Hello to all my fellow believers of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

My testimony goes like this. I’m 27 and come from Cameroon but now live and work in Germany.

As a kid I new and fear God until when I became 18 and starting drinking later smoking and living a rough live. When I became 23 I became depressed with one of the most intense form of depression.

I had reduced ability to think, concentrate I was like a hollow person. I’m sure you are wondering how I was living. Yes I Lived like this for 5 whole years. And even while I was like this, I travelled to Germany on October 2011. The mystery how I got all my papers and even passed interviews and control at the Airport only God alone knows because I can’t explain.

One Sunday after finishing my last stick of cigarette from a whole park I heard a voice say to me ‘’that is your last’’. Later I was led by the spirit of God to an opened field where the spirit of God possessed my body and from that day I got my salvation and I was free from the depression. I’m really thankful to the Lord. Now I attend Christ Embassy Church in Germany. I also have a Christian blog to help Christians around the world. You can Visit it at

Rhapsody Of Realities

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I’m 27 and a Cameroonian by nationality. Cameroon is found in the west of Africa. But now live and study Medicine in Germany. My dream is to become a doctor one day. I became a full time Christian this year and now run a daily devotional blog (Rhapsody of Realities) at.http://rhapsody-of-realities.blogspot.com