound out to be troubled. To be in a uproar. Have any of you ever been around anything like this before? I see some folks laughing. Do you see what I am saying? You see we have not known these things and God is trying to open our eyes. You have to get your eyes open. I am here to open the eyes of the blind. We prayed earlier tonight for the Spirit of Elijah to open up and move tonight. You have got to see this thing. 11: She is boisterous and rebellious. This the way that spirit works.

Her feet do not remain at home. In other words it does not stay where it is suppose to stay. I did not understand this for years and years and years, and I have mentioned this before. But every time you deal with this harlot spirit it talks about the legs or the feet. All the time it talks about that. And when I have seen this thing manifest, I never understood it, but it would manifest in the legs and the feet. It would always manifest that way and I did not know what I was dealing with. I thought I was dealing with a spirit of mockery because every time it would happen I would get this mocking demon come up it would manifest in the legs. But I have learned that mockery is part of the system of the harlot spirit. It is part of the system. For many years I did not understand it, But I am seeing and understanding it now as well as how it works in a person.

Marsha and Larry, how many times have we seen that spirit manifest? I think maybe I told you this already, but we had this 13 year old girl, who was a youth pastors daughter in Mexico, and we where praying for her and this demon comes up. It starts saying oh yes I am the one who gives her friends. I am the life of the party. Everybody loves me and yada yada yada. This demon is just going on and on and on. And it sounded just like the girl and I was sitting there listening to this thing go on and on. And the feet of that demon would cause the legs of that girl to go straight out. This girls legs would go straight out and she would scream and then her feet would start walking towards my feet because that morning the intercessors had prayed over my feet and they had anointed my feet and had prayed for the peace of God to be on my feet and the feet of that girl would start walking over to get on top of my feet. We where sitting there wondering what in the world is going on here. But her feet kept walking over to get on top of my feet. And I did not understand all of that then. It was just wild, but now I understand it so I know what was going on.

But the harlot will get you to go down the wrong road and it is the wrong walk. The path of the harlot leads to Sheol. Her feet do not remain at home. She dresses in this provocative way. That spirit knows what it is doing. She entices by fleshly desires. And I will talk about that later in 1 Peter 1-22. Don’t turn there now, but I will go there later maybe. But she uses fleshly desire. It is the same spirit of harlotry that operates in spiritual matters today as in the days of the apostles. Okay guys! It is the same spirit that operated then, and it operated in the days of the prophets in the old testament and it is still operating today. It has been there from the beginning. All right she is talkative. That spirit like to talk. It is rebellious. It will not submit to any authority. I don’t care if it is in a man or a woman, it will not submit to any authority because they know it all. And they want to run the show. And that is how this spirit works. And brother have you ever seen this operating in your children? Do you see it everywhere you go today? You will see it operating in the schools. You will see it everywhere. It is rampant now. It is a spirit of harlotry brothers and sisters. She does not submit to any authority. I am talking about that spirit when I say she. It is not very domesticated. It is hard to domesticate that thing. Her talk prevents her from listening and submitting because she already thinks she knows it all. It can’t ever listen because it has got all the answers and wants to call all of the shots. Guys some of you know what I am talking about because you have been around this thing operating in places and maybe you have seen it in yourself.

People are getting mad at me now! I am not here to win a popularity contest brothers and sisters. I am telling you what God is showing me. And I am not preaching against anybody here. Do you guys understand that? Hopefully you understand that. I am here to help everybody. I pray for people all the time and I want to see people get free of this thing. But you have to see this thing and how bad it is so you will want to get free of this thing if it is operating in your life. Her talk keeps prevents her from listening and submitting. What does the Bible say? Be slow to speak and quick to listen. But this here is the opposite thing. This thing is quick to speak and slow to listen. It won’t hear a thing. That thing is already figuring out what it is going to say to you in response to you instead of listening to what you are saying. Have you ever done that? When somebody is talking to you. You are already figuring out what you are going to say instead of listening to what they are saying. Okay so this spirit manifest many times in the legs and the feet.

