God is very SPECIFIC!!!

I use to use my flesh mind to try to understand the spiritual things of God. Often in my life my spirit of lostness would tangle with the Holy Spirit. God was right and I was wrong. Father God is very specific in his goals and dreams and marching orders for those of us who choose to serve him. A lot of times I discern that Christians are more concerned with “controlling God’s will” by looking at how they approach this present time of darkness(how they pray and why they pray) in our World history. I have heard a lot of folks putting down,judging,ect…The USA. I am aware of the illuminism of our emerging world government. But you know I have a rugged determination to STAND in the POWER of the blood of my saviour. I have total faith that captives are set free in the blood of Yeshua(Jesus) Luke 21 is my current study and it brings a lot of points to the worlds epidemic. American people are basically good care about others and give A lot of help and support to other nations in need. As a nation of globalistic foolishness and at saving the world, we fail miserably. But Father God who begat Yeshua unto us is specific. Sin is sin and will never be made not sin in Gods eyes. Jesus wants to forgive our sins. I am making a stand and claiming for Jesus Christ and true Christians everywhere to be bold in the glory of REAL love. The Only love on this earth is thru the Holy trinity. God knows every detail of HIS creation. I think it’s time people clear the debris of a wrongful world and TRULY TRUST in God. FH 12/05/07 pS. nobody here seems to want to network or encourage me much in my walk. Don’t be afraid to grow with me in the Lord and HIS word.

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