How Great Thou Art!

Not even any creation can be compared to your artistic and creative nature both in heaven and on earth and in under the earth!

if you were a banker, I would have declared bankcrutpy many a times because of the many times I am always falling short and found wanting.

But Lord you preserved and provided for my life in some awesome manner beyond understanding.

Many a times I have been through really tough live accidents which nearly took my life, but you witheld the breath even though I have gone through tougher operations all over my body. Body is like patched work.

Your intelligency and supremacy in more than one can comprehend my, Lord, above all these operations and accidents, my mind is still normal and all my body function normal even though with pain at times. You are God.

As I consider all your wonders and creativeness, I am filled with some wonder and acclammations because no other creation can do that except you. The Master of all, no one can stand to challenge.

Lord I thank you for your creative nature and love that you instilled within me, are wonderful, you are mighty beyond human comprehension. Just the thought that you took your time to put thoughts into what kind kind of a creation were you creating the day you considered that I should be conceived. The predestined plan that you had, which no one knows except you, this amazes me because, I an unique, I am special, I am great in your eyes. Lord help to please you as you were pleased in my creation.

Lord, where I was supposed to die, you preserved, when the world shut on me, you smiled, when other left me, you are my companion and you are very pleasant helper in times of need.

Where I was supposed to be barren, you looked back and gave me lots of children to fill the gave and to share the motherly and caring love.

When I was supposed to suffer pain and loss alone, when those whom I helped have deserted me and dumped me, Lord you filled the gap, you brought in new angels, the guardian angel is my companion and sees all my sorrows, tears, bitterness, loneliness, hopeless. and I can feel Michael the warrior archangel, withdrawing his shield and ready for battle on my behalf, and Gabriel interecedding my cause before you every time.

When I think I am at the end of the road, you always show up, and made me to see the beginning of a new era.

Where I am not trusted, rejected, looked down, Lord you always lift up my head to look into your eyes and you will fill me bouncing confidence, joy, love and self worth and the thought that I am not just a space filler but I am a champion in your eyes. this makes me to move on.

When things seem upside down and you seem far away to reach, Lord you always want to experience and appreciate how much you can do for me and not what people can do in my life. Its lesson you want to understand that moaning comes during the night but joy cometh in the morning! This is just temporary and you will give me hope!

When the road I am walking seem slippery and doubt fills as Peter and Nicodimus did, Lord you always you show up your true nature and reality that there is nothing that is impossible in your name.

When fear, desperation and pain grip so hard and tough, you always remind how much endurance you went through during your trial, road to Calvary and on the crucifixication.. During your birth, Joseph nearly wanted to leave Mary secretly! Others girls in the community, how much the laughed and found joy during this time Mary was wondering what was going on that she had to leavve home for time to see her aunt Elizabeth. Joseph and Mary’s parents how they felt about the betrayal they thought Mary did and the disgrace for a bastered was to be born in the community. But among all this confusion, you were watching and I think you even had a four D television and live google earth to follow each step.. Again birth time, King Herod wanted to kill the birth Jesus and over 200 -300 babies aged 0 – 2 years lost their lives. Sorrow, sorrow and endlessly cries in the city broke out without any anyone to console.

The Pharisees, Sanhendrians etc tried to fault find on you but you were found blameless and spotless, the blameless and spotless lamb for for sacrifice who knew no sin, loved peace and not war.

Peter, the one whom you nurtured with your word, faith, wisdom and love, he confessed he did not know you but at transfiguration, he requested to build tents for one for Elijah, one for Moses and for
Abraham and said it was well to be there at that moment for ever.

Judas Ischariot, sold you just for thirty shillings, £30 pound worthy of money today, you forgave but you could not forgive himself. My prayer is teach to let go and forgive my lord, let me not look on the past what I did for the people and what they are doing for but what you did for me, the blood that you shade on the cross for me. fill me lord with all your love, power and grace to see beyond the human eye.

Lord, I thank for your provision, love, protection, guardiance, peace, good relationship, healing, counselling and for the time you thought of creating me,

The thought you had of me are good and not for evil, thoughts to prosper me and not harm, and an expected future.

I thank you and glorify you for this day! Amen

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