12: She’s in the streets, now she is in the squares and she lurks by every corner. Did it say every corner? Isn’t that interesting? Every corner! And you look at the physical realm and you will see the street walkers hang out on the corners. They are on the street corners. They are not in the middle of the street most of the time are they? They are on the street corners. Isn’t that interesting? Because it is a spirit and it is going to operate the same way in the natural that it operates in the spiritual arena. What is the corner in the spiritual? The corner in the spiritual is the religious institutions. It is in the religious institutions. It goes after the religious institutions and systems. That is what it goes after. You say well I do not believe that! Just listen. You will!

The tower of Babel. There is your first tower isn’t it? Build a tower into heaven. God confused their language right there. I will show you some more as we go on. She lurks by every corner. So you have to watch this thing brother. That spirit will always come after any church, any spiritual organization to take it down. Every corner it says. You have to be on the alert for this thing. Everybody has to be on the alert for this thing and we have to recognize this thing; and we have to deal with it. It usually does not get dealt with very well most of the time. How many pastors are taken down by that spirit? A lot! And it will take it down either sexually or spiritually or both.

13: She seizes him and she kisses him and with a brazen face. I have seen that spirit operate, and it will wink at you and blow kisses often times when it manifest. I have seen it. It will act like a hottie or something. You want to knock the fire out of it. I never have done that but I have wanted to. I admit that I have wanted to when that thing manifest. You see I would not know these things, if I have not been out there in the middle of the fight. You see if you have not been out there then this would make no sense to you. But I have been out there, and I know what I am talking about. And God is just revealing more and more of this to me. I have never seen it like this before. I have seen God now deliver two or three people from this thing. I have watched Him do it.

She says to him, 14: I was do to offer peace offerings. Today I have paid my vows. I have done my religious duty. I went to church. I say some songs. I prayed. I have made my peace offerings, now I can do the harlot. I have done this now I can do that. You see what I am saying? It is the nature of this thing. I have done this; I have been such a good boy today. I went to church. I gave my tithes. I sang. I even prayed for somebody. I fasted. Now I can get on the internet. Now I can serve my God that I really want to serve. Do you see what I am saying? That is the way that spirit works. I have done my duty now I can do it. I can walk both ways. Is that what Satan told Eve in the garden? That is what he said. You can eat off of both trees and it will not kill you. You can walk both ways. And that is what that spirit says. I have done this and I have done my duty. Now it’s okay. I can commit adultery with you. 15: Therefore I have come out to meet you. Now let’s go and have some fun. To seek your presence earnestly and I have found you. It’s like I got you I am looking for you and I have found you because you know what? There is something in your heart. There is something in your heart. Now I can commit adultery with you.

This the spirit of harlotry seeks after the righteous. It seeks after those. I am telling you that if you are trying to make your way straight and you are trying to do the right thing, then get yourself ready for this thing to come after you. You better get ready. Especially if your spiritual. It will come after you. 16: I spread my couch with coverings, with colored linens of Egypt. 17: I have sprinkled my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. 18: Come let us drink our fill of love until the morning. Let us delight ourselves with caresses. So see she is enticing and seducing the man by making him feel important and worth something. You see that! You know how many people fell worthless. I have prayed for so many people lately that feel so invalid. And they feel so worthless. Is that true. But what does that thing do. It makes you feel like man if you are the man. It makes you feel like Brad Pitt instead of the armpit. If you are the woman it makes you feel like Jennifer Lopez instead of George Lopez. It is going to make you feel like man you are the best thing on the face of the earth. You are so important. You see what I am saying? You better watch out. She flatters with her words. You see this how she works? It’s with the words it’s with the mouth.

What did I say about the flood of the last days? It’s with the words that come out of the mouth of the false prophet and the mouth of Satan. It’s the word it’s the teaching. It’s the false teaching that is going to lead you down a road that says you can go that way and it’s okay and it will not kill you and your okay. That is what I am going to do. She has done her religious duty so now she can justify her sin. It is like going out you know and committing your sin and going to confession on Sunday. Then you go out and do it again and come back and confess again. That is what it is doing. The sacrifices have been made so she has paid her vows and therefore it is okay for her to do this. She wants to spiritual and worldly at the same time.

