Prayer for Purity and The Church

Salvation and Worship Prayer
Eternal Father I come before you this morning to praise Your glorious Name. The Name that is like sweet fragrance in the Spring. The Name that sounds the music of Joy to all whom You have chosen. Blessing and Honor and Glory to the Name and person of Jesus, Oh precious Father I come to You to boldly seek Your Holy Face with a hunger and a passion to walk as Jesus walked, think as He thought, talk as He talked, and do as He did. Precious Lord hear my cry this morning and turn Your love to me so I may enjoy the grace that comes from Your throne in heaven? I come only via the mercy You extended through Jesus’ death as an innocent victim yet willing sacrifice for my every sin?

Firstly Oh Lord transform me into Your image daily so I might reflect Your Word and Your Nature? May You shine through the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit upon our faces and bring that sense of conviction that comes upon all when You appear. To be like You my dear Lord is what I truly desire. Please grant me this request and all other requests will seem insignificant in the light of this.
Oh Lord I now bring before you the great need of this hour regarding the lost sinners of our world. Oh God multitudes are perishing every second that may have never heard the Good News of the Gospel. My cry to You oh Lord is to pick Your Church up from it’s indifference, from non essential activities and turn them to the task of Evangelism. Restore the true heart cry of preaching and send by Your Holy command, laborers into Your harvest field. Send Your chosen and establish them in the way. Plant churches and establish Your kingdom among men.

Strengthen those in the field already and prepare Your servants yet to be sent. Oh God use me, fill me with unction and utterance to boldly proclaim the Gospel and confirm the Word of Your grace with signs wonders and miracles. Grant me the fiery Spirit of prophecy so the presence of God might be felt by the hearers. Grant me wisdom to persuade people to take hold of Christ and to cherish Him. Blow wind of God and redeem many from their sins. Oh my King bring a sweeping conviction of sin over the people of this land.
Oh Lord when the people repent and are converted provide a spiritual home for them so they might grow in the grace of the knowledge of Him whom we love, that is Jesus Christ. Oh dear Savior loose those who are in Bondage from their torturous prisons to a life of worship, praise and thanksgiving. Grant diverse gifts that destroy the strongholds of Satan. Breathe pure wind of fire upon the Church and revive us in this generation of lethargy? Make us workers that will plough, sow, and reap in Your Name.

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