Miraculously Healed Of Car Crash Injuries!

Between the 8th- 9th of August 2004, I was healed by Yeshua/Jesus of internal knee damage to both knees. The result of a head on road traffic crash (I was the driver of a Ford Escort Estate car, and I crashed at 50mph into a Mercedes Sprinter van which was driven directly into my path by a drunken driver) and the subsequent medical negligence/ malpractise which followed. I had my left knee (dislocated) and my right knee (subluxed/ dislocated at 45 degrees) snapped back into joint with no forewarning/ anaesthetic, three and a half months after the crash, by a surgeon who would deny ever carrying this action out! Only for them to slip out of joint again, 5 days later.


But praise Yeshua, HalleluYah! I was healed. My full 3 part video testimony can be viewed on You Tube. Type in adysaxman77 in the search and go to the following videos on my site; 'By a dream, Jesus heals car crash injuries' Parts 1, 2, and 3.

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