I am going to talk about this in James chapter 4 later on. You are going to see your problems in the marriages if I can get there later on. If I don’t get there tonight I will get there next week. Look was she says in verse 19: For my husband is not at home. Now I want you too see this is not your typical harlot. She’s got a husband. Do you see what I am talking about? We are not talking about a typical harlot prostitute. We are talking about a person who is married. Can you see that? Now then you have to move it over into the spiritual realm because to see what we are talking about. 19: My husband is not at home, He has gone on a long Journey. I am going to show you what that is in just a second. 20: He has taken a bag of money with Him. Uh oh! He has taken all the money and I am sitting here with no money. At the full moon He is going to come. But right now He is on a long journey and He has got the money. 21: With her many persuasions. Look at that it says with her many persuasions. She just stays after it and after it o entice him. With her flattering lips she seduces him. Do you see that now? Are you starting to get a picture how this thing works? This woman has a husband. You know who the husband is? The husband is Jesus! Jesus is the husband and He has gone on a long journey. How many know that Jesus is on a long journey right now? Has He gone on a long journey? He left 2000 years ago didn’t He? But guess what? The man is coming home, and what is He going to find when He gets here? The husband is coming home. Guess what? The bridegroom is coming. What is he going to find when He comes home? Have you ever seen this before guys? You better get yourself ready.

So the harlot is going to use the words or the flood of words to seduce him. She makes her husband out to be the one who is not around. I mean it’s His fault. If He was here I would not be doing this. If He was here with me I would not be doing this. But He is gone so I am going to go out now. I mean I prayed for ten minutes today and Jesus did not show up. He has been gone. I can do this now because He did not do what I needed. So you see how that spirit works?

Okay guys I am going to pause this teaching here and start a new blog with 2 part. I Hope this helping some have a better understanding of the battle we are in and you will see that in second part of this teaching things will get much more intense as my father takes this Spirit of harlotry to a much deeper level.

Thank you and God bless

He said you think are rich and increased with goods, but you are wretched, poor, miserable, naked, and what? He said you are blind. So that is the Laodecian church. That is the lukewarm church and that is where we are. Verse 24 of Matthew 6 says 24: No one can serve two masters. He will hate the one and love the other. He will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can’t serve God and wealth. You can’t serve God and money. You can’t serve God and the harlot. You can’t serve God and darkness. You can’t serve them both. And that is what has been happening. People are trying to serve both and they are demonized and the demons are being revealed now. They had two eunuchs. In other words because they where eunuchs they where not affected by the harlotry of Jezebel. Brother it did not matter what she did. It was not going to affect these boys. Do you understand what eunuchs are? Some of you young people may not. I will just describe it this way for some of you young people. It is men who can not reproduce. So when that harlot spirit went after them, then boom! They where not affected by her words or actions. The eunuchs where like who are you. They took her and through her down. So you know maybe that is what we need is some eunuchs. I don’t know. But we are going to have to get rid of this spirit. And that is what it took. . You know a lot of young men today do not have any sense. Some young men just don’t have any sense do they? I am not saying they all are that way. We do have some young men that have some sense here. But there are a lot of young men that do not have sense. I remember when I was young I was really stupid until I turned about 50. And then I started learning. But I was really stupid. So I know how it is to be young and stupid. And I am just now learning. It is sad it took so long to learn. But right here it says a young man lacking sense who is naive. He is foolish. He is a foolish virgin. He is a type of the foolish virgin. 8: passing through the street near her corner. So this young man who doesn’t have a whole lot of sense which means he does not have wisdom right? So he does not have wisdom and understanding so he is going to go down that road and he is not going to be able to hear the Spirit of God and he is going to listen to the voice of this harlot spirit calling out to him. He goes near her corner. . You know how you get the word of God on your heart? You write it on your heart by doing it! That is how you write it on your heart. It does not get into your heart until you start doing it. You start doing it and then it becomes written on your heart. And God writes the word on your heart. Let me just go here for just a minute. Why does God write the word on your heart? He writes the word on your heart so that when you break the law and the word of God your heart condemns you. Did you know that is what happens? If the word is written on your heart when you break it your heart condemns you and you get under condemnation and guilt and conviction, and it is supposed to do that because the law is the ministry of condemnation. It is the ministry of condemnation so when you break it there is condemnation. So when you do; you know it and you get right with God and you start walking in the Spirit and the condemnation leaves. And there is no condemnation to those that are in Christ. You are in Christ when you keep His commandments. That is what that means. That is why your heart condemns you when you mess up.

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